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  1. Here is the list of 2019 Kickoff Classics courtesy of the FHSAA Feel free to correct any mistakes, just please don't shoot the messenger If you don't see your team listed yet, it just means I haven't got to them yet. This is just a partial list, there are 28 total pages to go through. I will add to this every day until finished Page 8 of 28 Aug 15 (Thursday) Anclote at Berkeley Prep Buchholz at Bishop Kenny Lely at Bishop Verot Trenton at Christ's Church Deerfield Beach at Delray Atlantic Eagles View at Hilliard Mo
  2. For a couple years, Camden County hosted a doubleheader Florida-Georgia event, I remember covering Columbia and First Coast against Camden and Charlton County one year, I believe it was around for 2-3 years.
  3. Let get some talk going in here, we are just about a month away from practice starting. Lets take the eight state champions from last year and lets put them in a bracket and see who wins the ultimate prize 1A: Madison County 2A: North Florida Christian 3A: Chaminade Madonna 4A: Raines 5A: Cardinal Gibbons 6A: Northwestern 7A: Lakeland 8A: Mandarin I will start Small School 4-NFC at 1- Madison 3-Raines at 2- Chaminade Madonna Big School 3- Mandarin at 2- Lakeland 4- Cardinal Gibb
  4. I remember watching St. Augustine at Orange Park one year in the 1990s after I graduated and because of rain delays I want to say it didn't end till after midnight or 1 a.m.
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    You pick up Four Corners ?
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    Columbia Aug 17 IMG (Kickoff Classic) Aug 23 Trinity Aug 30 at Oakleaf Sept 6 TBA Sept 13 Pine Forest Sept 20 TBA Sept 27 at Gainesville * Oct 4 at Madison County Oct 11 at Lee * Oct 18 TBA Oct 25 at Middleburg * Nov 1 North Marion Sandalwood Aug 16 at Rickards (Kickoff Classic) Aug 23 at Parker Aug 30 at Fletcher Sept 6 Vanguard Sept 13 at Nease * Sept 20 Ribault Sept 27 Oakleaf * Oct 4 at Raines Oct 11 TBA Oct 18 Mandarin * Oct 25 Bartram Trail *
  7. When I played our games were always at 8 p.m.
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    Sandalwood and Fletcher only have 9 games, Parker only has 8 so far that I'm aware of, Raines just filled their tenth game, Columbia only has 8 games schedule so far, Fort White only has 9 games, University Christian only has 9.
  9. 1. Bill Spoone Stadium = Dr. Phillips 2. Blum Stadium - ? 3. Brian Piccolo Stadium - St. Thomas 4. Boot Hill Stadium - Madison County 5. Citizens Field - Gainesville 6. Citrus Bowl - Vero Beach 7. Dad's Stadium - Plant 8. Dick Blake Stadium - ? 9. Dr. Effie Grear Stadium - Glades Central 10. Earl S. Kitchings Stadium - Raines 11. Emmitt Smith Field - Escambia 12. Frank E. Lough Stadium - Naples ? 13. Gene Cox Stadium - Godby/Lincoln 14. HL Brumley Stadium - St. Augustine 15. Hawkins Stadium - Manatee 16. Lyle Flagg
  10. Not to mention the night before you have Apopka at Mainland playing
  11. I was able to find some of the years 1921 (8-0) Duval High School Tigers of Jacksonville were 8-0 and became the first Florida team ever to be declared national champions by any organization (National Sports News Service). They whipped Dayton Steele of Ohio, which was regarded as the top team in the Midwest, 21-0, and then crushed Gainesville High School 56-0 in what was labeled a state championship game. Duval outscored opponents 366-3, allowing only Charleston (S.C.) High to score on a single field goal. Duval also won games 44-0 over Moultrie (Ga.) High, 34-0 over Montgomery (
  12. Drum roll please ..... Don't make any plans for August 18 http://www.duvalsports.com/trinity-raines-headline-inaugural-4quartersonline-kickoff-classic/
  13. Trust me I'm not playing, I will release it around 9-10 a.m.
  14. 1 Its a lot easier to stock a Trinity, Bolles and UC team than to do it with home grown kids. That's the biggest problem and coaching. I can barely come up with public school coaches that have been around 20 years. Yet the big 3 private coaches have been around for 20 years, i know DP3 hasn't been there 20 years but he has been around that program enough to qualify. 2 Scheduling, outside of Raines no on else travels outside the region to play anybody. Coaches put to much emphasis on winning the conference instead of going out and playing real teams. 3 To many dang schools, not only d
  15. This will help you a little bit perhaps but Leesburg does an amazing job with its own history. Perhaps Lakeland might have played them during those years. Also i believe Lakeland has a web site that may help. i use the Google News newspapers archives.
  16. All of these are natural rivalries with Mandarin and Atlantic Coast being the newest one and they actually compete for a trophy in football
  17. I am talking about more than just football here. Bolles and BK compete in every sport and its a really big deal, its huge in volleyball, soccer, baseball, track, cross country, swimming Bartram and Creekside are less than like 2-3 miles and in the same district and knock each other out of the playoffs in several sports.
  18. 1. University Christian - Has won 10 state titles 2. Hilliard - Struggling 1A program3. Mayo Lafayette - Solid program consistently in playoffs 5. Walnut Hill Ernest Ward - Consolidated school became Northview 6. Century - Consolidated school became Northview 7. Greensboro - Became West Gadsden and Gadsden County 8. Eatonville Wymore - Closed 9. North Palm Beach Benjamin - Independent program 10. Aucilla Christian, - Independent program
  19. One of the many reasons why Orange Park has struggled since is because 1 Kids choosing to go to Bolles, UC or Trinity, talking about starters not backups. Had teammates behind me transfer to Trinity, several solid players skip OP and go to Trinity or Bolles in the mid 1990's. 2 The opening of Ridgeview (1999) and Fleming Island (2001) 3 Just when Danny Green got the program going again with three straight district titles they open up Oakleaf (2011) and take nearly half the school with them. 4 The entire athletic program has suffered with the opening of three area scho
  20. Thanks for the reminder !!!! 25 years ago, I walked off that field at Manatee knowing I was 1 quarter away from running out of the tunnel the following week at UF and also winning a state title still haunts me to this day. Went 29-4 my three years, yet only one playoff appearance If you can believe that.
  21. In the Jax area the two biggest sports rivalries by far are Bolles/Bishop Kenny and Bartram Trail/Creekside Honorable Mention Raines/Ribault Mandarin/Atlantic Coast Sandalwood/Fletcher Yulee/Fernandina Beach
  22. Assuming these are both Friday games ?
  23. I agree would be nice to see St. Aug play Columbia, Mainland on a regular basis
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