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  1. Hey Joshua which post are you talking about?
  2. 1. Cocoa 2. Bolles 3. BTW 4. Glades Central 5. Miami Gulliver Prep
  3. Wellington just got a good transfer QB from STA
  4. It's depends on how BTW play during the season oh Mr Slick don't sleep on Miami Prep they can give BTW a run for their money
  5. I want BTW and Cocoa for one reason PAYBACK and Clewiston we ain't worried about them too much almost time for kickoff
  6. Clewiston is alright I dont considered them a problem with Glades Central we owned Clewiston back in the day 😂😪😂😭
  7. Naw you guys havent beaten us yet STA
  8. We still represent our raiders no matter what!!!
  9. GC was close too but BTW hurt our Starting QB in the 1st quarter which put it in their favor throughout the game
  10. I agree with muckowl "Anybody can get it" Let's Go Raiders!!!!
  11. Well both of them won't see Orlando this season
  12. Can't wait until the season starts!!
  13. American Heritage (Delray), Clewiston, University LOL but seriously Atlantic
  14. We will last year season left a sour taste in our mouth but we're out for vengeance this season.
  15. Y'all keep sleeping on GC. The Raiders are gonna bring the 4A State Championship back to the Muck!
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