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  1. I was at the game and Pahokee outplayed Hawthorne but they was a victim of their own mistakes! In today's environment there should be no games played at that stadium until it becomes a secured location like most stadiums are. I complained about that stadium to my wife last year that it is not a secured safe location. Also, there was only three cops in the stadium with a game that level of magnitude and passion for football between both communities. Anyone can come to their stadium with guns because there was no one with a wand/metal detector as I can contest to from going through the visitor side. Also, the ladies at their gate was rude! I am not use to this as I spoke to the young black sheriff officer that said it was only him and two others working the game. You would think they would have beefed up security when there was three shootings previously that week before the game in the community as mention to me by the sheriff officer. in addition, There was horns and bells at the game that is a violation of FHSAA rules and no announcement was made! Pahokee has it faults but the whole altercation took place on Pahokee side of the field in which no Hawthorne player nor coach should not have been that far across the field and their fans access to the field is just ridicules! However, I got a feeling since Pahokee has a young team they will see each again but in Pahokee next year, just schedule like they do! GO BLUE DEVILS
  2. So VENICE you are saying to combine the classes and have a school with 400 students play against schools with 1000-1300 students? Remember, many of the 1R schools are middle-high schools so they rely on 8th graders just to fill a complete team.
  3. GO BLUE DEVILS!!! Now it is time to redeem our beloved area!!!!!!! King of the Lake!! (I like my Shirt)
  4. Hats off to the Principal and his administration because I know hometown is not a easy job especially with the economic situations in the area. I am in O-town, we do not have schools (low economic) doing that and with a Hella football team! I am still astonished with Grad rate WOW!!!! Now, GO BLUE DEVILS Lets get back at Hawthorne!!!!! I know one game at a time but I saw Hawthorne struggle with Orlando Prep in the rain and their o-line and QB are not Cyclopes size this year! I hope we can pull it out and get that bee off our backs!!!! GO BLUE DEVILS!!!
  5. WOW! 561 I didn't know the school was trully being a school although I had family attend the IB program!! Top notch graduation rate!! I see why BG parents want there kids to go to Pahokee! Good Academics and Good Football is one hell of a self promoting selling point which is not usually the case in PBC. You might have good academics but bad football or vice versa but graduating up there with the likes of Suncoast and Jupiter and have a good football team DAMN PK! GO BLUUUUUUUUE DEVVVVVVVVVILS!!!!!!
  6. 561, I wonder with the schedule PK played, will that be enough to jump Hawthorne very weak schedule?
  7. Historical bad leadership in the city governments for not changing with society however while I was at the game, (I had to sit on GC side because PK Side was Packed, never get to a MUCK BOWL late!) I heard BG parents saying that they want their kids to go to Pahokee because of the education and atmosphere is better! I do understand because education is everything however after the game state road 715 was in chaos with kids fighting everywhere!
  8. FHSAA SYSTEM SUCKS!! Can they just research the pros and cons of California, Texas, and Georgia system and come up with something better than this. I still do not see how this current system is even close to being fair!!!!
  9. OK thanks for the update...Good Blue Devils
  10. Then RUN THE BALL LIKE BAMA!!!!!!!
  11. What the Devils lost!!!!! You are right 561, That was a true trap game! My cousin said that PK is loaded but the QB has not lived up to the hype all season! What is going on with the QB?
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