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  1. Glades Central track record in football is better than Dwyer. I know you gonna up recent scores between Dwyer and GC, but GC is better than Dwyer overall.
  2. I was like this guy must be trolling or something lol Glades Central, Glades Day, and Pahokee run PBC. Suncoast and Palm Beach Lakes is better than those teams get outta here with that mess for real!
  3. Man are you serious lol hahaha I guess you forgot Glades Central run Palm Beach County
  4. Good luck to you and BTW we just having fun trash talking lol
  5. That's cute ok ok hahaha you gonna be eating your words this season
  6. Lol you got jokes but that's ok I'm going to keep having faith every season just to say I told you so
  7. Keep thinking that GC gonna blow past them we are regrouping!!!
  8. I guess people had a problem with Josh advancing Glades Central like that so Raines had what like a thousand votes 😂😂😂😂
  9. I remember Glades Central used to beat the snot out of Key West ahhh memories lol
  10. Glades Central beats BTW and becomes State Champions by beating Bolles
  11. I respect your top 10. I'm just giving my two cents on it.
  12. Lol football season is around the corner I gotta talk smack. Glades Central is making another run! Lol
  13. Pahokee didn't demolish Glades Central during 04-08 lol.
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