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  1. https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/29100913/louisville-wr-signee-dexter-rentz-shot-killed
  2. Rod Shafer Lake Wales Lost Twice to Bolles (Corky Rogers) and Sante Fe in back to back years
  3. The SEC is over rated.. Right Columbiafan.
  4. Vero fans searching for a QB on a message board. Someone needs to tell the FHSAA. I'm sure the FHSAA will come down hard on this. It has to be worthy of a 5k penalty and a 8 game suspension.
  5. looks like one of the answers to the HOF question but I had to cheat to get it so I wont say his name
  6. Michael Irvin STA Isaac Bruce Dillard
  7. Eddie Feely - Merritt Island coached at Choctaw and Bucholz Assistant coaches on Merrit Island Gerald Odom - Merritt Island Dwight Thomas - Escambia Also an assistant at Choctaw Jmmy Ray Stevens- Ft. Walton Beach
  8. Nothing anyone could do. I'm really concerned about next year. You know people are going to complain if they allow sports and there are crowds. People are crazy and like to complain.
  9. I'm glad he is a PE teacher and not an English teacher. your or you're? lately or lateley? Nice comma, I see your (mt) at least trying lateley (mt). You have to throw a flag on him Jambun. At least he didn't curse, so he won't be punished by the state unless the official lies and writes it up wrong. That would never happen, would it?
  10. you can't compare scores. If so then Deerfield beat Vero by 28. Carol City beat Deerfield by 12 Maxpreps rankings Miami Central 3 Chaminade 13 Cardinal Gibbons 18 Carol City 31 Vero 37
  11. Vero will get transfers. That's what they do. Vero is a good program but like Darter said if they had to play all those teams they would be lucky to be .500. Not many teams in the country could play those teams and expect to win many if any
  12. My family is doing good. Central Florida lost a great man yesterday in Ernest Swift. He was the head coach at Jones from the early 80's to mid 90's. Staying inside is getting boring. I need to get out so I can yell at some officials. Speaking of officials Chuck Baumann is one of the best in Central Florida. Do you know him?
  13. It would be a good game. Madison county has a fine program with one douchebag fan. That kid is going to be really special for Madison in a few years.
  14. lol Don't say a curse word to a referee those guys are too big of pussies and can't handle it. Let me say this if a coach threatens a referee he should never coach again. If a coach is pissed at a call and says a few choice words he should not get a 6 game suspension, however he should be punished. If you think a 6 game suspension fits the crime for cursing then you are a bitch and need to get some thicker skin.
  15. You are correct they have come down a lot harder on things the past few years. Punishments don't fit the crime. I agree they are trying to remain relevant
  16. Life is short. Love your loved ones. Prayers to the Dillard family
  17. Unless you put it in writing or on a video they can't prove it.
  18. 2017 got a new good young coach went 9-3 lost in the second round 2018 got lots of transfers went 12-2 lost in state semi finals to Lakeland who won the state title 2019 got lots more transfers went 13-2 lost in state finals to STA
  19. Edgewater was loaded coming into the season and lost in the state semis the year before. Do you pay attention to high school sports?
  20. they won 4 games in the regular season. I said before the year they would be lucky to win 5. Not sure they were a surprise. They did play Madison better than most thought other than that nothing they did surprised me
  21. Surprise Apopka Disappointment Apopka They were really bad on offense early in the year and then with some personnel changes and some good coaching they caught fire and made a run. Then in the title game they blew a 2 TD lead late in the title game to a team they should have beat.
  22. Sad thing is the people that are really out there recruiting don't get caught. This seems to me like a poor decision by the schools. Did these kids only visit the school for football?
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