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  1. I appreciate the love “C” but Pahokee should be on your list as well they are easily at top 5 in palm beach county.
  2. Not really you got evicted about year and half ago Dillard lol
  3. Predominantly Glades central, Pahokee got better 2003-2007 beating glades central on two occasions. The blue devils also won several State Championship. Glades Central was still a good team at this time but Pahokee was better. However, the raiders would win 8 consecutive muck bowls over the blue devils. (2008-2017).
  4. Yes sir indeed the best defensive line….. best team to come out of glades central!
  5. Yo Dillard remember when we (Glades Central) played y’all on Tv lol.
  6. Wrong, We knew exactly who they were! We wanted to show Vero who we were trying to be, but Vero is actually a good team. We actually keep up with them for away them they pulled away. Yes, Samaj Demps a very special kid you will see next year. Your argument about us not not know Vero..... Tells me you don't know Glades Central (at least our Legacy).... Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere, Anybody! Rashard was trying to bring that tradition back to our program it just didnt go well. For that he was let go....Dumb move GC
  7. Rashard cared alot about our kids too. Alot of people though Glades Central was on the verge of being back a state contender..... That's until unnecessary controversy happened with us. In all that mess still managed to reach the playoff and send multiple kids to college. Rashard like Hester found out the hard way that Glades Central poltics at this point is a lose-lose situation.
  8. He's talking about Jessie Hester not Rashard
  9. What are you trying to say JDHoss???
  10. Bro, have you seen pahokee schedule??? Cupcakes dont makes betters. Glades Central 32 Pahokee 21
  11. Doesnt matter we are more famous. We perfected the bowl series my boy
  12. Muck bowl is national known brother..... By they way don't yall share the name (soul bowl) with Miami Jackson/Northwestern. Its only one Muck bowl
  13. Hey we missing 4 points lol 44-10
  14. 1. St. Thomas 2. American Heritage Plantation 3. Dillard 4. Chaminade Madonna 5. Cardinal Gibbons 6. Deerfield Beach 7. Weston 8. Plantation 9. Miramar 10. Calvary Christian
  15. William T. Dwyer is in palm beach county
  16. Yes its still happening on November 5th @ pahokee
  17. Here is some friendly advice my boy, My Glades Central Raiders hasn't been the same 2011. Ive Watch my team destroyed by the same team (Booker T) 5 years in a row, have to deal with community full of over the top critics that expect us to be a top 10 team in the state every year, and seen coaches come and go more than you'll see in a lifetime. I never turned my back on my them neither should you. Look at my boy Dillard lol. He bragged about his panthers no matter what win or lose. Look at him and his boys now complete turn around. Stay home and stay humble my friend.
  18. I have to agree..... You have some many former state champions in one region. It will be a war whoever come that region in the Semifinals for us (Glades Central). If we make it of course. We play three of those teams this year (Booker T, Carol City, and Miami Pace)
  19. That happened a year later in 2006 Glades Day def North Florida Christian Pahokee def Trinity Catholic Bolles def Clewiston Glades Central def (undefeated) Pine Forest
  20. Indeed, I’ll talk to our coach as well. If we cross paths best of luck to you Dillard.
  21. I also forgot 1 more thing We have a motto in the Muck ( Anytime, Any place, Anywhere). Beating Chaminade doesn’t scare Glades Central at the least. You better play us the same way played Chaminade or Vero too will be added on that long list as well. Vero will have to either earn that win or take a lost..... don’t feel bad if happens; it’s happen to some of the best teams in Florida. lol We still have room on the schedule for you if you like to try your luck
  22. Although we are not were use to be, Glades Central has played and beat some of the best teams in Florida. We have total of 9 state championships appearances, 6 state championships , and apart one of Florida’s most famous rivalry game the Muck bowl (with the Pahokee Blue Devil) The likes of America heritage plantation, cardinal gibbons, pine forest, Madison County, Miami northwestern, Armwood, Etc we’ve played all of them and actually beat them. They also hold a 2-1 record against out of state teams. Byrnes (L), Dallas Skyline (W), Texas Denison (W) Lately we have been down, but our Resume is LEGENDARY! Hopeful this year we can get back on track
  23. I know this is off topic and all but Blown out the water Mr. Lion????? It was just time for BTW to lose to us. If it were to be a blowout, it would happened or at least another lost for us. We wanted more than them. Now if we could just get Cocoa 2013:40-18 win 2014: 35-7 win 2015: 35-21win 2016: 47-30 win 2017: missed the playoffs 2018: 18-16 loss
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