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  1. That what up!!! I'll appreciate it bro!!! Thank you!!
  2. Can't we all just get along lol
  3. No its not the same. Its not going to be added in the record books. Even if GC would of won I'll still say GC has 6 State Championships. Its just a messed up season I'll appreciate the FHSAA trying to make something out of nothing. Just getting ready for the next season when the Virus goes away and we can compete for a State Championship.
  4. Are we still handing out asterisks for this year State Championships game????? Just asking again?
  5. Dillard doesn't know what he talking about he still high after his big "historic" win lol. Congrats again yall kick our a$$ respect to you on that but I think you're looking at Florida ranking not National ranking...... Lol
  6. Champagnat Trinity Christian Cardinal Gibbons Baker Miami Central AHP Seminole STA (31-14)
  7. We play the loser of Miami Killian or North Miami next week
  8. One time lol the other time yall cheated (forfeit) so...... We own y all but we coming back though lol
  9. The pressure on y all anyway y all got something to prove by winning lol we already whoop y all in the past lol
  10. They probably going to drop 50 points on Dillard lol
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