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  1. Nothing ever is going to be perfect but with 500 Florida football teams and only playing 10 regular season games the RPI will never be as accurate as it should be.
  2. 1-4A doesn't have enough teams in each class. We have way too many classes.
  3. Why do you have to make every post about Madison County. This was about a kid born with a disability that broke a state record. The team he broke the state record against is 5-1. Stop being a disrespectful douchebag. Grow the f*** up.
  4. Maxpreps. It has Englewood and Westside as non district. I should have known better. Add it to the list but another reason the FHSAA is dumb is they use maxpreps.
  5. Also is Columbia in a 3 team district? That's so dumb. The FHSAA has to do better
  6. Who would have known the name change would would also no longer make Columbia their bitch. Columbia > Riverside
  7. Awesome job by the Jaguars and Derrick Henry. Amazing accomplishment by Kayleb and apparently a great kid.
  8. Look I know its fairly early but we are half way done with the season. Any ranking that has Baker 6th in the state is a f$$$ing joke. I think even Jessee might agree with me. Avante Garde 7th in the state. WTF they might be one of the worst teams in the state. Zepherhills 17 Florida Christian 18 Blountstown 22 Community School of Naples 30
  9. Chiles has 1 win on the year. They beat Madison County.
  10. Missing the head coach in that game. Score would be much closer if they played Friday
  11. Did not play Carson CA in 2007. I believe that was 2008. Not that it matters but definitely not 2007
  12. School Choice not out of zone. However with school choice there are rules. You must apply for it and if a school is at capacity you can't go. It also is done over the summer not in the middle of the school year. Theses kids enrolled illegally and were allowed to stay.
  13. Not much you can do to stop it. 4 examples of things that have happened in my county over the last 3 years. 1. I went to an address the kid used to get into school and an old woman lived their and did not know the kid. The kid had already played in multiple football games. The county gave the kid an out of zone waiver. No fine or forfeit for the team. 2. 4 kids used the same address to move into a school. The county let all 4 kids stay and gave them an out of zone waiver 3. The school allowed a kid to enroll using an address zoned for a different school. Nothing was done to the school and the kid was allowed to stay and given out of zone waiver 4. Students enrolled in another school played for another team in a 7 on 7 event representing that school with their gear using a school bus to transport them to play. Nothing happened to the coaches.
  14. Sorry to hear. We had a good battle with Vero in 2015 playoffs when I was at Osceola. Thankfully they couldn't line up correctly and we won 42-35. RIP Coach Rick Flair.
  15. Amazing story. He did it in a 49-48 win.
  16. Notre Dame the last few years computer ranking and record. No bias 2020 13 10-2 2019 11 11-2 2018 7 12-1 2017 11 10-3 Top 15 the last 4 years and won at least 10 games each year. If anyone is biased and overrated it is Columbiafan.
  17. He did. He's telling you that now. He also knew Alabama's QB was going to be real good and even better than the one they had last year that finished 3rd in the Heisman. When Florida loses to Alabama this week he will tell us how they are overrated also and how the SEC is overrated in general. He's a f..ing genius when it comes to predicting things that have already happened.
  18. Including FSU. ok college guru.
  19. So where did you have ND ranked entering the season? Tough to say now after the fact but I bet you would have had them top 15 entering the season.
  20. Columbiafan still has FSU ranked in the top 25 Notre Dame was a top 10 team last year. That's why they were ranked high entering the season. Also because they are Notre Dame. Just like Texas is always over rated at the beginning of the year. Also Alabama oh wait they are not over rated.
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