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  1. They did.. when they had time to throw
  2. Central db still suspect they better hope that dline don't give nobody time to throw....
  3. They qb played good gotta give him credit. Kept bombing CM. Their overmatched.. gotta give central props
  4. Its over they mauling chaminade 40 to 17...
  5. They have a decent amt but alot playing both ways. Only 1rb. Just scored on a bomb tho.
  6. They not but they need more depth... too many players playing both ways.
  7. Unstoppable u reaching lol.. he slanging it but he got a clean pocket... we will see how he holds up rest of season. Didnt kno CM didnt have that many players... their getting worn down... central balling tonight gotta give them their props...
  8. 7 -7 now 2nd qtr cent chaminade
  9. It wont take long to find out what they made of lol. Some may think I'm talking crazy but you will see... They have a good dline and cook of course. But the schedule they have their gonna need more than that!
  10. I'm going to the game Thursday. I remember how DFB bullied them in the spring game. Chaminade defense not that far off so we will see. The few times Dwyer got pressure on the qb the short one they had in there panicked... he threw a potential pick 6 but Dwyer dropped it. If they play better than what i expect ill give them their props tho.
  11. central getting blowed out i saw them play already. No qb, questionable oline and no dbs.... u might see 50 put on them when they play IMG and Gorman
  12. the coaches carol city had last year are better in my opinion than the current staff.. ALL of those coaches are gone plus most of that defense... Cogdell is a helluva defensive coordinator that's gone. Most of that defense is young. Img only scored 17 points on them last year. IF IMG beats NW this year it will not be by much... They are good but can be beat... If they are so good why are they resorting to fake punts in kickoff clsssic?? I can't wait for this game..
  13. Bosco Chaminade CC close Cocoa AHP Southridge Oscar Smith Buford Cartersville Jones Oxbridge Osceola BTW Lakeland Camden county Other 2 games idk
  14. I think central will be that team that loses 4 to 5 games. They are not as good as they used to be. Oline and qb play is sketchy...
  15. http://footballhotbed.com/2017/08/bald-predictions-district-previews-district-16-6a/
  16. Chaminade Madonna Dr. Phillips Osceola Cocoa Carol City Madison Co Armwood St. John Bosco Robert E. Lee Camden Co. Oscar Smith Lakeland American Heritage Cartersville Southridge Jones
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