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  1. Shocker: Mcarthur 19 NSU 0 WOW!

    The QB not playing was huge, there is no way around that. But to put a program on the field that is unprepared, with an awful plan lacking emotion....well that's on the coaching staff. I hope they figure it our soon because they have Western next week.
  2. Top 30 Games of This Week

    PB Central is DOWN...Atlantic will roll. That game should not be included. Monsignor Pace @ Heritage Plantation HAS to be added. Long-time OC for AHP goes back home as the HC of Pace, and his team is LOADED!!
  3. Top 21 Kickoff Games

    Deerfield beats Atlantic Heritage Delray beats Dwyer soundly
  4. Not now Palm Beach!

    Upon further review
  5. Not now Palm Beach!

    If you haven't already heard: What a shame!
  6. St. Thomas may be getting a new QB

    Where did the other 4 players go? What a shame. I thought Boca was going to have a nice year.
  7. St. Thomas may be getting a new QB

    Yes which makes it strange.
  8. St. Thomas may be getting a new QB

    I heard Deerfield.
  9. Dillard - A Program That Could Have More State Titles

    What's the word out of Chaminade? I heard they got a ton a transfers but then had some players transfer out. Any truth to this?
  10. Top 20 south Florida schools headed into 2019 season

    Don't forget.... Chaminade in 3A Champagnat and Miami Christian in 2A
  11. Pahokee

    Home opener week 1 against Uschool. Thoughts on that game? Can Pahokee compete with Uschool?
  12. 6A Region 4 - An Early Look

    Watch out for Belen. Chaney is electric!
  13. Jax TCA plays Deerfield beach in spring game

    I don't disagree....but why schedule it in the first place?!?
  14. Jax TCA plays Deerfield beach in spring game

    Any reason why?

    I was hoping to see them play Western and Gibbons again, maybe even Chaminade.