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  1. Miramar forfeiting 4 games

  2. Lake City Columbia vs Atlantic Delray Beach

    The key is to just make the playoffs. After that, it is one game at a time.
  3. Lake City Columbia vs Atlantic Delray Beach

    Apopka's three titles were won from the district runner up slot.
  4. Lake City Columbia vs Atlantic Delray Beach

    This is going to be a good game. Can the Tigers rebound from the disappointing loss last week?
  5. Venice vs Cocoa

    I am going with Cocoa by 7.
  6. Final 4 Trivia Question

    Armwood, St. Thomas Aquinas, Miami Central, Booker T. Washington, Trinity Christian, Dr. Phillips?
  7. Which Teams Will Get Left out of the Playoffs?

    Carol City lost a coach to Florida Memorial. Not sure if he was the HBC. ICE also went there
  8. 16 Struggling Playoff Teams

    That will do it every time!
  9. Lakeland's final challenge @ Bloomingdale

    Time will tell. What I do know is that Lakeland has the talent to win again. I can't speak too much for Armwood, but regarding Edgewater, the team they have this year has many of the same faces as last year. They were juniors and sophomores then, this year they are seniors and juniors. Their QB is not as good an athlete as the kid they had last year, but he is a true QB unlike 2018 when they had an athlete at the position. If this year's Lakeland team gets past Armwood and is playing as well as last year's did, then I believe they would beat Edgewater again. But if they are a little bit behind last year's team, Edgewater has a decent chance.
  10. 16 Struggling Playoff Teams

    Time changes everything. Rockledge is a distance away from Palm Bay.
  11. 16 Struggling Playoff Teams

    When all those kids went to Palm Bay High, they were a force to reckon with.
  12. 16 Struggling Playoff Teams

    Right there is a huge part of the reason that Florida high school football is not what it was twenty or thirty years ago when the talent was much more spread out and there were multiple solid teams. Today we have a small cadre of teams with outstanding talent an okay middle that will never compete for a state title, and multiple teams that cannot compete to the extent that in Dade County many of the large (8a and 7a) have seen the need to go independent. Personally, I don't see this as healthy. But it is what it is ...
  13. 16 Struggling Playoff Teams

    Interesting ... do they compete for talent with the Broward privates or any of the better public schools?
  14. 16 Struggling Playoff Teams

    Have they had multiple coaching changes?
  15. FINAL DILLARD 61 HH 0 panthers move to (8-0)

    Game over!
  16. Which Teams Will Get Left out of the Playoffs?

    One wonders to what extent the same applies to the other states with National Caliber team?
  17. Which Teams Will Get Left out of the Playoffs?

    Yes, but your reference period was 2004 to 2018. Perhaps we have really been on the decline for longer than it seems when we dig into the underlying data more deeply.
  18. Which Teams Will Get Left out of the Playoffs?

    The difference this year is: we have no teams like those STA, MC and BTW teams. In other years we have had some teams that have stepped up, if not consistently, at least for a year or two, and represented us well. STA may be of that caliber this year, I am not sure. MC and BTW are not.
  19. Lakeland's final challenge @ Bloomingdale

    Probably an outlier. But we will see.
  20. Which Teams Will Get Left out of the Playoffs?

    1. Apopka has won games this year on defense. Their offense this year is in the bottom three I have seen in the past 21 seasons. If the defensive front were not in the top third of APK teams over the same period, Apopka would have lost at least two to three games. For the first time in over a decade, I can honestly say that, assuming Apopka makes the playoffs, I would be very surprised if they get beyond the second round. 2. I agree on Mandarin. 3. I would agree on your last point if we were doing better in out of state competition. But we are not. We are having one of our worst years in recent history. Thus, I feel that rather than other teams rising up, it is the opposite: our best teams have fallen off.
  21. Which Teams Will Get Left out of the Playoffs?

    Several: Trinity Christian, Carol City, Apopka, Mandarin, Columbus,Raines, Mainland, I could list several other, but I think you get the point. It is more a lack of consistency than anything else. I would not use one year as gospel, but if we had several years like this one in a row, I would subscribe to the theory that Florida High School football is on the decline.
  22. Which Teams Will Get Left out of the Playoffs?

    It's not what has happened in recent years. It's what they have done this year against teams that are currently regarded as solid. So far this year, only a very few teams have been consistently good.
  23. Which Teams Will Get Left out of the Playoffs?

    It is hard to fathom how Edison beat Carol City who gave both Northwestern and St. Thomas decent games. Edison lost to a down Coral Gables. To me it looks like, overall, Florida is having a down football year. Not many elite teams out there. It is reflected in our relatively poor out of state games showing.
  24. Lakeland's final challenge @ Bloomingdale

    Lakeland goes into the playoffs undefeated and does not get tested till Armwood. From the Armwood game on the path gets harder, but they have as good a chance of repeating as any other team in the state.
  25. Which Teams Will Get Left out of the Playoffs?

    Mandarin just took a huge step last night. WP will need to knock off Timber Creek.