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  1. Rockledge will be a pretty solid team. Cocoa's rival. Back to being one of the top teams in Brevard and a solid playoff team. I see it being a great game. Do you know if it's home or away for y'all?
  2. From what I saw they got a few athletes and defensive players. Defense should be their strong suit this season with the players returning and the younger players coming back with experience. Right now I see it in Brevard as Cocoa and Rockledge as the clear cut top 2. Eau Gallie is making noise from their side as usual with all the offers and rankings they have but their schedule is pretty bad again. I can see Heritage finally making some noise again. I'm not sure if Melbourne will be on the same level as they were last season. Lower classes I see MCC surpassing Holy Trinity but I have both making the playoffs. Playoff teams for brevard will be Cocoa, Rockledge, Titusville, Eau Gallie, Heritage, MCC and Holy Trinity. Teams that may sneak in are Merritt Island, Satellite or Palm Bay
  3. They lose their top offensive lineman, a couple DBs and running back. Return quarterback, athletes/Receivers, basically their key contributors on defense including their top linebacker and the #1 safety in the class of 24. I was shocked that this game I'd happening. I know one of the assistant coaches from Duncanville is a Cocoa alum and was teammates with half the Rockledge staff. Don't know how much of a factor that played. But i see it going the same way the Viera v Allen game went. If Rockledge is as good as talks are saying then it could be like the Jones v Duncanville game went.
  4. Thanks I see the KOC as a win, with 3 guaranteed wins against Viera, Bayside and Satellite. Guaranteed loss at Duncanville. Other games can go either way from being blown out, to close to barely winning. Looking at some of the teams Seminole is playing I'm definitely looking forward to seeing their full schedule as well. Could be the toughest in the state by the time they have it finalized.
  5. Excited for the top teams in Brevard Rockledge can make some noise and be well prepared for the playoffs.
  6. From what I saw they may still have that issue and they lose their top OLineman to graduation. He's heading to UF
  7. Rockledge lost a few players but also gained a few players as well as a new DB coach in Cocoa's previous DB coach. Who will have a solid DB group led by the #1 safety in the 24 class. So their defense should be pretty solid. But we will see how they fair after that beating they took last season.
  8. Extremely solid schedule. First half of schedule is as tough as it comes for Central Florida and the state. The district games gives time to get recover for a deep run. West Orange being the finale gives a playoff atmosphere type of game.
  9. I see that as a win but not a slouch. Your depth will takeover
  10. Exactly. One of the main reasons he's not high on Cocoa since they stopped inquiring about OOS games with him during Wilks last season or 2
  11. I only see them losing one of their away games. With the most likely candidate being Cocoa as the trap game. Schedule is very manageable and very likely to go undefeated.
  12. He was their biggest fan because they were supposedly his top schools to work with. He seems more upset that Central isn't privy to using his services. As far as the polls not crowning Central it's basic knowledge that those polls had it determined that only MD and SJB were in the running to be crowned number 1 in those perspective polls as soon as the playoffs started unless they were both upset by lower teams.
  13. Exactly the reason why I take everything with a grain of salt on that forum. I don't even post there anymore. Too much he say she say and little facts. Everytime a match-up is in works he's so called directly involved and if it doesn't works out he bashes the team not from the west coast. Whatever fits his narrative.
  14. Also the fact that gardenstateballer keeps pinning it on MC and throwing out money numbers PGL offered them. Saying they squandered an opportunity. Also the fact he's saying the game was set back in February is odd as well cause we all know nothing is set in stone that early down here. Central is never one to back down from a challenge ever
  15. Looks like the Merritt Island coach responded to that post saying it was a family decision to move back to Tampa
  16. Came with the receipts lol
  17. I just saw that one a hour ago. Would be interesting if Western played DeMatha in the Broward vs USA event
  18. Merritt Island lost alot to graduation and players transferring out currently
  19. No idea. The move to Merritt Island seemed legitimate from the outside looking in, possibly a new job. But now that I think about it MI were runner-up the season before he transferred so maybe they thought it would be a cakewalk to a championship at a new school lmao little did they know. But idk how it's happening again that quick
  20. They still have that underclassmen that he ran from
  21. They had a top ranked athlete that's graduating lmao. Just wild to move from Raymond James stadium area to Merritt Island to Wesley Chapel about a hour drive from Jesuit when dealing with traffic
  22. Another move back across the state. All the top teams in Brevard already has starters besides Melbourne.
  23. Almost forgot to add they have their QB of the future who is an upcoming sophomore who transferred from Melbourne. Standing at 6'5 and has a big arm. He's being trained by the same trainer who trained record setting QB Blake Boda last season
  24. The receiving corps of Cocoa is almost the same as last year due to them being young but they no longer have DayDay Farmer he transferred to MCC since Coach Hooks took over as the head coach there. But you missed a couple other receivers that had big time stats Jayvon Boggs being the biggest and will be a junior, along with 2 more receivers you didn't mention. They return the starting linebackers for their senior campaign and DLine will be solid with a couple returners and new faces. The real question again will be the DBs but they do return some players who have experience as well as the return of another top DB who out for the whole season last year due to an injury during the first week of practice.
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