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  1. I respect your top 10. I'm just giving my two cents on it.
  2. Lol football season is around the corner I gotta talk smack. Glades Central is making another run! Lol
  3. Pahokee didn't demolish Glades Central during 04-08 lol.
  4. 1A-Pahokee 2A-University Christian 3A-Trinity Christian 4A-Glades Central
  5. GC defense was terrible blown coverage. O-line wasnt blocking good. QB held the ball to long. Bad game overall they just played good football too damn late in the game.
  6. Idk what happened to my Raiders the better team won props to the Freshman QB on a great game
  7. Tradition???? Man get out of here with that Champion crap so just because they're the champs they automatic win what kind of logic is that!!!
  8. If Glades Central play good football and limited their mistakes GC wins no question. Gulliver Prep was leading at one point against BTW here the thing we lead like 21 pts in the game bring on Avon Park or Cocoa
  9. We average well over 40 points during our 7 game winning streak Im pretty sure we can beat Broward and Dade teams
  10. Did you say Hallandle will drop 70 on GC man what in the heck you smoking in Broward on that BS for real
  11. I told yall Dillard 1st round exit see this is why Dillard is not in anybody Top 10 just smoke and mirrors try again next year!!!
  12. Miami Gulliver-33 Glades Central-61 Final
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