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  1. Don't drink too much Koolaid Rickards is trash lol the little talent they had graduated or went to Godby lol..Beat AHP by double digits and you have my attention.. Don't think AHP is going to be that good this year as in years past.
  2. Yeah the coach who got alot of kids over there to play for doral took a job at jackson
  3. Timothy Burns jr. One of the top overall freshman players in the state last year db for doral is at the west now..
  4. Really miami high marcus Fleming... he never played a down for us lol
  5. I know the west has their fair share of newcomers... if one of these qbs pan out i like our chances to repeat.. defense might be better than it was last year
  6. 2019 rb Jacob Baptiste of Arch Bishop McCarthy transferred to MNW.. http://www.hudl.com/v/28QYiF
  7. I hope thats really the wr from the high and not Tutu brother who has same name Marcus Fleming your talkin about lol.. Fleming from the high is nice!
  8. That was a given... now wonder who else going over there with them.
  9. On another note this board has been really peaceful and chill last month and a half lol
  10. He was there sitting a few rows behind me. We really don't talk like that. I think he's more into optimist football since that's what his son plays.
  11. I want to watch armwood vs NW on strem since i was at the game.. is there anywhere online i can access stream?
  12. Yeah I was just coming on here to post game was on.
  13. You're right... But now prep force is saying that we not participating in the game.. But I'm hearing the West is practicing tomorrow so more to come.
  14. Northwestern plays Chandler AZ on 12/23 in AZ.
  15. I see 3 of my bulls in action tonight starting for the Steelers.. Sean Spence, Artie Burns, and Eli Rogers
  16. 300 yards of offense for NW and 150 for Armwood I wouldn't say their defense was dominant all night... And it was easy for me to say because like u have yours about the game that's my opinion.. Armwood defense was getting tired and we kept them in the game with some questionable play calling...
  17. NW coaches made it closer than it was along with the refs... If NW keeping giving 34 the ball instead of 4 they win easily.. Atwell 150 soaking wet why call a qb sneak with him on 4th and short? This game could've easily been 28 to 9 at very least... But hey the west still pulled it off. Armwood was holding like crazy all night!
  18. Good game finally State champs again
  19. Thought it was 13 to 10 Raines? Whatever score is congrats to Raines... Cocoa fans were feeling themselves too much... lol
  20. His name is Justin Hill Jr... he's a senior... below is his SR season highlights... http://www.hudl.com/v/281j4D
  21. 6A game only hope weather either pass early or wait till 6A game over at least
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