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  1. Edgewater will win by double digits. It will be over by the half time.
  2. He can be stopped, but you have to tackle him before he gets in stride, or you need multiple guys to tackle him. When in full stride, he's a freight train: very difficult to stop.
  3. Jullian, I am not arguing that they should have won. They did not and that's that. What I am arguing is that they had enough talent to win and that is reflected in the close nature of both games. Similarly, for this year I am not arguing that Edgewater is the uncrowned 3M state champ. What I am arguing is that I expect they have a very good shot to get to the title game and possibly win it. West Orange is a solid team, but I would be surprised if they made it to the title game. No hate, I just don't think they have all the pieces to do so. With that said, if they prove me wrong and beat Edgewater or keep the game within a touchdown, I will readily admit that I either underestimated WO or overestimated Edgewater, or both. As always, time will tell.
  4. In 2019 and 2020, they took St. Thomas Aquinas to the wire and could easily have been 2-0 instead of 0-2 against them. My feeling is that this Edgewater team is on par with those two. I am not necessarily predicting a state title, but I am predicting a deep run. Last year they were young at several positions. They brought back most of last year's starters many of whom are much improved including the QB.
  5. Jesse would be a replacement for HSFBFan who does not seem to post there anymore. He may just fit right in.
  6. I would be surprised if Edgewater does not beat West Orange by a similar margin to the Don Bosco game. Too many weapons on both sides of the ball.
  7. Regarding the Jones game, it was similar to their game with MNW. At the half Duncanville only led 17-14. Jones melted down in the second half. They are a good team but seems to lack depth. I am sure the long trip did not do it any favors.
  8. If he was he was watching multiple games as he kept posting updates on the Edgewater/Don Bosco game on the National Board.
  9. I have not seen tape, so I can't comment on your analysis. IF I I had known Dillard was going to score 28, I would expect them to win because I know their defense is good. Last night I watched Edgewater as I wanted to see what a perennially, highly touted team, Don Bosco, looked like in person. The first half of that game saw Edgewater being highly penalized but still managing a 13-10 lead at the half. In the second half, from the fist drive, I sensed that Bosco was wearing down and that Edgewater was likely going to win comfortably. Now I don't know whether Bosco came into the game overrated or not. But Edgewater made a statement that they are going to contend for the 3M title. They have failed to win it all 5 times before. So, I am reluctant to say this is their year. But if Bosco was nearly as good as advertised, then the Eagles will be in the mix come playoff time.
  10. Apopka has a lot to do to make a run this year. It's not impossible, but there is a long road ahead. I could see the team having a 6-4 year or 5-5 season for that matter, and missing the playoffs for the first time in this century. I could also see it rebounding from the sluggish start and doing well in the playoffs. Time will tell. Overall, last night was a very good one for Orlando area football. Edgewater defeated Don Bosco 34-10 at home and Winter Park travelled to the Atlanta suburbs and defeated a perennial state contender, North Gwinnett, by 31-19. Osceola lost the kind of game that Seminole lost to us last year in round three. I am sure you will rebound.
  11. Both teams may make it to state.
  12. Yes, a title of sorts, but I would not call the current situation one that yields state champions.
  13. No, they both do. But I still feel that at least 40 points will be put on the board. Last year, Chaminade came up to the Orlando area with a very good D to play Seminole. They won a tight game in which 49 points were scored. Chaminade 26 Seminole 23. I feel the same thing will happen against Dillard, but that Dillard will end up winning by a narrow margin. I was at that game and both defenses played well. But both gave up points.
  14. I am going to go out on a limb and pick Dillard to win this game by 1 point. I believe somewhere between 41 and 75 points will be scored in this game combined.
  15. No it does not. There was a running clock. You are luck if you get the ball four times in two quarters when the clock is running. And, yes, it is what happened. RD could have eased off the gas early in the second quarter. But he waited till the half to do so.
  16. The other team did not belong on the same field and the winning team did not take its foot off the gas. I remember Apopka in 2001 leading Boone 57-0 at the half in the first round of the playoffs. Difference is that in the second half it was all second and third string on the field and we did not score again. Boone got 17 points facing the running clock.
  17. Last week Rockledge struggled to put up points on Treasure Coast. Gulliver looks like they are overrated.
  18. Gulliver must have fallen a lot. Not very surprised Rockledge is winning, they are a solid team; very surprised by the score.
  19. For the Apopka game, there was rain in the first quarter and a wet field thereafter. It did not help that this was our first game in forever when we ran no single wing plays at all. Our receivers dropped at least 10 passes, some of which should have been caught. A wet ball and getting familiar with a new offensive playbook was too much to overcome. I suppose it will take some time for the offense to gel.
  20. If you win all three of these games and can't finish your business in the playoffs, it would be a monumental letdown, especially if you did not at least make the final (as it's possible a team could come out of nowhere to win the title). My best guess is that Dillard should win at least one of the three and quite possibly two. If you won all three, I tip my hat to the team and staff.
  21. @DILLARD_HIGH_PANTHERS @THIS_IS_DILLARDyour next three games will determine your season to a high degree. Win them all and you have a great case for National top 5. Lose all three and you are just a very good Florida team. The next few weeks will be very interesting for Dillard.
  22. Ocoee is a decent team with some veteran starters and solid transfers. But aside from our defense which played well, we made a lot of miscues on offense and special teams. To be relevant this year, the team will have to improve a lot over the next two to three games.
  23. Congrats on a great win. The Darters were lucky that lightening prevented last week's game from happening.
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