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  1. You wont know that till the playoffs are over.
  2. BTW at the end of the regular season will have played 6 currently AP ranked teams. Cocoa at the end of the regular season will have played 5 currently AP ranked teams. Lets stop trying to measure ...... thinking one is considerably bigger than the other.
  3. Why would it hurt them? According to you it would have been a blowout anyways and been a boring game.
  4. Cocoa has allowed 73 points in 7 games against some pretty good offenses. Bartram Trail averaged 41 ppg before playing Cocoa, they scored 21. Viera averages 31ppg w/o the Cocoa score, they scored 17.
  5. More football is always cool. I bet Troy would be Bama's toughest game so far, so yes. And it's not misleading, getting to see 2 of the highest ranked teams in a division play each other before the playoffs is cool; your dismissal because you don't like one of the teams is misleading.
  6. Cocoa plays Bartram Trail this week.
  7. Never said anything about the game being good. Merely said it would have been cool to have had a game between 2 region leaders.
  8. With how the points sit right now, damn it sucks Cocoa and Dunnellon couldnt get that game rescheduled. Both are sitting at #1 in their respective 4A regions. Could have been a 4A State Title game preview.
  9. You lose points from losing games? Thought the points were all additive?
  10. Sooooooo is anyone gonna bring up the fact that BTW is probably not gonna make the playoffs?
  11. Yep, and the other team(which as of now would be seeded #1 in 4A) is Avon Park.
  12. Team A: 4-0, Opponents' Combined Record: 10-8, # of Playoff Teams: 3/4 with 1 State Champ Team B: 3-0, Opponents' Combined Record: 6-9, #of Playoff Teams: 2/3 Somehow Team B is seeded higher right now. Take a guess at who these teams are.
  13. Viera 42 Melbourne 7 3rd Quarter Palm Bay 14 Merritt Island 7 4th Quarter Rockledge 22 Mount Dora 0 2nd Quarter
  14. Something down in the south Florida water. Muck is always back and Miami is always back.
  15. Viera has played Rockledge and Gonzaga. When did Viera and Vero play?
  16. I dont know about other teams, but I did hear that both games that Cocoa has missed, the other teams still want to get those games done so all the teams can play a full schedule.
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