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  1. Didn’t duck Cocoa, they just had them in kickoff classic. Half the games they played were against teams in the top 100 in Florida. As for the Cairo game, it was by far their worst game played. Combined that with the worst officiating about ever and you get a loss. Also, I’ve never heard of a principal walking onto the field to talk to the white hat to ask for a fair game, but that happened during that game it was so bad. I looked and for some reason the FHSAA didn’t include it in the latest update to the results archive. They were tied for #2 until missing 2 years ago if I remember correctly. No matter what, those kids fought hard, DESERVED to be there, and shouldn’t be disparaged in any way. And again, it’s a team built just from kids from a little 35,000 population island, not hand-picked kids from all over south florida.
  2. Saying what you said is a travesty. Those kids played a tough schedule, had to play 2 teams twice, didn’t lose to an in-state team until the final, and if you take out the 3 mins at end of the first half, it would of been a 2 score game. Also, that is a TEAM at MI, not a built squad. Don’t try to take anything away from them. Additionally, Merritt Island is 3rd in the state in playoff appearances. Brevard has some of the best, most consistent, and well-performing teams in the state, but always is overlooked cause we’re not ‘big.’ Brevard had the state’s top rusher, top kicker, and a heck of a lot of great kids.
  3. I’d love to hear an explanation for why the 5A title game is at 1PM on a Friday. Also, why does it seem 5A gets shafted every year? It can’t be for money because you’ve got a Miami team that would do well during an evening or Saturday game, Merritt Island travels very well, but you’re making that difficult. You can’t say it’s for the students; that’s exams time so the student body can’t go, and they can’t even live stream cause you know…exams. Why not Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, & 2 games Saturday? Why put Merritt Island, Central, and everyone that wants to attend or watch into a bind?
  4. I'm sorry did you just say the #1 seeded team in 5A shouldn't be in the playoffs? A team with the second or third most playoff appearances in state history? Right... Also if anything they should split the private & public schools in playoffs. Everyone should be going on the same rules (at least on paper).
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