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  1. You know linemen don-t matter. A running back tweaks a knee and he has a trainer and three coaches tripping over each other to help him and a lineman blows his out and they yell at him not to let them see him limp. The old "we gotta have you for the playoffs"
  2. Wekiva Riverview (Sarasota) Atlantic (Delray) Columbus Bartram Trail LakelandVeniceSt. Thomas AquinasCrestview ArmwoodNaplesNorthwesternWest Florida Tech Baker County ImmokaleeAmerican Heritage (Plantation)Raines CocoaOxbridge AcademyChaminade Madonna University Christian Champagnat Catholic Blountstown Pahokee
  3. Looks good to me. 8 state champions is too many, go back to 5 classes and go to evenly numbered districts and regions
  4. I have noticed traditionally "black" schools getting flagged more in games when you have an all white officiating crew.
  5. Also to be clear I have seen it the other way with psj favored. Last year vs Taylor county an official asked my son to please stop holding he told him "I'm not gonna call it because I hate these guys but you're making me look bad"
  6. I don't think it has something to do with fhsaa,just certain officiating crews. I talked to one of our coaches Sunday and he said it was even more obvious on film than it was live.
  7. My son was pass blocking on a play and the official behind him yelled "ball away, ball away, ball away" he let his man go and the kid sacked the qb. My son asked the ref "why did you do that" and he just smiled. My son told him "that was fucked up, you got my qb killed and he's just a kid, what are you trying to do" he then threatened to eject my son for swearing. Later my son was flagged for a personal foul on a play when there was nobody within 10 yards of him. It was the worst officiating I have ever seen at any level. The horsecollar call made by the ref across the field not the one trailing the play who was 5 yards from it when the psj player had him by the tail of his jersey. Almost every big play in the 2nd half they called a penalty on. I honestly think Blountstown would have won on their own without the officials and I know last year the officiating was almost as bad going against Blountstown when they played Baker in the playoffs. For the officials to make a game about them rather than letting it play out on the field is pathetic. Congratulations to Blountstown and good luck.
  8. As the proud father of young man that has played Varsity football since the 8th grade I reflect on these past few years and come to realization that every game from here on out could be his last in high school. It is bittersweet thinking of the progress he has made as a player and as a man. Friday nights will not be the same next year. Honestly my stomach has been in knots all day as gametime approaches. I can just imagine how all the senior players on every team feel, the drastic change that the end of something that they have poured so much heart and soul into to end. I hope everyone can make it to a game tonight and as you cheer the victors tip your hats to those young men who have played their final game.
  9. Per Richard Burton @ FLFB records MOAR Friday will be the 72nd meeting between Blountstown and Port St. Joe since 1950. The Tigers hold a 37-32-2 edge in the series during that span. Obviously, the series goes back further and the goal is to get that in the book. 75% of games decided by a touchdown or less
  10. WekivaApopka Bartram TrailVeniceNavarre NorthwesternNaplesCarol City GodbyRockledgeMonsignor PacelMelbourne Central Catholic Champagnat Catholic University ChristianDixie County
  11. My son graduates this year and I have to agree last year's class and this year's class have been some of the best young men I have ever known. I haven't spent time with the blountstown kids but from afar they look like good respectable young men
  12. They are okay. We had middle strip group last week, they did a really good job. Big bend is also usually pretty good.
  13. I think PSJ or Blountstown either one handles Baker. I just really don't want that Quincy bunch officiating. Everyone should watch a Blountstown/ St Joe game to see the way those boys leave everything they have on the field, it is what football is all about.
  14. That score wouldn't surprise me. I have a feeling whoever wins will be by more than on score. Do you know which officials are calling the game.
  15. Sharkbait

    Coaching changes

    Coaching in those fast growing areas has to be tough. It really makes the teams that are consistently dominate that much more impressive.
  16. Pahokee should be able to give them a good game but that is the only other 1A school with a realistic shot.
  17. Madison just hasn't played any tough competition, you can't fill your schedule with cupcakes like Columbia and expect to be ready for the 1A playoffs.
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