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  1. 4A Region 3 - An Early Look

    Ummmm you know before the playoffs Carol city was considered on of the the best team in nation..... Won a state championship not to long ago and has beat Booker t into a coma the last couple of years?
  2. 4A Region 3 - An Early Look

    That's not funny
  3. 4A Region 3 - An Early Look

    Both teams will have to bring it. We will be waiting.
  4. 4A Region 3 - An Early Look

    Cant wait.... but Ultimately, the team that comes out will likely play Carol City Chiefs . My boys should indeed be a favorite to take the region.

    We will see Dillard

    9-1????? I think 7-3 Don't sleep on Pahokee! They are not Boynton Beach by a long shot. I think its going to be a fun match up between the two teams... but siding with im Pahokee. Beside.....Dillard doesn't have a great record against teams in the Muck Dillard has to prove me wrong
  7. Jax TCA added pahokee to finish regular season schedule

    If Trinity Christian come out of the 8-2, I'm Impressed!!!!! I would love to see them play Raines that is going to be Huge!
  8. How good will AHD be this year???

    The only thing that can answer that question is time. American Heritage is usually one of palm beach county's most dangerous teams,so I wont expect them to be a pushover by a long shot. With an experienced team,I think they will do fine. We (Glades Central) will definitely see them in the playoffs along with Tampa Catholic, Avon Park,and Clewistion. Time will tell with the Stallions so lets see how they look in spring and moving in to the fall.
  9. Who Is This FL HS Football Legend? Jesse "The Jet" Hester

    No, That is not the old or the new football field.
  10. Who Is This FL HS Football Legend? Jesse "The Jet" Hester

    He played high school football at the football Capital itself, GLADES CENTRAL HIGH SCHOOL......Home of the Might Raiders of Raiders of Belle Glade Florida. Hes also our current Head Coach!
  11. How Have District Runners-Up Done in the Playoffs? The Facts

    Miami-Booker T Washington as well (2015) 5-5 They won state that year
  12. Pahokee VS Baker

    I don't know much about Baker,but I've actually seen Pahokee up close and personal. I'll just say this no team in the playoff has made it to the Championship isn't a fluke. Pahokee is a team with great athletes and has played good teams Wayne Hill, Boca Raton, Glades Central (Rival), Newberry,Trenton, and Madison County. Providing that the Blue Devils don't make costly mistakes through the game, Baker will have their hands full against Pahokee. Pahokee-28 Baker-14 Final