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  1. In the 4 years my son played I can only remember 1 kid transfer out of Venice to play somewhere else and he ended up quitting football altogether. Venice is the only high school in the city but Riverview, Sarasota and Lemon Bay are close enough that you could maker the drive. Even North Port is not that far. Venice has things that maybe other high schools don't as far as facilities. When we were looking at colleges I had to take a step back. The weight room at Venice was better than some of the colleges we visited. If I remember correctly on that State Champ team 25 of those kids played together in Pop Warner on some of the same teams. Most since they were 5-6-7 yr olds. Venice gets 1 or 2 transfers each year it seems. Not all of them end up being a major contributor.
  2. From that perspective it seems they had conceded at that point. My guess would have been if closer maybe they would have went for it. Sounds like Lakeland actually made that decision for him at that point.
  3. High school football is an ever evolving game. To keep up you must plan.
  4. As in the past they should meet at the school to view film. Im guessing they are there now discussing it. I know of a few different things they had already set up in advance.
  5. Im sure they are talking about it at the school as we speak.
  6. What was the score at that point? Playbook for 4th and 15 are not jumping off the sheet.
  7. Some points to think about. Im sure I have said this before. STA cant be pleased about last year so they will bring it. STA at home doesn't lose much and when they do its not usually from Florida. To add to that its not usually a team from outside the local south Florida area. Im sure most realize this. Venice DB will have trouble once again. I think Carr is the only one with experience on that field from 2016. Vero Beach torched the DB and last night Bloomindale showed they had watched the film. Or at least they did from the first half. Venice will need to get pressure on the QB and control the run game with the front 8. Take their chances with the WR I suppose. Kicking game should about even. Offense has what probably is the toughest task. Keep the chains moving and go for broke. I know coach Mac will come up with some new plays for this game. Can not turnover the ball with sloppy play like last night. Score first and try to stay in front. Here is where things get interesting. Half time adjustments is what Venice has done well. They need to make those adjustments more on the fly in this game. We all hear Venice doesn't have athletes and everyone should run through them easily. So this week will be no different from that standpoint. I know the coaches have a much different game plan this time as apposed to 2016. Will it work Im not sure.
  8. To add Javion did not have that many catches but STA basically said he will not beat us. They had a few PI penalties that kept the drive alive. PI do whatever but don't let him beat you was what I got out of it. So (mainly) Carpenter ran the ball. He did the most damage with Gregory adding in. The high tempo had STA defense gassed in the end which helped.
  9. I can applaud the confidence you type with. I can also hope that would be the case but still have this game on Friday to deal with first. I'm not so sure I agree with some of your statement's. I am guessing you are comparing the RB and WR from Central to Gregory and Wolff ? While Brandon is a good runner he is not the home run hitter that STA usually sees. If they hand the ball off 20 times to him they will figure it out. No disrespect just facts that STA will have a ton of team speed. If STA feels Wolff will be the biggest threat they will play a safety over the top with a press corner. I am not sure Weston can over come that like Heiligh did last year. On the other side for defense I am sure STA will have watched the Vero film and mimic a lot of what they exploited. If they are a good staff will add plays to kill the Venice DBs. Again just facts. Here is what Venice will need to do. Have coach Mac put in some plays specifically to beat the STA defense. Get pressure on the QB without overcommitting and staying in their lanes. Rushing up field without discipline will create huge holes. Win the special teams battle with FG or field position. Punter could make or break it. Offensively need to keep pace early. Without the senior heavy leadership going down early could spell the end. With that said Dwyer could provide a lot of helpful info but matchups player for player will not favor Venice. What Venice does do well is play together as a team. Do more with less. Lets see what happens this Friday or all of this is for not. ^^^^^^^^^^^^
  10. Ok Ill bite. Handle STA. Tell me the points in which you will handle STA at their house. Give me something that you base this from other than being just a fan. While I hope they can I doubt beat them handily is something that will happen. Don't get me wrong I pull for Venice but realize what task it takes to pull it off.
  11. Bigger question is who is Bloomindale and what do they do well. Don't know much about them other than OT #77 is a big man. My guess is they will like to run to that side. The OG is pretty big as well.
  12. Concerning they were inside the 5 twice and went for it on 4th both times to be denied. In the end it didn't factor but points are at a premium in the playoffs. Need to punch it into the end zone from that distance to keep moving on.
  13. Based off of the offseason personnel they got and what they had I knew STA would be tough to beat. They don't like losing much less to a team that they had the year before kicked the piss out of. STA at home as it has been said before makes the south region theirs to lose. As a Venice fan that was hard to type but I see it the way it is. Can STA be beat, sure just not going to be easy. Look at the teams who have had success and compare them to what is out there now.
  14. I don't do strength of teams and such due to everything settled on the field but damn, Weakest State Champ ? Seems a bit far reaching but ok whatever. If Riverview moves on I'm sure Smithers and Peacock might catch up from old times. Nothing better than seeing a local team move on.
  15. Some of the fan base for Venice is well older. That drive to Orlando was too much. I did think the crowd for Venice as what I expected.
  16. What is it that makes this team different? I have never seen a team that came out of that 3 team district do well in the playoffs. I will add Riverdale to that mix.
  17. TBT was not the same team that started the year. Have to get through a pissed off BR team again. Toughest thing to do with 16-17-18 yr old kids is to beat a team twice. While Venice has had BR number it will again be tough to do. Being at Home is a huge plus. Focus 1 week at a time. Lose this week clean out your locker on Monday. That should be the only focus. If you are lucky enough to keep playing then so be it.
  18. Not on the road. There best chance was to have them come back here. Even then it was going to be tough to do.
  19. In those teams who would struggle to find 10 games would any of them make the playoffs this year? I'm just guessing but if you cant find games its probably because you either are not competitive or don't get 3 bonus points for them on the schedule. Both prove its more about what could be more than what it really is.
  20. With that said, it will be very tough to win at STA. I'm sure some teams can do it on more consistent bases. That drive alone sucks. When STA showed up day of game a few hours before kick off at Venice and walked off the bus, you could tell that alone was worth a few plays during the game. The same could be said if Venice can make it back.
  21. I can agree with you on this. That #5 team in some cases could be a #2 or #3 in some regions.
  22. Quick question, did you go down to STA in 2016 ? While I am all for beating STA lets just think abut what it will take to do so. First Venice has to beat TBT. Positive note that game is at home. I think BR goes to Plant City and handles business. Then Venice will have to beat BR again. Beating a team twice in the same season is tough to do. Then it maybe a long shot but might have to play Palmetto again. Who knows. To win you have to prepare for 1 game a week. Take care of that first and the chances are better. Survive and advance.
  23. To play IMG you have to have a reason for it. When Venice played them it was too easy for IMG to say yes. The travel alone was a reason to play. For Venice it made sense. If you wanted to take the next step you were going to have to find a way to compete with a team like that. Venice did ok for 3 quarters then IMG took over and the score reflected it. If IMG and Venice were to play this year the results would be the same. What it did do for Venice was prepare them for the playoffs. Some of those teams listed can hang with IMG. Of those who cant its the depth that IMG has that kills them in the end.
  24. That may be. It has been a few years since I was on the campus. As I remember when Nick Bollettieri sold the tennis portion and David Ledbetter joined the group it had its fingers in many projects. IMG I always thought was a huge group of investors. I also thought at one time IMG stood for International Medical Group but Im not so sure that's the case.
  25. IMG has way more than just football. Football is actually a new business to them.
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