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  1. Don't forget the gridiron report and the best ever after a Friday night game; the Beef O' Brady High school report on the radio that would entertain you while driving home from an away game! Man, those was the good ole days! Texas still has all of this!!!
  2. Both teams did not do it the right way! However, Hawthorne climbed the bean stalk and came back with the giant kids and we know what the joker (Mad Co.) is doing. The question is? When reclassification happens in "22 will FHSAA show that they have caught on to the Joker scheme!
  3. This is like sending the Iraqi army to represent the US in a war against China!
  4. Stop adding the Kool-Aid to your sauce Muck city! This year Jackson started the summer off hanging himself with that Facebook post...Alert FHSAA! His brother did a decent job with the team (He fired him) and the backup QB gave GC more options (Never trully used him when the team was struggling). Coaches in Florida knows that they are not bigger (just a stipend job) than the administration unless you have Bill Castle/Coach Rogers type resume built and community backing in which Jackson did not have. Looking at a couple of GC games on YouTube and talking to my people in South Bay, those kids remind me of the Miami Hurricanes...living off the name not the hard work put in by the former teams and staff in building the name. GC was big but not strong and showed no player development just unorganized natural talent!
  5. 1A: Madison County 15 1A: Hawthorne 16 2A: Champagnat Catholic (Hialeah) 14 2A: Trinity Christian Academy (Jacksonville) 12 3A: Chaminade-Madonna (Hollywood) 13 3A: Berkeley Prep (Tampa) 1 4A: Cardinal Gibbons (Fort Lauderdale) 11 4A: Cocoa 8 5A: Miami Central 10 5A: Merritt Island 9 6A: Pine Forest (Pensacola) 7 6A: Jesuit (Tampa) 6 7A: St. Thomas Aquinas (Fort Lauderdale) 5 7A: Lake Gibson (Lakeland) 4 8A: Treasure Coast 3 8A: Columbus (Miami) 2 BONUS (Sunshine State Independent Association Championship): IMG Academy White
  6. Hawthorne has Eastside HS whole offensive line that transferred in because of the former coach being fired and he was hired on Hawthorne staff; so they followed him. That was a bad game for the QB and he showed his freshmen side during the game. However, that will be the game the returning players will use for motivation to be a even more dominate next year. 561, you know players that are playing at other schools in Palm Beach County from the Glades area will want to comeback home to play at Pahokee! Now I want to see if the FHSAA will allow it like Hawthorne and many of the Dade schools are doing. I was told that PK Principal fought to get the freshmen QB year suspension reduced but why when schools are getting 5-15 transfers and you do not hear anything from FHSAA sanctioning those teams especially in Dade for example Hallandale. I am telling you, those kids will want to come home and play for PK because they have great upside but will FHSAA allow them? Blue Devils will be a great team for years to come!
  7. 1A: Baker (13) 1A: Pahokee (16) 2A: Zephyrhills Christian Academy (8) 2A: Champagnat Catholic (Hialeah) (14) 3A: The Benjamin School (Palm Beach Gardens) (11) 3A: Berkeley Prep (Tampa) (12) 4A: Cocoa (15) 4A: Cardinal Gibbons (Fort Lauderdale) (6) 5A: Baker County (Glen St. Mary) (4) 5A: Sebring (6) 6A: Jesuit (Tampa) (10) 6A: Pine Forest (Pensacola) (7) 7A: St. Thomas Aquinas (Fort Lauderdale) (9) 7A: Lake Gibson (Lakeland) (3) 8A: Palmetto (Miami) (1) 8A: Apopka (2)
  8. Just say Baker gets the #1 seed and Pahokee gets the #4 seed. That looks very crazy to have a team like Pahokee to travel to Baker when they should travel to Union County and Mad Co. goes to Baker. The logistics for the school would be very stupid of the FHSAA to put that burden on a school like Pahokee.
  9. Black, you might be right but the brackets that are stating that are on the FHSAA website not Maxpreps
  10. Although that is what the brackets are stating! We must remember that it is the dysfunctional FHSAA that make rules as they go!
  11. I heard that they was caught by Law enforcement!
  12. My bad football fan the train robber was pointed at Jesse
  13. Yes train robber! if they win, the Crazies (Mad. Co) will play the chefs (Baker) For me... GO Blue Devils!!!!!
  14. Like John Taylor said "it is already in the brackets!"
  15. It is simple guys! The winner of G25 Bracket (1 seed) will play the winner of G26 (4 seed) and the the winner of G27 (2 seed) will play the winner of G28 (3 seed). The bracket seeds was set at the beginning of the playoffs. Therefore, Quadrant 1 was given the #1 seeded region (Chipley vs Baker) and Quadrant 2 was given the 4th seeded region (Mad. Co vs weed town). Quadrant 3 is the 2nd seeded region (UC vs Chiefland) and Quadrant 4 is the 3rd seeded region (Pahokee vs Hawthrone).
  16. I was told that it was a crazy day in the entire Glades area!!
  17. It will be a month since PK played back to back games.. Coming off of a bye and a emotional/historical Muck Bowl win really showed tonight but it will give them the wake up call they need for HHS. My first visit to the stadium in 6 years; I do not remember it looking that good! Go Blue Devils!!!!!
  18. 16: 1A Pahokee 15: 1A Madison County 14: 3A Chaminade-Madonna (Hollywood) 13: 5A: Miami Central 12: 2A: Avant Garde Academy (Hollywood) 11: 8A: Vero Beach 10: 7A: Dillard (Fort Lauderdale) 9: 4A Clewiston 8: 8A: Western (Davie) 7: 7A: Lake Gibson (Lakeland) 6: 5A: Raines (Jacksonville) 5: 4A: South Walton (Santa Rosa Beach) 4: 2A: Victory Christian Academy (Lakeland) 3: 3A: The Benjamin School (Palm Beach Gardens) 2: 6A: Jones (Orlando) 1: 6A: Miami Northwestern Bonus: Mount Dora Christian
  19. Treasure Coast is at Pahokee and I take Pahokee in the upset! Just a bonus Glades Central over Booker T 10 Walton 9 Riverside8 Bolles 7 Plant 6 Lakeland5 Niceville4 PB Central3 Pahokee2 Dwyer1 Dunbar
  20. Yes Sirrrr! It looks like Pahokee will not have a depth issue for a couple of years!!!!!!!
  21. Cocoa was able to throw the ball on them.......hmmmmmmm! It is going to be a great game!
  22. This is what we call that feeling!!! I can see Coach Hendrix getting the boys back focused on never feeling this way again! My cousin said PK outplayed them just the mental mistakes that can be fixed hurt them. The QB is so far all what people said he is; the WRs' just need to get use to his fast release! 561, in that film did they drop a couple of sure TDs?
  23. PK and GC got their QB speeding tickets overturned while Broward and Miami-Dade play formula 1 on residential streets without any law (FHSAA) enforcement! Congrats to the small schools and the Glades Area! Now let's see who has the top dog QB in the Glades!!!!!! PK has the best Backup!!!
  24. Wow! too small, haven't been battle tested? 561 fan Is that what PBL coaches said... 28-7 Keep the Facebook live going! That game was going to get ugly! Need to fix the special teams error during the bye week but Pahokee looked well prepared and coached!!
  25. There are many schools like Vero and STA that did last minute covid games, so this seems to be the new norm and every coach need to have this new reality in their playbook! Coach Smith will bounce back!
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