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  1. Central has no offensive line Gorman will embarrass them... they also lose to the west and IMG... 3 to 4 losses this year.
  2. Understood...Just not a fan of the whole they the champs until beaten. CC lost all their coaches and ALOT on defense while southridge may have not even made the playoffs in the SEC district... If the Ridge was in 6A they don't win state. Just my opinion...
  3. I'm curious to see how Carol City's defense holds up this year... I'd probably rank them 2nd or 3rd... Southridge would be a little lower on my list as they struggled against top teams in dade on the north end that they played last year losing to BTW 20 to 6 and CC 18-0
  4. Yes they have one not sure who's all on the team I know they lost to BTW in the finals of UM 7 on 7 tournament
  5. Guarantee? That's funny lol. Now I can guarantee that Booker T beat Dillard by 20 or better. Dillard doesn't have enough horses for BTW yet. Just my opinion...
  6. For one CC got better as well and their main QB now wasn't even on the team then. He started playing week 2 or 3 when16 got hurt. And Floyd #16 is now at pace... CC from this video turned ball over twice and from what i see was a defensive struggle... Our dbs this year are better than CC dbs were last year with most of our key players returning with quality transfers. The West will be fine. I also expect CC to put more than 7 points on IMG this year however,their defense just might be suspect this year they lost alot and have new coaches.....
  7. 9/29 will be here before u kno it. Question, while u reppin IMG HEAVY... Who Dillard gonna upset this year? That is your alma mater right?
  8. I'll be waiting on that apology.... IMG struggled against Carol City last year... I expect the same when they play the west...
  9. Good read about district 16-6A.. looking forward to this upcoming season.
  10. Thanks one of the assistant coaches just told me we full. Trying to find out full schedule right now.
  11. West was set to play DP but DP didn't want to split the gate or pay for players rooms at least. I think they just didn't want to play. Hell NW having hard time finding 2 more teams to play to fill their schedule.
  12. He might but I doubt it. The secondary should be pretty solid this year. https://williamsonjerry71.wixsite.com/mysite-2/single-post/2017/05/02/Spring-Blitz-MiamiDade-Top-Secondary-Miami-Northwestern
  13. Funny thing is they didn't even win it last year NW did.. Toughest district in state if not the nation.
  14. Issue with Carol City is Damon Cogdell gone along with most of the starting defense from last year. Good defensive coach that had a couple years to develop that defense to run his scheme and gel.. With that said They beat a young NW team with 20 seconds left in the game in a shootout.. Just don't think their defense will be good enough to slow down NW this year. They will make the playoffs though.
  15. I would have to say I agree for the most part. Game still has to be played on the field but don't see why The West wouldn't be favorite. I always thought this year would be the year they do it and last year the West and CC were basically equal splitting 2 games with CC winning the one that mattered the most. Our secondary was weakest part of our defense and cost us late against CC but I think secondary is much improved. Central will probably be the main competition. Looks like their defense will be better as well just have to see what else they have on offense besides Cook and if their QB read
  16. Yeah that's me lol. I know I've been gone for a while but I'm back on both boards.
  17. Allegedly he was involved with a minor who was one of his students.. Heard about firing a couple months ago but I'm sure if you Google it you will find more about it.
  18. Seem like players from each team have different schedules. https://twitter.com/godschild3_/status/839989810735525891
  19. Yeah forgot to mention them as well. That's half their defense lol. Can't wait till season starts.
  20. Central has some transfers from Flanagan.. Arthur Braithwaite and Devonta Wilson are 2 notables that starred in Flanagans secondary last year are now on 95th St.
  21. Yeah Atwell will be the QB this year his Sr year. Alot of players returning from last year. Looking forward to how the season plays out. As for Wilson he had offers before Florida offered but when they offered he committed the next day so we will see what happens.
  22. Pace always has talent... keeping it and putting everything together has been the problem of late.
  23. Yeah Divaad was a sleeper but offers are piling up now. Has potential to be one of the best cb's in 2018 class.. Real physical... Florida is his dream school so unless something drastic happens I think his commitment sticks.
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