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  1. Sharkbait

    Bowl Games

    Thanks I'll send a message over to FC
  2. Sharkbait

    Bowl Games

    I was hoping Franklin County could be in a bowl. It would be awesome for that community but I haven't seen anything mentioned on them.
  3. Sharkbait

    Bowl Games

    Hey does anyone have a list of bowl games or know of anyone looking for bowl opponents.
  4. Winter Park Deerfield Beach Robert E. Lee Nova Gainesville Miami Norland Jacksonville Trinity Christian Jones Trenton Key West Melbourne Central Catholic Clearwater Central Catholic North Florida Christian Victory Christian Dixie County
  5. None of the small school coaches that I have talked to.
  6. North Bay Haven #462 at Raines #19 Should be a real nail biter.
  7. He has done a great job with very little talent to work with.
  8. Yes I agree. I think Jefferson has more talent but I think Franklin would out coach them. I really think if they have to forfeit that Franklin should take their spot. I would also love to see the final points and see how close everything was.
  9. Franklin is 6-4 but a weak schedule Jeffco played a tougher schedule but has only 1 quality win against John Paul who hasn't played anybody. But the argument I kept heading was this whole thing was to stop team's with losing records from getting in. I personally think Franklin would beat Jeffco. Also a pretty reliable source told me this morning that Jeffco may forfeit against blountstown.
  10. Jefferson at 4-6 in 1A but this new system was supposed to stop that
  11. I can't see how they wouldn't be, I think the win over NFC is worth 53 points so that should push their average by Cottondale. But since it all depends on what other teams not in the race do, who knows.
  12. Baker has a big stadium that is always packed they pay small schools very well to go play them there. I think that maybe their fans like supporting a winner and when you can go 9-1 or 10-0 every regular season and get at least 2 home playoff games and have 5000+ butts in the seats you keep doing what you're doing. They have won some championships.
  13. Baker is always well coached and solid but in the past has trouble with fast teams .
  14. That is the problem scheduling in the panhandle 1A and 4A , there are only a few teams that are consistently good. Baker, Blountstown and Port St Joe (and until last year Liberty Co) the rest of 1A and all of the 4A are so up and down you never know how they will be year to year.
  15. Sharkbait

    Week 11 scores

    Port St Joe 14 N, Fla Christian 7 F
  16. If they can hang on to Yeomans, that is such a hard place to win I'm sure he will get some offers from other schools after his success there. That school administration is a real mess and tends to run off good people. Yes they consolidated and have struggled with the process. I don't think they will have enough points for the playoffs but a bowl would be awesome.
  17. By defeating Robert F Monroe 49-8 the Franklin County Seahawks have recorded the first winning season in school history. Congratulations to Coach Tony Yeomans and crew for a great season. I am very happy for the players and community to be able to enjoy this success.
  18. No I don't think so either. The problem is teams like Cocoa will have a tough time finding opponents in the future. Teams can go play a good team that will test them but still have a chance against or play Cocoa and know you are only going to pick up 33 points because Cocoa is going to not only beat you but humiliate you. That is the price you pay being a powerhouse.
  19. The complaints aren't that teams are playing tougher schedules it is that teams aren't rewarded for playing tougher schedules. Cocoa (4A)is an great team but if you play them you are going to lose and get 33 points so a team is better off to play someone like Rutherford(4A) that you can beat and pick up 38 points.
  20. Raines NavarreHolmes CountyTampa Catholic BollesDunbar Madison County Merritt Island St. Thomas Aquinas Glades Central
  21. The coaches and admin I have talked with didn't want the new system and wanted to at least be the same as the bigger classes but were ignored. It was just easier for FHSAA to experiment with the smaller classes because they don.t give a damn about them.
  22. I'm not singling you out my comments are more towards the brain trust at FHSAA that are trying fix something that wasn't broken. First you try to tweak what you have. They should never have totally changed the system like they did and then make it different for 1-4 A than it is for 5-8A. Ludicrous.
  23. This year officiating has been shameful.
  24. The argument that every games matters now could only be made by someone who hasn't played. Every game matters to these kids. They bust their ass all summer then 3+ hours every day after school in the rain, in the heat, all the while being yelled at and having their manhood challenged daily. They sacrifice their bodies literally risking life and limb to win for their school and if by chance they lose they catch hell not only from their coaches but from classmates and people around town. They have to go in on Saturday to see the trainer and watch film and after Sunday off they wake up Monday to do it all over again. So please stop acting like every game doesn't matter because they matter to the players more than you could comprehend.
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