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  1. MC (Homer Pick) STA MCC IMG Columbia Armwood Raines Vero Da West Lakeland
  2. Only in Broward.... My kids goes to school in Broward n indeed school starts on a Wednesday like last year.. Atleast they finish school earlier...
  3. Well they ain’t win a chip like in 4 years so I guess they are dark horses but from what I heard they are stack
  4. Joseph from Edison.. His brother William Joseph played DT...
  5. I met them 2 young kids last year at the Central vs Gibbons game.. I saluted them young dudes and told them Gibbons bout to get smash lol..
  6. More western they just got a transfer from AHP James Williams.. Big time safety...
  7. I like western as a dark horse for Broward and Booker T
  8. Been working a lot! Bout to slide into work as we speak!
  9. Yea we’re gonna see.. you going up to Orlando for that game?
  10. My Alma Mater plays South Miami in a regional final game and I grew up playing with the head coach .. I’m so proud of him and them players...
  11. Trash last year cause of a coach that said his plays worked for 30 years and he’s gone now.. Y’all wasn’t lighting up last season like that..
  12. Do make the stats fool you.. It the same season Rosier had in 16 but when he played the good to great teams he was ass..
  13. Problem is Florida still have Franks aka taller Malik Rosier.. I like my canes in this game cause we have a OC and a QB COACH!!!! Now I will see if it was that garbage offense of play calling we had last year that made our offense enept .... Plus we don’t have Rosier no more...
  14. Zoe Boy

    Transfer season

    Amarie Daniels RB 2020 transfers back to Miami Central from Miami Jackson
  15. Central vs Carol City game is on Facebook live under NFHS live
  16. Whoa... Ok well y’all finally got the W... Hope y’all make it deep..
  17. It wasn’t a revenge .. y’all beat them boys man.. Congrats!!! Lol! What was the disrespect Y’all was getting from them boys? As of last night it was weird.. They said Booker T qb ain’t play till the 4 qt.... Was that true? I thought the game was tonight cause I would of went...
  18. Oh I know who your talking about .. I seen some film on him.. he’s legit!!
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