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  1. Booker T went from running the 4A to Dark Horses lol what da???!! Lol
  2. FOH you think they beating GC lol
  3. Dont sleep on Pahokee remember speed kills down in the muck should be a good game
  4. That ok we'll beat whoever stand in our way
  5. North have talent too and great programs like Raines, Bolles, NFC, etc I agree with you we're not two different states that dumb
  6. Wasn't Oakleaf 5-6 last season and still lost to GC why didn't you post that lol. Everyone knows South have great talent and good portions for being Champs by beating schools from the North
  7. One of the reasons I dislike Cocoa lol even he was suspended and we still lost the state game against Cocoa
  8. I heard y'all didn't wanna play us this season lol
  9. That ok we'll let our 6 State Titles speak volumes on this list lol!!
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