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  1. I think they have as good a shot as anyone left. I was really high on them last year and they shat the bed.
  2. It looks that way. I think Armwood has the horses to damage on offense, but the play calling needs to change.
  3. Agreed about the defense and the field. The field looked like a herd of cattle had been grazing there for a week straight. I was very surprised by that. As for the defense, Armwood wasn't giving the Naughts anything. Their D is certainly legit. The offense play calling on the Armwood side though? I was scratching my head on quite a few occasions. They passed the ball way too much when they should have been running the ball IMO. It was almost as if they wanted Lakeland to get back in the game instead of stepping on their throats.
  4. Did not expect this score. Maybe this year DFB is the team I thought they would be last year?
  5. All Palmetto (Manatee) games are live on their youtube channel. Tiger Vision*
  6. Palmetto (Manatee). Assuming they handle their business again against Charlotte.
  7. I'm rooting for ya'll. If you win, you get to come to the jungle next Friday night.
  8. "Remember, you wanted this." - Jack Reacher
  9. 6A Palmetto is still alive and kicking.
  10. Any kind of injury updates for this game?
  11. Apopka Osceola Vero Beach Niceville Armwood Manatee Gaither Jones Jesuit Miami NW Booker T Florida High CCC Victory Christian Vernon
  12. Going across to the other coast of the U.S. and beating De La Salle was enough for me. And for the record, I called the Lakeland over STA win last year.
  13. That's some high praise for MNW. I'd have to take STA over anyone in the state at this point though.
  14. No, I get what you're saying. I won't be shocked if Lakeland does win by double digits. I wouldn't bet on it but I won't be shocked either.
  15. It's a coin flip for me. Slight lean Armwood because of homefield. Hopefully Lakeland is healthy or at least close to it. I've been anticipating this matchup all season long.
  16. Fun Fact: Miami Central is one of the best programs in the state. I know you're saying there is a lot of trash talk going back and forth between the two schools, but I'd be careful what you wish for. Don't poke the bear too much, or in this case "Ignite the Rockets"
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