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  1. I wonder how much money FHSAA really made by placing this in Tallahassee? The crowds looked smaller, and why can't we just keep it in central Florida between Orlando (universal and WD) and Tampa (BG and Island) so it can be a family outing?
  2. Yes, that change has allowed the defense to attack and the offense to get more possessions to score! Also, you are right because Williston runs the veer and a lot of different screens! Hopefully, they study a lot of the old Defense films before the coaching change.
  3. They had about 35 players but probably only played 20 as the game got away from them in the 2nd qtr. Hey, it is 1R
  4. 56-0.... The stream score is lagging! Pahokee gets revenge for 2015. Yes, next week will be a great game, but with the defensive coaching changes and finally being healthy, Pahokee looks like a different team. The only team that comes close to Pahokee's team speed on Williston's schedule is Newberry, but Pahokee is faster.
  5. I agree that SSAA helps out the FHSAA a lot but is this championship format something like the Little League today because your parents paid the fee, everybody gets an award? Well, the FHSAA is not the only organization in FLA that can't get the championship process right!!!!!
  6. YES! YES! YES! Pahokee HC replaced Coach Everett and hired former Blue Devil and Ravens/Bears DT P. McPhee as the new DC! Also, he brought back Coach Dean as the LB coach going into the muck bowl in two weeks. This break came at the right time for them to install the new defense by someone who knows and has great experience with defense! This 4 week's break (including the GC game) will give the offense enough time to heal before the playoffs!
  7. The HC must see this major problem as the team's only weakness outside of the injuries on offense. If he does not want to make a change that a blind man can see! From what I have seen and read, the Principal is outstanding in Academics and has done things that have never been done before on the muck! However, my friend told me he always says he stays away from athletics and allows the AP and AD to run it. If that is true, this is the time that they may need to step in because Hendrix came in during the season when Boldin was struggling with the defense, and we ended up 1 point away from the state title game. 561, I saw talent and size not being used on that bench for defense!!!! I will not be able to make another game, but damn we need to fix that defense before the playoffs!!!!
  8. The weakness is that the DC does not understand how to make adjustments or biltz. The offense played well considering they had so many backups playing. After Benjamin, that will give my blue devils almost 4weeks to get healthy and for the HC or administration to do something about that DC!!!! Please!!!!
  9. When an Offense scores 27 in regulation, as Ray Lewis said, we should not lose (give me 17+ we will win!) Looking at it on Facebook Live, it is clear that the offense has weapons when the QB does not have a mental block because receivers were running wide open, and PK was clearly the better team, even with all those so-called super transfers to PBC. Now, In two games against good teams, the defense has given up 72 pts! Clearly, PK's weakness is the Defensive Staff that does not know how to use those weapons, make adjustments or develop a scheme: No slanting, no blitz, playing far-off players that you have the skills to shut down. I heard fans screaming for #50 and #66 to get in the game with 70 to plug the middle when PBC kept running the ball! But no adjustment! Hopefully, the DC ego is not bigger than his analogical reasoning to accept or make changes.
  10. Great Job!!!! I heard they looked good!!!!
  11. Pahokee and Glades Central..... They are only 10 miles apart and would have a population of around 1700 students.
  12. GO, Big Blue!!! With the Hurricanes we have in Florida. They will get another game!
  13. 1S- Pahokee 2S-Cocoa 3S- Mainland 4S- Lakeland 1M- CM 2M- Central 3M- STA 4M- PB Central
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