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  1. Miami Gulliver-6 Glades Central-14 1st quarter
  2. On that University game Zoe Boy I hate to sound like Dillard but man all these targeting calls came in to play putting them in the game funny thing about that after that game and the rest of the games we played we never heard a targeting call yet
  3. Columbia gone head and represent them man the whole season you rep them posting up scores now playoffs come you wanna be quiet come on bro
  4. Zoe boy congrats on the freshman QB on his stats but if we play them all of that goes out the windows he gonna play against a pissed Raiders and the Defense gonna be too much for him IMO
  5. People still counting Glades Central out lol that ok I love it
  6. Yes sir we both gotta to go Orlando
  7. How you like that beatdown Pahokee on Muck Bowl?? Lol
  8. That why Dillard has been quiet they lost to 1-8 team lol Im waiting for his excuse on this one
  9. Hey Slick GC beat Pahokee 35-14 lol keep on doubtin us bro
  10. U mean 1-8 Blanche Ely vs 9-0 Dwyer but I see where you comin from but nobody played yet lol. Also Ely did win their district against Ft. Lauderdale and yea there should be more district teams playing to even things out.
  11. Glades Central will beat Pahokee.
  12. Cocoa gonna have a cake walk in its two playoffs game
  13. Probably more competitive Clewiston been dominating that district for a long time so they put Clewiston in our district I guess to even the playing field and to give another team a shot at winning Clewiston old district
  14. I been following Avon Park this season kinda like a story book season I bet they happy Clewiston is out of their district but will fall to Cocoa in the playoffs.
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