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  1. They could definitely win a rematch. Rockledge just forced more turnovers. 2 of which came near the goal line. But you can watch the full game on Brevard Sports Network Facebook page or YouTube channel.
  2. Lol makes sense that they use the same logic as a lot of companies and some military higher ups...."If it makes sense do the complete opposite." Lol
  3. I definitely missed out lmao but don't regret my decision.
  4. Definitely had me considering joining the rest of the Brevard crew that went to FAMU lol
  5. I was thinking that they would have the Metros in Ft Lauderdale and the Suburbans in Tallahassee or Orlando along with 1R in Tallahassee or hosted by the home team.
  6. They also went viral back in the 2010s but it was NSFW
  7. Kinda like that graduation photo that went viral from FAMU campus
  8. What would you consider the type of game to he from those highlights?
  9. I guess if the 2nd string stays at IMG through his senior we'll get to truly see how well IMG supposedly develops their players.
  10. Lol you're definitely right about that. Thanks for the lil debate. Haven't had a good one in awhile lmao. But the odd thing about this IMG National squad is that there's no Senior QB.
  11. Obviously the backup and the third string that I mentioned. Yes the starter may get those reps with the 1s. But the backup is still getting reps regardless whether its scout team or not he's still going up against top competition in practice. Also each player still gets individual position specific work with top notch trainers along with team training as well. Again its IMG and not a regular school. He's been at IMG since he was in middle school and was touted up to be the starter til the coaching change. The starter most likely was a better fit for the coaches scheme as he's a mobile threat. Still doesn't change the fact that IMG has 3 full time QBs on their National roster. I'm sure they have atleast 2 full time QBs each on the other 2 rosters.
  12. So from doing a little research there wasn't a big drop off between the starter and backup. Difference between the 2.....the starter is a junior and the 2 backups are sophmores. Both backups are 6'4 while the starter is 6ft even also the starter is more of a dual threat. The backup was actually considered to be the starter before the HC left for a job at Indiana. Also the back has been at IMG since he was in middle school and has 3 verbal offers from Brown, Kansas and Indiana. The third string is a transfer from Lighthouse Christian out of Pensacola. Where he started as a freshman.
  13. Lmao the teams you mentioned yes. But I clearly stated that's the difference between IMG and those schools. IMG has depth at each position including QB. So I definitely didn't make your point.
  14. Na I'm not putting an asterisk. Difference between the teams you mentioned and IMG is just that. Its IMG they literally have 3 different varsity football squads and their national squad has depth at every position with backups who would start at the schools they left. Why would they promote themselves as a team that's trains and practices against nothing but the best if their backups can't hold their own? Central, AHP, Chaminade and Northwestern probably have backups but that's not their only role. Take last season for instance when AHP and Rockledge lost their starting QB. Guess who stepped in as the 2nd string QB?....Their number 1 receiver option for both teams had to take over at QB when they lost their QB.
  15. They lost the starting QB on their first offensive series. I'm sure their 2nd was more than capable and ready to play.
  16. STA 48 St Joe's Prep 37
  17. Some highlights from Rockledge. Gulliver made some plays but Rockledge would force turnovers and capitalized everytime.
  18. Sure is 2 wins for the top 4 in Brevard in my opinion but Eau Gallie didn't do themselves any favors with schedule or lack of stiff competition. Right for top 5 in Brevard I have it: 1.Rockledge 2.Cocoa(Alot to work on personnel and gameplan wise) 3.Eau Gallie(Very improved/Dominant but haven't played anyone yet. Could've proved themselves early if they would've agreed to switch the Cocoa game to week 2) 4.Palm Bay(Dominated an improved Bayside) 5. Melbourne
  19. I can see y'all winning against Chaminade and STA. The games against Chaminade and Central will be close. With y'all sealing the win against STA late with a FG to put it out of reach and forcing a turnover late to ice the game winning by 9.
  20. Hit his own teammate with the targetting hit lmao no flag needed
  21. Most definitely. That ended up being the final. I thought it was gonna be closer. Saw that being the type of score against Manatee, a shootout with Doral and slugfests against Cocoa and Osceola. But if they keep playing like this they'll definitely be hard to beat or run the score up on.
  22. Final Rockledge 38 Gulliver Prep 0
  23. Vanguard 40 Gainesville 0 7min left in the 2nd
  24. Also could've been the conditions during that game that attributed to their struggles and turnovers during that game. They're playing in clear conditions today.
  25. Yea that's why I'm confused on this blowout. I thought it would be competitive. Isn't their QB Davi Belfort? Looks like Rockledge been dominating them the entirety of the game.
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