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  1. Not the point, though. The players are competing for starting positions and even to just make roster. Failure to go out and practice would surely jeopardize this objective.
  2. Coach, we have shut down for long enough. I will agree with that. What we did not do effectively, though, is ramp up testing and contact tracing during the shutdown. This is were we and China differed. One of my sons, a proud Apopka alumni, lives in China. So, I am very aware of how they handled theirs compared to how we have handled ours. Now to be fair, China is not America. Their system of government is more authoritarian. But if you look at South Korea and Taiwan, as well, a stark pattern emerges as to how we have behaved versus how they did. And it shows in the results. I am now in my mid 60's. I have maintained good health due to strict diet and exercise. I would love to see my grandchild reach adulthood. You can be sure I will not engage in undisciplined, reckless behavior to compromise that. Based on where we are going in the USA you are probably right. Most of us will have to get it before it runs its natural course, unless a vaccine arrives within the next year. But I strongly feel it did not have to happen this way. I am now retired, so I don't have to navigate the potential minefield of work. So, until we have a vaccine, effective treatment, or it "magically goes away", or it shows clear signs of having run its course, I will restrict my activities to my morning walk/run, grocery shopping, and other essential activities. For the first time in 22 seasons, I think I will miss the entire high school football season.
  3. You have, in a nutshell, demonstrated your abject ignorance. It is interesting you did not address the questions I specifically asked you. I will leave you be as it is not worth attempting to have an intelligent conversation with you. Stay safe, I wish you no harm. Shalom!
  4. Bro, the problem I have with that is the following. Unlike something like HIV, it can be contracted very easily; and it kills quickly. Packed stadiums will be breeding grounds for its spread. Also, if one kid on the team has the virus, he will spread it to his teammates. As a result, whole teams may have to forfeit their seasons when an outbreak takes place. These teammates will take it home to their families. It could end up being a vicious cycle in some communities. The thing is, also, that it is the poor and lower middle class that will suffer the worst because of this. This means that minority communities (yours and mine) may end up with the worst impacts from this action. Believe me, I want to see high school football as much as anyone. I have not missed a week's game in 22 seasons except for when I have been out of state. I also understand that in some cases scholarships may be on the line. But to me there is nothing more precious than life. I don't want to lose mine, and I don't want to support a situation in which the lives of others may be lost to gratify my pleasure. I feel that by next year this time there will be an effective treatment or vaccine. The loss of one season is a reasonable price to pay for the safety of the community.
  5. For the past 22 seasons, I have gone to a game every week except when I was out of state. This season, I think I am going to take a pass unless there are positive developments between now and the start of the season. I feel I should, both for personal safety, I am not a young man, and because I don't want to condone/support a situation that could end in the death or serious illness of some of the participants, especially since they are all still amateurs in the strictest sense.
  6. Do you think this is a good idea? If so, why?
  7. There have been deaths to a number of individuals under 20. So, you are wrong on that score. Also, your statement ignores the fact that high school players could be asymptomatic carriers, taking the virus home to older, sicker relatives. As, to a second spike, Coronaviruses almost always have second spikes. And, they typically occur in the fall. You state we will be ready for it if it occurs. Prey say how? We currently have neither a vaccine nor an effective regimen of drugs that can at least mitigate, if not cure, the illness.
  8. If it goes through proper testing I will take it. If I have issues with an American produced vaccine, I will travel abroad to get one. A vaccine or an effective treatment via a drug combination are critical to returning to normal life. If this disease stays with us in un-treatable form, life as we currently know it, will never return.
  9. I hate this idea. Covid-19 is almost certain to have a fall spike. The last thing I want to do is put: athletes, coaches and fans at severe risk. If we are going to do football late, then the season should be played February through the end of April. By February, we should be able to measure the extent of any Covid spike and scrap the season if necessary. Also, there is a shot that an effective vaccine may be developed by then.
  10. Probably, the forecast is for several severe storms. Personally, I want the kids to stay safe. So, I am torn between wanting a season and thinking we should wait a year to when we have a vaccine.
  11. If we are going to have football, from a Coronavirus perspective, we would be better off starting early with a shortened season. The odds are fairly high we have a second wave of this bad boy in the fall. And, coupled with the flu season it could be worse and we likely will still not have a vaccine that quickly. Ending the regular season in late September and the whole season by early November, would reduce the risk of exposing the kids, fans, officials and other parties to what could be an unmitigated disaster.
  12. Not from the muck hoss. Blue Darter = Darterblue. Not Blue Devil.
  13. I thought all you ever wanted was for your guys to, "line up correctly."
  14. That is the operative sentence right there. But I guess, if you end up with a long ride in the third or fourth round, it's all good. Not many teams get there and many schools with decent enough programs never have.
  15. Lincoln made the 3.5 hour drive from Tally and took Edgewater to overtime in the second round before losing. Regarding the state title final, St Thomas has abundant resources. If they chose to drive up day of game and not spend the night in Daytona, it is totally on them.
  16. Palmetto was a good team. The state semifinal was way more competitive than the final. Palmetto gave Miami Central a good game and could have won. Central won the sate title game in blowout fashion.
  17. All around pretty sad. When you fulfill your dream, you need to leave that crap behind. No need to be high stakes gambling when NFL careers are short in most cases. Stupid and sad.
  18. Lincoln was no joke. They came within a whisker of beating Edgewater which proceeded to put the fear of God into St. Thomas in the 7A final.
  19. Even if they were unbeaten, though, who expected them to beat Central? To me that was not an upset.
  20. One possibility could be Vero Beach who was undefeated coming into the game against Deerfield Beach in the 8A regional finals. DB, a 3 loss team, beat VB pretty handily in that game. I don't remember if VB was ranked # 1 in 8A at the time, though.
  21. You beat me to the punch by a minute. But I will go with three title medals.
  22. I am guessing the kid was a member of the Largo Packers football team of either 2007 or 2008. Probably Brynn Harvey. If I am correct, he became a UCF knight.
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