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  1. Yes exactly Proseteye. It is not about being X games away from a state championship, it is about playing and winning one. 3A, will provide this for them. 5A competition is to much especially in the later stages of the playoffs, and championship game. As while they do a great job of "harboring local talent", those schools south of I-4 have a much bigger pond to fish from.
  2. Hands down TCA. 5A seemed a bit to much for them, even with their cast of talent.
  3. No they are not. Playing "playoffs" I believe weeks 9-11, and entering into regular FHSAA playoffs after. Can't beat Mad co, so I guess the next best option is create a pseudo trophy competition. However, this wouldn't of even been a thought if the FHSAA would not of done away with district play in 1A-4A.
  4. A statistical breakdown of all school male vs female and where that would put everyone would be more accurate than just assuming. It could end up where Trinity would drop down with Madison in classification based off of the male vs female classification. That is just a guessing example, and their is no quantifiable number to back that up. Until there are actual real numbers available everything is speculation. Even though your promotion/relegation idea is good, it doesn’t take into account communities that go Thru waves of talent. Let’s say a two year equates a 4-16 record, but the 9/10 grade class was extremely talented just not ready. That would clearly put them at an advantage being dropped. That may be an extreme example, but it isn’t out of the question. My example would ensure a school that is 70% males isnt in the same classification as a school that is 45% male. Other states use this model. Or at least one that I know of, Ohio.
  5. They should consider increasing their schools enrollment to qualify for a larger classification so they don’t have to go thru the tedious process of scheduling. Male sports should be determined by the amount of males in your school and vice versa with female sports.
  6. Private schools should not be allowed to move up. As a matter of fact, no one should be moved up and down. That is why there is a range of numbers everyone falls into. Unless you are going to go ahead and separate private vs. public in the playoffs. Or if we all say let’s all start recruiting.
  7. Now that they are back down in 3A, instead of trying to compete up, the championships should resume.
  8. Macclenny announces new head coach
  9. Impressive by the powers that be, as it shows a willingness and commitment to excel and raise the standard for their county and athletes. When was the last time that a high school has built a new stadium, or done something like Bradford replacing the field? The school has to be older than or equal to 30 years.
  10. Male sports should be placed by male population, and Female sports should be placed by female population. A total number of students makes no sense at all when there is no idea about what the ratio of male:female is per school. I would say you put the schools where they go as that is the structure of the system per the FHSAA. The idea sounds a bit like participation trophy, but on a much smaller scale.
  11. Jamie Rodgers- Baker County, took over in 2016, state runner-up 2017
  12. Sprinting can be divided into three phases: Acceleration, max velocity, and speed endurance. In football, since most players achieve max velocity at 30-40 meters (and those are the one's that are trained properly), you are typcially looking at teaching them how to accelerate with proper mechanics, change direction, etc.....However there is nothing that is done in the weight room that can simulate the muscular contractile velocity of a full sprint. Sprints bring weights up, not the other way around. That last statement also assumes were not talking about little Johnnie that weighs 135 and squats 115. Buddy Morris, with the Arizona Cardinals, and Tom Myslinski, Jaguars, once said train your linemen like throwers (track), and your skill like sprinters in track. As everyone knows speed kills, and no one cares what your 1 rep max in a lift is come game day. The pure weightlifting community is usually misguided and not informed enough to realize that if you only lift between December-April until spring ball starts, then you lost out on a potential 50-70 sprint sessions that could enhance the overall athletic development of your players. Linemen typically covering distances of 10-30 yards in different starts. Big Skill 10-50, Little skill 10-100. The thought of you lift weights to get faster is very antiquated and outdated. The off-season provides you a great opporutnity to lift weights yes. Lift weights to add muscle mass, and to obviously get stronger. However, it also allows you the chance to teach proper sprinting mechanics, teach proper change of direction mechanics related to the players position. It is all about balnce, and also all dependent on where you are in the calendar year of training in preparation for your season. Let's note this too. Sprinting is only useful under full recovery. If your players are doing sprints where they are not at 95% or higher each rep of their best then it is essentially useless. So if a player is breathing heavily during a "sprint session" you are not doing sprints, and I don't know exactly what you would label that as. If you have your players do 10x30 yard sprints, then a typical rest between reps is 1:30-2:30 minutes, not 30-45 seconds. Just like if you had your player attempt a one rep max on something, his next attempt wouldn't be until about a 4-5 minute rest. Let's note this too. When attempting a 1 rep max in WL there is no set time that you have to achieve that lift. As long as the bar is moving in the positive direction it could take as long as the player takes to grind it out. But there is the quandry, we are talking about Weightlifting and speed, when the two true max attempts (lifting 1RM or one full out sprint) are complete opposite from a motor recruitment and muscular regime perspective. So yes, weightlifting is important of course, strength is important, of course, but there are a myriad of other qualities (max velocity, acceleration, reactive-elastic qualities, mobility, intelligence, speed reserve, aerobic capacity, etc.....) that enhance and create a quality football player. Each position has it's own qualities that you must focus on. Always look at the actual competition sport, football, not general things like weightlifting. To answer the question though track is the closest thing to football that a high school offers. Unless you have rugby or lacrosse. Florida is only one of two states in the US that has the clean and jerk as a competition exercise. Everyone else follows the standard powerlifting lifts. Squat, bench, Deadlift. The jerk transfers zero to the development of a football player, and puts unnecesarry stress on the shoulder joint that a football player doesn't need.
  13. Pure observation, as it takes nothing more than that to see the talent disparity between the teams year in and year out.
  14. The gene pools residing in those counties is significantly different.
  15. Disappointment- Oakleaf High School Loaded with talent every year, hype their program up every off-season with all their "state of the art" techniques and training programs, yet still never make the playoffs. 2-8 this year, with enough talent to do better. Yes their schedule was tough, but I don't care.....no excuse for only winning 2 with those dudes.
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