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  1. Follow the ball??? Really it is my opinion that is the kiss of death against that offense. We have taught the lbers to cross read with great success.
  2. Madison county is right at the 4a/5a cutoff if their bs is removed. The fhsaa shows itself as a corrupt organization by not correcting a clear circumvention of the rules. Congratulations Madison you can beat schools that actually are what 1a is meant to be. Crap like this and the transfer bs is exactly why there is a thread about playoff game attendance.
  3. Edgewater won't beat niceville even if they get by Lincoln. Hell Navarre had trouble staying healthy and had problems with a lack of depth but healthy Edgewater would not beat them either. Edgewater better have a plan for Lincoln's Clemson commit te/hback he is a real problem for most teams.
  4. A am pretty sure Lincoln - Niceville not happening was money related. Visiting gate much larger with panhandle teams. The Niceville crowd is showing up no matter what.
  5. 7a region 1goes from the west side of pola to Jax down to Orlando. Three hours your not even half way.
  6. What you don't seem to get is the transfers impact the community getting behind football. I have witnessed it in the panhandle. There are schools with history that have less than half the crowds they used to have. They have no connection to the kids. As to your love affair with the rankings in all honesty you have less control over it than you think. Out in the panhandle for example the districts got bigger your rpi is going to be what it is. The system still does not account for the classification of the schools you are playing. The new system can be gamed jus lIke the point syst
  7. I think someone actually looked at the results and decided not to share them. I wonder why.
  8. As you like to say shutup!!! You view of the world is how we got here. Which ironically hurts your own interests. If you think the transfer situation has not changed you my friend are dumber than a box of rocks.
  9. If I were made ruler of high school sports I would not have the championship at a central site. All we have accomplished is having two visiting crowds. It has proven to be a financial loser and in our situation it does not sell the sport of football. We have made it where young kids are not being taken to these games. For most in the state they are simply too far away. Attending one of these games with 10k plus in the stands can be a life changing event for a ten year old boy, imho. Sure it is not fair to alternate every year, but no other method is any better. Rankings are fun but there purpo
  10. Josh you said you had this. How about just posting a pdf of what you were given.
  11. Are the results from last year still going to be posted??
  12. I thought the thread was going to be about high school programs, lol.
  13. The fact that the schools moving up would make schools move down. BTW there are schools that would move up a lot more than one class. 8 a would have all the recruiters . We had schools that had 20+ transfers in the finals. These schools need to compete with each other. I am not looking for equal results, I am for a level playing field. We don't have a aqua playing field currently. Heck on this board and others there are post about players transfering. Almost like signing day announcements. Let them fight it out amongst each other. I even think you could solve the private situation
  14. Oldschool in the thread you basically take a pass on addressing the the transfer issue. Well it is the problem. It causes the disconnect to Community that is the real problem. Look it really is not hard to figure out the normal distribution of talent in Florida students. Add x number of students to a schools pop report for every transfer period. Don't make exceptions and then you don't have to weed out the bs. All the recruiters would end up together. The schools that don't or can't recruit end up with a more even playing field.
  15. So is the correct model the 1a model the correct model. I think there should be a distinction between schools with and without open enrollment. I also think the handling of home schooled and charter school numbers need to be addressed. It really is not the number of classes it is how they are assembled, imo.
  16. Armwood looks like they will pull it out.
  17. How does a 6a school not have 25 second clocks.
  18. Which almost everyone on here. There are not many of us from the panhandle on here.
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