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  1. Rooting very hard for Ole Miss, but FSU in a closer than most people think type of game. GO CANES!!
  2. Oh I will man, gonna be an exciting year in Ft Lauderdale and Florida in general!
  3. Oh dear heavens is what teams will be saying when STA steps off the bus this year
  4. I'M BACCCCKKKK! I may be at this game...stayed tuned ladies and gentlemen.
  5. I can understand this, when a team makes the playoffs year after year other fans do start hoping they slip up.
  6. Unless I missed something that's how they typically do it.
  7. Dillard/Aquinas is always a fun kickoff classic. The Panthers have some studs this year too. I know one kid is committed to Miami and they have others.
  8. I cannot remember the last time Gibbons played STA, maybe mid 2000s? A lot of the students go to Catholic K-8 schools together so they know each other. I think it'd be a good game actually attendance wise, on the field I don't know, but hopefully they can crank it back up
  9. Also don't take this as I don't think TCA cannot compete with STA, they have the talent and coaching to do so and have competed and beaten teams in higher classes before, but if we are talking about 2016 I think STA has an advantage in overall talent and depth.
  10. Not sure, I think it's just the top 25. I'll find a link and post it later
  11. When you are talking 3A vs 7A depth is a massive factor. Trinity Christian is one of the most talented teams in the state when you look at their top 22, and one of the best coached. However, STA I believe would wear them down. The ability to rotate fresh bodies in and out of the game especially in the second half would be too much. I don't think STA would win by 30-40 points by any stretch. I think they'd win by 2-3 touchdowns though, pulling away late.
  12. I'd say Cardinal Gibbons, but hard to hate a team that is scared to play you. I agree though Aquinas is probably high on everyone's list, but it comes with the territory so it doesn't bother me too much.
  13. Aquinas checks in on Max Preps pre-season rankings at #1 in the nation with IMG Academy showing up at #4 in the nation. I know most national polls are crapshoots, especially pre-season, but the Raiders have some high expectations this year so it doesn't shock me. Should be a very interesting year in SFLA HS Football that is for sure! What are your thoughts?
  14. I have access to newspaper archives loaded with scores, so I can be of aid. The newspapers I have are the Miami Herald and Sun Sentinel in Broward County.
  15. I agree, I have no problem with 8th graders being offered, but can you imagine how big this kids head will be? Not sure why waste the time going after 8th graders when it can be spent going after kids who you know can even drive.
  16. No Aquinas?? Come on I'd love to whoop the Tigers just messing
  17. HUGE matchup between two of the nations elite HS programs! This will be one of, if not the biggest HS Football match up of the 2016 season. What do you guys think?
  18. Very good hire for Trenton. I don't think they'll be missing a step under Wiles.
  19. Big matchup, should be interesting to see how Tampa Catholic does traveling that distance.
  20. Oh I agree with that, no it shouldn't be over the loud speaker since they are not the host team.
  21. I would've prayed before the game anyways, what's the FHSAA gonna do fine them? OH NO A FINE!!!! Total BS. Let the kids pray.
  22. I'll give him props if Jackson wins big in 2016, but I'll wait and see how they do.
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