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  1. Just got a text from the superintendent, the lifelong tiger is officially a tiger shark.
  2. I heard he would have to take a paycut to go to blountstown
  3. I think Bobby is actually making pretty good at wewa
  4. You get what you pay for. At least you hope you do.
  5. I know a lot of thought and prayer goes into a move like this. Coach Jordan has had tiger blood running through his veins forever and has banged heads with St Joe as a player and coach, to take the helm of your fiercest rival must be quite a strange feeling. He is a fantastic coach and I am not sure the administration at Blountstown appreciated just how appreciated just how good he is. If he takes the job at Port St Joe he will enjoy great support and be very appreciated. PSJ should have about 17 seniors next year so there will be a lot of talent to work with too.
  6. I know, I also know he made contact about the job when Palmer took his leave of absence during the season. I just want him signed sealed and delivered.
  7. I heard a bunch of players have been getting phone calls and text messages from a fella over that way.
  8. Pensacola's drop off seemed to coincide with the military budget cutbacks at Eglin AFB and Pensacola NAS. As for Tallahassee's issue it seems to have gone down hill since Chiles opened and school zones were changed.
  9. Sharkbait

    Coaching changes

    It is now official. http://www.wjhg.com/content/sports/Palmer-steps-down-as-Port-St-Joe-football-coach-470157593.html Coach John Palmer has resigned as head football coach at Port St Joe. I talked to him last night at the football banquet and he was in good spirits and looked the best he has in some time. I wish John the best and thank him for his hard work and his leadership and guidance he has provided over the years to so many young men including my son. Coach Palmer leaves quite a legacy with his 2 State Championships and multiple playoff appearances. The next coach has some very big shoes to fill but I am sure he will be up for the task.
  10. I think the explosive growth in Tampa Bay, Sarasota/Bradenton, Polk, and Orlando has made building teams starting at the peewee level difficult. With school zones changing so rapidly going to the same school where you sibling a few years older than you is rarely assured.
  11. As far as the Tampa schools go I really don't understand the lack of success outside pf Plant. My alma mater Armwood is a paper tiger every year it seems and the drop off from there is ridiculous. Every year you have a team (TB Tech this year) that looks like they are ready to step up but always fall short. There is plenty of talent but nobody seems to be able to get anything out of it.
  12. Port St Joe has 4 state titles '71, '84, "05, "14.
  13. I think coaching is probably the biggest difference. It seems to me that coaches here rely so much on the athletic ability of their players that they don't focus as much on fundamentals and discipline. I know some of the schools on the list have really good coaches but during the season you play a lot of poorly coached teams and you end up ill-prepared for a well coached team that matches you athletically.
  14. Something I have stressed to my son is pick your school based on field of study not the football team. Also these small private universities make partial scholarship offers that still have you paying more than going to a big school as a walk-on and sure you may get more playing time but I would imagine the D1 experience is better.
  15. I think it has more to do with nutrition. In 1985 Armwood had an O-line that averaged 250 pounds and that was huge compared to most high schools then. My son played this year at 285 and is obviously not "skinny" but is very fit. I look at the numbers these kids are hitting in the weight room and it is baffling.
  16. My typing teacher at Armwood took care of me too, I was the only guy in the class I typed 22 words a minute and got " A" s. Yep 22 charming words a minute.
  17. Yeah but I got straight As in history. Coach was awesome for my GPA
  18. Most of the time to get a good head coach you have to give him the AD job also so he can make enough money not to go out of state or to a private school
  19. Blountstown UC Oxbridge Raines Baker co Blanche Armwood Senior High Venice Atlantic
  20. Hey i am still ahead of the people that quit picking
  21. Just be careful of Columbiahighfan he is the only one on here that ever gets out of hand.
  22. I do not like Blountstown, I have never pulled for Blountstown, if Blountstown loses avery game they ever play from now on it wouldn't bother me one bit but some of the comments on here actually have me hoping Blountstown wins. I have not seen Madison play so I can't say much about them. But if you think Blountstown doesn't have speed you are dead wrong, this is the fastest team they have ever had. They also have size and excellent coaching. I don't know if they will beat Madco but I will not be the least bit surprised if they do.
  23. Wekiva Miami Bartram Trail St. Thomas Aquinas Armwood Northwestern West Florida Tech American Heritage (Plantation)
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