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  1. Prior to Gerald Odom becoming the Head Coach at Cocoa in 2002, the Tigers had a heavy set man as Head Coach who would run all kinds of trick formations and weird plays instead of concentrating on being fundamentally sound. The High School Principal at that time also wouldn't back up any discipline for the kids so good coaches wouldn't consider coaching there even though the school always has athletes and potential. Rockledge and Cocoa have an rivalry and compete for players I believe. Dan Burke always had a good program at Palm Bay. The book on the Pirates was that the team ran about five play
  2. Yes, Jermaine Green played for the Washington State Cougars. He played in the Rose Bowl when WSU lost to Oklahoma.
  3. OldSchoolLion, it is great to see that you are featuring Volusia County players in your Who is this Florida football legend series. I hope that you will continue that. Thank you.
  4. Dan, Seabreeze used a four receiver-no tight end formation under Rocky Yocum. It might not have been the "spread" offense per se, but it was very close. When Coach Yocum got to Spruce Creek, the Hawks were a more multiple formation, motion, and shifts team that ran the ball more due to the personnel, (they were coming off of back-to back 0-10 seasons) and the fact that Jermaine Green was one of the RBs.
  5. Dan, Seabreeze was running the four receiver-no tight end "spread" offense long before Marc Beach became the head coach. Rocky Yocum brought that offense to the Sandcrabs in the 1980's.
  6. Vince Lombardi's brother was gay. Also he had a gay RB on the team when he coached the Redskins, oops sorry GatormanUF, WASHINGTON FOOTBALL TEAM!, by the name of Ray McDonald. Politically, Vince Lombardi was a JFK Democrat, but one would have to wonder what the man would have thought of Bernie Sanders, AOC, and Elizabeth Warren. OldSchoolLion, if you think that any person who looks beyond another person's color, religion, and sexual orientation is a "bleeding heart liberal", you are mistaken.
  7. Why can't you understand and realize that many parents and children want choices in education, and don't support the one-size-fits all public school system? There is more to life than each public school having the same amount of D-1 athletes to achieve some sort of parity in High School Football.
  8. Breon Allen, was a GREAT High School Football player. He has a good college career at East Carolina, but if he was a little bigger, he might be playing in the NFL today.
  9. Warner Christian continued their deep playoff run after Andy Price left with Steve Allen as Head Coach. Although the Eagles did not make the state title game under Coach Allen, after he left the downhill slide started. Warner Christian became an undisciplined team who outathleted teams under Coach Allen's successor, and after that coach left, the bottom fell out. The Administration and de-emphasizing football might have also played a factor.
  10. Yes. I believe that there are issues with many police officers, not all but many unfortunately, that are ignorant of many basic citizen rights, and seem to forgot that they are public servants. It goes beyond police officers using their weapons, and more to the point of the arrogance of many police officers. This erodes confidence and trust in police in general. There are many good professional police officers who get painted with this broad brush.
  11. Peezy, I am sorry, I think that I misspoke. What I meant was that most officials would like to talk with others, and explain certain points-of-view when it came to how to call a game, and which fouls to have and which fouls not to have. If people would be willing to listen and understand what the official is trying to get across. Not every thing has to be so mechanical when it comes to officiating. There is a grey area in many aspects of officiating in my view.
  12. Peezy, most officials do not want to talk with non-officials about the many aspects of what officials are trying and not trying to accomplish. Most if not all officials do not care who wins or loses any game, and most officials know that the game is not about either them or the coaches. The game is about the players and the kids.
  13. Just a Coach, I agree with this statement 100%. Very well said.
  14. Just a Coach, that reads good to me. Good officials would never approach a coach and tell that coach that the officials will only have fouls on positive plays. However, when a runner is being tackled or pushed out-of-bounds behind the line of scrimmage, and there is a tug-of-a-jersey holding foul 5-10 yards away from the point-of-attack, most coaches would understand that since that the hold had no effect on the result of the play, that that holding foul is not essential to the play and does not need to be called. That is what happened in this circumstance, and Jeff Carlson went on for at leas
  15. Just a Coach, if that is how you feel, fine. I hope that you never approach an official during one of your games that you coach, and complain about to many fouls being thrown or how your team has eight fouls, and the other team has only two fouls. Officials don't want to hear that from any coach.
  16. Yes, and "that guy" means someone who should live by the saying "Better to keep quiet, and be thought an idiot, than speak and remove all doubt." I wonder if this man talks to the coaches about the game plans, thoughts on the strengths and weaknesses of players, and ideas of why coaches call certain plays in certain situations. Also, he should consider talking with some officials to get an idea of why some fouls are called and some are not.
  17. Yes Peezy, that is mostly correct. Why the officials would have a holding foul when the runner goes out of bounds after losing 3 yards, is beyond me. But since Jeff Carlson is much smarter than everyone else, so maybe he can explain it someday. Also, questioning the play-calling and decisions of Bill Castle, who is one of the all-time legends of coaching in Florida High School Football was pretty interesting and quite hilarious. I feel for any play-by-play man who has to carry that dead weight for an entire game or season.
  18. All right, thank you. I enjoyed that game very much although Jeff Carlson still hasn't gotten any better as a color man. The play-by -play announcer said that the games could be streamed for free for Spectrum customers, which I had no idea about. Lakeland really outplayed STA in that game, and I was glad to see them complete an undefeated season, and win the 7A title.
  19. Columbiahighfan, thank you very much for posting this! Are all of the state title games available on youtube? Thank you again.
  20. It would be great to be able to watch some games with some of the great people who post on this message board. There are a lot of very informed posters who make this forum very enjoyable to read and interact with. I am very grateful for that.
  21. ColumbiaHighFan2017, I don't know for sure that the Head Coach would be disqualified for the State Title game, but there have been incidents in the past in regular season, and possibly playoff games. The FHSAA reserves the right to deal with the punishment the way that it sees fit.
  22. Two Unsportsmanlike penalties on the STA coaching staff? That means an automatic ejection for the head coach, and that also means that he may not be able to coach in the State Title game. It also may mean some punishment for some of the Assistant Coaches.
  23. Proseteye, I agree with your statement 100%.
  24. FL-HS_football, thank you for that great information. I enjoy reading about those kind of high school football stories.
  25. 954gator, the officiating crew for all state high school football playoff games is chosen by the FHSAA. The officials for all playoff games travel, and are not affiliated with either team competing in the game.
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