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  1. It’s finally here MC vs STA

    Then idk what your talking about cause it’s not bombs after bombs after bombs.. They run a route tree like every school those... They wouldn’t be no 1000 yard backs in Dade County if they do that... Don’t mistake catch and run for bombs all the time.. I tell you i see more bubble screens then “BOMBS”....
  2. It’s finally here MC vs STA

    I do more than that.. I go to the games..
  3. It’s finally here MC vs STA

    It’s funny MC runs the ball more then probably any other Dade County school but they just try to out athlete everybody else they play lol....
  4. It’s finally here MC vs STA

    Hopefully the weather be on point . I’ll be there live..
  5. It’s finally here MC vs STA

    Ok you didn’t watch the game.. Mybad smh..
  6. FloridaHSFootball.com Week 5 pickems

  7. It’s finally here MC vs STA

    Lol tell Dillard that.. I thought MC played them DC boyz really well.. Before that game I was like damn them DC boys are huge! Then game time came they handle it very well imo...
  8. It’s finally here MC vs STA

    Yeah and who had them going to states that year? Not even Larry Bluestien had them going to State let alone win it...
  9. It’s finally here MC vs STA

    Man everybody knew BTW was gonna take a step back.. They had nobody coming back! They graduated 3/4 of their team.. Cmon bruh..
  10. It’s finally here MC vs STA

  11. It’s finally here MC vs STA

    The same qb was the back up and a freshman with a young a$$ team! Throwing picks and going at STA is not luck my friend... Them boys didn’t see a team full of stars.. They brought it to them boys..
  12. It’s finally here MC vs STA

    LMAO!!!! Who the hell would of look good in that weather at ST John and he still was dropping some dimes.. I think that what the game come down to... MC has the better QB.. It helps that MC played the better competition so far In there schedule compared to STA.. Like BTW proved a couple of years ago, if you have a qb you can beat STA....
  13. FloridaHSFootball.com Week 4 Pickem's

  14. Games to see This Week and The Predictions

    If difference between this year Jackson squad then the 2012-2013 Jackson team... They had Winky at qb and Johnny Dummore at WR and A better coaching staff and a overall better team.. This years team ai t nowhere close to that team...
  15. stream for miami central st johns?

    It’s on another post
  16. WANTED: Story ideas and thoughts from the members

    See if you can interview coaches live once a week from each region or districts..
  17. Official Week 3 Scoreboard Thread

    HS does like NCAA
  18. Official Week 3 Scoreboard Thread

    Jackson 12 North Miami 0 F
  19. Official Week 3 Scoreboard Thread

    If NM win their district is by default.. They will get blown out by any team down south.. I spitting facts...
  20. Official Week 3 Scoreboard Thread

    They ain’t beat CG.. They about to be 1-2 in 2 mins.. Idk calling the plays or who’s teaching these kids but their fundamentals are terrible..
  21. Official Week 3 Scoreboard Thread

    2 3 tier teams playing.... Some good athletes but nothing special ..
  22. Official Week 3 Scoreboard Thread

    North Miami 0 Jackson 12 4th Jackson just scored .. Im at the game.. Defensive battle...
  23. FloridaHSFootball.com Week 3 Pickem's

  24. Miami Central-SJC link

    Me too
  25. Miami Central-SJC link

    Good shyt homie