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  1. Sandalwood will likely be similar to last season. They don't have the same top level recruits this year, but from everything i've seen, they will be similar to or maybe better than last season's team.

    From everything i'm hearing, Lee is the best team in the area. I didn't get a chance to see them in the Spring.

    Lee, Raines, Sandalwood, Bolles, Bartram Trail, St. Augustine, Trinity, Ribault are the top teams in the area. I don't know what order they'll finish in, but they are they teams I would definitely put in a pre-season list. Some people throw Columbia in with NE FL since they are part of the Times Union coverage area, but they are definitely in the mix too if you count them as part of the area.

    Fletcher, Baker County, Oakleaf, Ponte Vedra, Clay, University Christian probably make up the very top of the next tier.

  2. hey jax, who are looking to be the strongest teams in duval this year?

    I'll let you know my opinion closer to Spring, there's still some player movement going on in Jax. If i had to go with right now, i'd say Raines, Lee, Bolles, Trinity, Sandalwood, Ribault are the top teams right now.

  3. Actually if i read the fhsaa rules right from their website it is illegal for ANY member of the team to recruit, coaches or players

    True, but what are the consequences for a non coach? Is it fair to fine a school for what a minor does? Can you punish a player for trying to get a friend to come to the same school as him? What can you do to little Johnny's uncle who is trying to find some receivers for his nephew, who is the new qb at school Z to throw to.

  4. It seems pretty normal to me for players to recruit for their teams. I don't know if there's anything you can do about it. If it was a coach that sent that message, which it doesn't appear to be, it is obviously wrong to do so.


    I don't think there is a way to control players and parents recruiting for your school, and those are the avenues most coaches who recruit will go through. Maybe a coach can't entice little johnny to come to school "B", but your players, or parents or friends of the program can without penalty.

  5. I initially thought Columbia would win this matchup just a few weeks ago, but Lee has been very impressive. I think Lee wins this one is a close game, something like 35-28. They are much improved over last years team. Columbia isn't quite the same as last year. Missing those explosive WR's really seems to be hurting Columbia's offense. I think Columbia still makes it to the playoffs, but this time as a runner up.

  6. Score was close, Sandalwood controlled the game throughout. Probably had 350 rushing, had some penalties though, 2 TDs were taken off the board because of those penalties. Columbia's offense looked good on the first drive, mostly on the ground. They didn't get much going in the passing game all night, maybe 2 or 3 passes completed to WRs, all others were swing passes to the RB out the backfield. Columbia will win their district, and probably a playoff game or two. Sandalwood was big and physical offensively. Could not get much going through the Air

  7. They should do it off roster size not school enrollment

    I don't think you could do it off roster size. That number is too easy to manipulate. Plus every school is a little different. There are some schools that make cuts, or limit their roster sizes, while others allow anyone who wants to be on the team to play.

  8. This is an option that is being floated about allowing district champs to get in (would be seeded still based on points but they would be seed 1-4 first) and then the other four spots are earned based on points. Very possible this happens, but I will say this coming from my own opinion is that if they did this, then expect the FHSAA to tighten up the districts and make it to where its going to be tough to appeal up or down. Play where you are assigned and see how you do. 

    That's how it should be. You should not be able to move up or down. You play where you are assigned. I think there would be very few teams that would choose to opt out if given the hard stance. If you don't like where the figures put you, then play an independent schedule.

  9. Think about this year, we went to Lincoln a 4-6 team and best them during season but bc they in district 1 and we were district 2 we had to travel again, we should have gotten the host and if we were number 1 seed like we should have been, if there is a clear number 1 seed you should get the host of the playoff games


    I agree, that if you are the #1 seed, you should host. I think if you have the best record, or top seed, you've earned the right to host throughout the playoffs. 

  10. I think the only fair solution would be to make bigger districts with more teams getting in from each district. I believe it was agreed on, then eventually shot down because of travel a few years ago. I don't like the point system that is proposed. Like others have said, it is too complicated. I think a simple fix would be to balance the districts, or cut the amount of districts in half, and allow 4 teams from each district to get in.


    I prefer a system that's very straight forward, I don't trust the point system completely. There's a chance that it works, but there needs to be some sort of checks to make sure there is a clear cut path to the playoffs, not something that is dependent on so many factors. If they want to still allow district champions to get in, and create some sort of point system for everyone else who did not win their district, that would be fair to me. With that, I know before the season what we need to do to get in the playoffs, which would be to win the district. If you don't do so, then you are at the mercy of this point system.

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