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    Week 5 results pickem results

    I think that's called 'hedging your bets.'
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    1. Your first statement is simply not true. Schools that already are at capacity cannot accept the transfer of a student/athlete that does not live in that school's district. 2. If parents and/or their kids are making the decision to transfer into a school completely on their own, then I agree with you (assuming the rules allow for it, which they currently do). But when 'outside influencers' (assistant coaches, boosters, etc.) from other schools are reaching out to the kid or his parent, that's not cool. Oh, and it's not legal. And if you want to deny that this is happening in Polk County, then please explain the text sent out by the Lake Gibson kid over the summer that read: "Dear Lakeland high school can y'all stop calling my people I am not going to Lakeland i am loyal to my school lake Gibson." And, please, spare me the response that suggests that the kid made the whole thing up just trying to get Lakeland in trouble.
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    I'm not sure how this is related to the thread, but I'll play along just for kicks: what year(s) are you referring to? And while you're at it, explain how the number of seniors on a roster have anything to do with the price of tea in China? Only 60 kids can dress out for a game; if a team has a roster of 90-100 kids, but the roster includes a lot of kids (some seniors, some juniors) who never dress out for a game, what does this mean?
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    Week 5 results pickem results

    @VeniceIndiansFootball picked Niceville and Lincoln. Lol
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    You really have no idea what you are talking about. Vero has an almost impossible task to schedule games. 1. First you have to schedule your 3 district games , no choice, 2nd half of season. 2. Season tickets- Vero is probably the only team in Florida that depends on revenue from it's season ticket holders. That means we have to schedule 6-7 games at our home stadium to satisfy our season ticket holders. To do that, we have to accept any team that will play us at home on whatever date is open. Most big power teams also want to play their games at their home, so that means sometimes we have to pay a team to travel to our stadium. The only reason we are getting a couple of big power teams, is because we have become a big power team since coach Jankowski has come to Vero. What you don't understand is that we have beaten 56 teams of all levels and no one has beaten us in 5 or 6 regular seasons, that's quite an accomplishment I am ashamed to call you a Vero fan !!!
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    Week 5 results pickem results

    I missed the Carol City vs Trinity game on the pick em this week by accident....
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    Ric Flair


    Right now, VB just hope to line up correctly. Appreciate the help though.
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    Rutgers Football

    So I was watching some football and noticed Rutgers was playing. I watched, it was bad. Now, what does this have to do with Florida High School football? Well, It is within recent memory that Rutgers was playing solid football. No, they weren't going to win championships anytime soon, but they definitely were competitive within the Big East (now the AAC). A record of 11-2 in 2006 is probably the high point. Several bowl games from 2005-2011. Well go and look at the 2006 Rutgers Roster: https://247sports.com/college/rutgers/Season/2006-Football/Roster/ 23 guys from it who list Florida (mostly South Florida) as their home. In 2019, well 3 guys. https://scarletknights.com/roster.aspx?roster=2141&path=football I get that Rutgers moving to the Big 10 probably ruined any long term success that Rutgers was going to have. They simply weren't ready for the financial commitment and honestly didn't have the proven track record to compete. Losing Schiano (as much as he has proven to be an _______) also hurt them as he had connections from his days working at the University of Miami. The bigger point is that Florida guys (guys that the big schools never wanted) were able to make an also ran school into a much better team.
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    Georgia 2 Florida 0

    Lowndes vs Valdosta is next week (Valdosta beat Colquitt). Both teams are 5-0 heading into the game, I might dare say Valdosta and Lowndes are back to being great.
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    A while back, I asked a question on this board concerning the number of transfers Lakeland got this year and not a single person replied. I found that lack of response very odd, knowing there is more than one person on this board who is a Lakeland fan. That caused me to do my own research, which I presented on here, and nobody controverted it, so I assume what I presented was correct. I wouldn't have gone to the bother had someone simply been transparent. Let me make up a little story. Some folks on here knew the answer, but were too embarrassed to publicly say. And, if that's indeed the case, I find that laughable. As I get older, I've come to believe that I should be able to talk publicly about my own actions if I truly feel comfortable with them. If what these superteams are doing today is perfectly all right, their fans should feel completely open talking about things. Defensiveness only reinforces that maybe something isn't quite right. And just because "everyone else is doing it" doesn't make it right. To be specific, I have an issue with what Lakeland is doing today...fielding a team that would not look remotely similar without all of their transfers. And I would say the exact same for several other teams, for whom I have always had respect... until today. If that's what Lakeland wants to do, go for it...but I think they look silly playing teams who are light years behind them.
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    Completely agree and have said the same in the past on this board. One need not play a brutal schedule to win a state title. In fact, some teams are probably hurting their chances of winning a title by scheduling too aggressively. That said, when teams start looking and acting like superteams, reloading themselves with an inordinate number of transfers, expectations naturally arise concerning competition. What's the justification of fielding a superteam in order to play a Hialeah High?
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    With Niceville's win over Lincoln last night and a win over Navarre next week, Niceville would be a big favorite to punch its ticket as 7A district 1 champion.