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  1. So glad Richt is at Miami. The Canes being a contender again just makes things seem right in the world.
  2. The first meeting was a great game. Defense, defense, and some more defense.
  3. Thanks for clearing that up badbird. Actually after my last post on this I went and spoke with a school administrator I know and got the explanation you gave.
  4. I think FHSAA does get some of it and I am just going by percentages that someone told me last week which may be off a little, but my overall point that everyone benefits financially from more asses in the seats is the same. If you can't get a crowd at home your only advantage as a team is not having to travel.
  5. Their share of the gate would have been about 4000 more than what they got at home. Home team gets 2/3 gate and covers paying for officials. Visitor gets 1/3 of gate. This is just during playoffs. Financially it is better for teams that don't draw good crowds to play at teams that have high turnout.
  6. One problem we have with championship attendance is having games on Thursday afternoon etc. I think you would do better not having all games at 1 venue. Let's face it 4500 people in a 60000 seat stadium is a little sad looking. If you had a couple of smaller regional stadiums and have teams play at the stadium most geographically central to the 2 teams. Better turnout less cost to teams.
  7. About 4000 dollars more. They could definitely use the money for stadium improvements. If they had a good turnout then a home game is worth it but if you don't have fans show up there is no home field advantage, so get the money.
  8. So less than 500 dollars gate. How do they even pay the officials?
  9. Just wondering how attendance was for those of y'all who made it out to games. I was sorely disappointed with attendance at the PSJ/Cottondale game. Port St Joe looked to have 400 or so make the 1hr 45min drive to Cottondale, the home team looked to have maybe 250 there. Had the game been played in PSJ there would have been 3000+. Just quick gate estimates 5200 vs 24000. Cottondale gets 3000 for playing at home vs 7000 for playing at PSJ. I think FHSAA needs to consider attendance in determining home games in the playoffs. For teams that make it deep into the playoffs money becomes an issue and everyone benefits financially from bigger gates. Teams that are financially sound will be okay but some of these struggling schools that make a run will be in trouble with small gates. A run to Orlando can really put a strain on finances.
  10. 5A 34-16 6A 31-13 7A 38-16 8A 37-11 Average margin of victory 27 points
  11. Using my awesome math skills I have come up with the average scores for the 1A-4A first round games 1A 46-14 2A 41-11 3A 38-14 4A 41-9 So I think the problem with blowouts has definitely been solved.
  12. Port st joe. 49. Cottondale 6
  13. Lookout Lincoln has sandbagging all year just to catch yall off guard lol
  14. I think this is just the beginning, we can copy Nebraska's wetland management program, their coastal construction plan, and their saltwater fisheries management.
  15. 4A is a mess. In our area the 4A schools are dominated by the 1A schools, keep in mind that most of these 1A schools have less than 300 students in 9-12 and 4A has minimum 601. I really think 4A should be split up between 1,3,5A. The smaller 3A private schools should be moved down to 2A.
  16. There are a handful teams like Cocoa that are going to blow out everyone they play but I would be willing to bet that more than half the games this week will be won by 20+ points.
  17. In my opinion seeding isn't that big of a deal except for home field advantage. If you can't beat a team in the first round you probably aren't going to beat them in the 2nd or 3rd round. I realize every team wants the ride to last as long as it can but there are only 8 teams that aren't going to lose. I don't think there is any way to prevent mismatches the fact is we have a lot of great teams every year and there are blowouts every round even in the finals and I don't see this year being any different.
  18. A buddy of mine coaches at NBH, I talked to him Monday and asked what he was doing he replied, "I'm trying to figure out how to keep Raines from hanging 80 points on us." He has his work cut out for him.
  19. Raines has to get by North Bay Haven first lol
  20. If you haven't seen on twitter where some a**hole told Josh to stop begging for sponsors and get a "real" job then let me tell you, ole JW got hot. I'm proud of Josh for standing up for himself his team and his website, while remaining professional the whole time. I would have most likely cussed the guy, his fat wife, his whore momma, his ugly kids, and his mangy dog. But Josh kept it together.
  21. Sharkbait

    Coaching changes

    I shared that on the board a couple of weeks ago. Palmer has been at practice and upstairs during the last game and in the locker room pregame and at the half. Josh Dailey is performing HC duties and running day to day operations but Palmer is taking a bigger part in things over the last week and a half. I don't know what next year holds but PSJ will have about 20 seniors. I do know that after the news story broke that there were multiple coaches from successful high schools and some D1 college assistants that made contact with the school about the job. I do know that the job is not open at this time and the school is not actively seeking a replacement for Palmer. Ideally everyone associated with PSJ would like to see Coach Palmer get a clean bill of health and return to his duties.
  22. Sharkbait

    Coaching changes

    Check the source on PSJ. Palmer looked pretty good when I talked to him yesterday. Unless he is the source, I wouldn't count him out.
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