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  1. I know this is off topic and all but Blown out the water Mr. Lion????? It was just time for BTW to lose to us. If it were to be a blowout, it would happened or at least another lost for us. We wanted more than them. Now if we could just get Cocoa 2013:40-18 win 2014: 35-7 win 2015: 35-21win 2016: 47-30 win 2017: missed the playoffs 2018: 18-16 loss
  2. That game was cancelled due to flooding on Pace's feild.... rumor has it the game may be reschedule for 10/26 or not play at all.
  3. Santaluces???? I can think of 3 teams not on this list that can top Santaluces Seminole Ridge Wellington Cardinal Newman maybe Lol
  4. You know Dwyer, American Heritage, and Glades Central are all better than Palm Beach Lakes just saying....
  5. 1st off Booker T Washingtoned? That's a term now? 2nd It depending on 2 things Pahokee's progression though the season and Hawthorne reloading. If Pahokee does what I think they will, Hawthorne and even Madison county better be careful! Pahokee to me is a tropical storm that can a major hurricane if things go well for them.
  6. SMH, Bolles sounds like a team I know.
  7. They have made the playoffs last couple of years so to some extent they must be good...... They just ran into a brick wall called Jacksonville Raines who was too much for any team in the north brackets of the 4A. Take Raines out the equation then you might have a state finalist in West Nassau.... As for now, they have to deal with Bolles and Cocoa.
  8. A-Town561


    Right now that all depends on University School. If they had the team form last year, I'd say no in a toss up. I hate to say it ,but University School has good coaches and disciplined players so it should be in an interesting encounter!
  9. A-Town561


    Clewiston yes Seminole Ridge yes Glades Central no Pahokee needs a winning record or at least 4-5 by Muck Bowl to show me anything..... As of now, I don't see it this year... Next year..... Maybe but not this year. I wish them the best and hope they make some noise against these top teams
  10. Look on the bright side, technically, Palm Beach County hasn't seen a state championship since 2013 with Dwyer. We had team to go since ,American Heritage, Pahokee, Oxbridge, Atlantic, and even King's Academy. (Notice 3 of them are private schools) All have either fallen in defeat or circumstance. If you ask me Broward doing better than us lol
  11. No doubt.....muck football is not the same but it not dead..... Don't believe me ask Booker T. Glades Central and Pahokee both have a great chance to make to the state semi final. Don't be shock if any of them slip away to the State Championship game. Stay tuned! Atown out
  12. Ummmm you know before the playoffs Carol city was considered on of the the best team in nation..... Won a state championship not to long ago and has beat Booker t into a coma the last couple of years?
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