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  1. State Titles in the last 3 years Metro Private 14 Metro Schools in Miami 5 Metro Schools not in Miami 1 Suburban 1 Suburban private 0
  2. Glad you included Cocoa and Lakeland. They are suburban. Lots of suburban schools can get transfers. This has nothing to do with being Metro. How many public Metro schools not in Miami have state titles lately? I bet the Suburban compared to them is very close. The issue is Miami and a hand full of private schools. Oh well I hope you enjoy your watered down B league. Just don't tell me how great it is because those teams suck.
  3. Duval - Who in this county are you scared of other than LEE your Daddy. This county other than private schools usually underperforms. Orange Another average county in terms of being elite. Good football not great. Apopka the best team and they get zero transfers Seminole Seminole HS lately but no one else has a title Hillsborough Armwood and Plant run is over. Average County Pinellas Terrible football Palm Beach Broward Miami-Dade So lets just say South Florida and the private schools dominate. We punished 5 counties for about 5 schools
  4. you are the brick wall. You can't see how wrong you are.
  5. Last year state champs 8 Suburban 35 Metro 7 7 Metro (private) 42 Suburban 14 6 Metro (private) 35 Suburban 29 5 Metro 49 Suburban 14 4 Metro (private) 21 Suburban 19 3 Metro (private) 21 Metro (Private) 0 2 Metro (private) 41 Metro (private) 23 It looks like Metro Private is the issue not Metro.
  6. Lake county hasn't increased the supplement pay for coaches in 20 plus years.
  7. So you are agreeing it sucks. Are they going to have Suburban 1 and Suburban 2 smaller than Suburban 3 and 4?
  8. when they went to 8 classes and 1A - 4A with half the teams that's when it got really watered down
  9. I got under your skin. LEE IS YOUR DADDY. I don't have a team. I haven't had a team for 6 years. I'm a fan of Florida high school football or I was. It's hard to watch now and for the first time in I can't tell you how many years I didn't watch many playoff games or attend the state championships. I guess it's time for this old dawg to find a new sport.
  10. I didn't read it all but I'll comment on the first part. The RPI was a failure, that's the only other thing I didn't support. They are getting rid of it because it sucked. I prefer the maxpreps rankings, Id rather have Pinkos (RIP). So I like they are going to maxpreps over the RPI. So there's one thing I support. Adding more classes is going to make smaller districts and more shittier teams will get into the playoffs. Something you're against. When more than 50% of the teams make the playoffs, up to 60% in the smaller classes, you get what we have. Only going to be worse with another class added. I was against the RPI(it sucked) but I wasn't against runner ups not getting in. I was for smaller number of classes and more teams in a district. Also meaning a less percentage of teams would make the playoffs creating more competitive classes. Not hard to follow buddy.
  11. They can be a 1 team district. I'm sure we will have plenty of 3 team districts, why not a 1 team district?
  12. This is your same response to the last change they made. I know it won't work because I'm a football guy. There will be 9 watered down classes. Just because a team is in the metro doesn't mean they will get a lot of transfers and just because a team is not in the metro doesn't mean they won't get a lot of transfers. Seminole County is Metro and they have way less player movement than Brevard or Polk who is Suburban. Do you want me to start naming all the suburban schools that load up on transfers? The suburban teams are happy because they don't have to deal with Miami schools or the really good private schools. Suburban football will be a joke except for the few teams that get all the players. Where the frick am I crying about enrollment? I've never said enrollment matters. Once again you can't read or you put words into someone's mouth. The only thing that matters is the 22 on the field. The size of the school is not that important. Cypress Creek has 4k kids and they would never beat Madison with 600 kids. People like you is why we have this new stupid system. You cry you can't compete with the large metro schools that get all the transfers. Lee/Riverside was your DADDY. You guys are just a bunch of whiny bitches. Take your participation trophy if you ever win it. By the way this new metro/suburban benefits my school. I still think it's really dumb and not the right move. The true answer is to move people up and down based on performance. However this probably won't ever happen because people don't want to be called out for being garbage.
  13. I don't understand what you are talking about. I could care less if we have 1 or 6 champions. Just give me something more competitive
  14. When 50% of the teams make the playoffs and you have 3 team districts you have too many classes. We have 8 state champions in their class based off enrollment. We don't have a true state champion. If we did relegation we would have one true state champion but I'm ok having multiple state champions just stop watering it down. Tired of blowouts in the playoffs. They aren't even fun to watch.
  15. Maybe if the suburban coaches and rural coaches weren't cry babies we wouldn't have this mess. They are the reason we have 8 now 9 classes and they are also the reason we have rural and now suburban. Participation trophies, just hand them out to everyone. Florida football is a joke.
  16. How great would the playoffs be if the top 32 teams were in the same class. We would have a true state champion. The same 80% of teams that were not happy with the old system won't be happy with this one. They still won't be able to compete. This system benefits very few teams and punishes others.
  17. I'm ok with school choice. However I think school choice should be made entering 9th grade and after that you have to move or sit out a year.
  18. Seminole County replacing Lee County is shady as f***
  19. There are also way too many classes and this plan just added another class. That will fix the parity issue for sure and cut the districts down so more shitty teams make the playoffs.
  20. It does suck and I have suggested an alternative many times. I'm in agreement they should move teams up and down based off performance. Where you live and the number of kids in your school is not as important as what 22 kids are on the field.
  21. They stay 1A. They cried to get away from the small private schools and they ended up with Madison and Pahokee. They get what they deserve.
  22. It's a bad idea we are stuck with because of a bunch of cry babies just like the Rural class. Cry enough and you get what you want. This is a bad plan and does nothing to adress the problems.
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