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  1. If they actually traveled the state I’m sure a majority public wanted to be separated from private. FHSAA only heads what they wanna hear.
  2. FHSAA finally listening to public schools over private for once? That’s a Fred Sanford moment!!! NOW FIX THE FLAWED POINT SYSTEM!!!! I love the reclass myself!!! But I’m sure FHSAA didn’t put much research into the reclass and just moved schools around like a deck of cards.
  3. When will the full highlights be ready on YouTube or when will full game be on NFHS?
  4. If you can stick with just vegetables for two weeks you can change your metabolism and lose a lot of weight. I did this and lost 20 lbs in two weeks from 240 to 220 but came back up to 225 due to some medical issues. Meat is the cause of most of our issues later in life.
  5. I seen it first hand back in 2006 we had a RB who was fast but not that fast. He ran track after football and they all ended up at state that year. His senior year 2007 that kid was a difference between night and days, his running was different and he was just plain out fast. I asked the HC why does he look so different and the HC said "TRACK, track made him faster and he learned to run better." There is technique to help players and I think Track, Weightlifting and Football compliment each other more than people really think.
  6. Glad to see Lakeland bring it home. I knew they would have too much speed for STA on offense!!! Now, just pray and hope Bowman signs with DEM GATORS!!!!!
  7. The past years I’ve noticed these two sports go hand in hand as track makes you fast in football. True or false? We we had a player in 2006 who was RB and a junior. He wasn’t fast per se. He runs track that school year then his senior year he was football fast. is safe to say Track is very important for certain football positions?
  8. WOW, just wow, heard it all year but now they are home just like the team I use to root for...Welcome to popcorn alley...
  9. I hope to see a UF vs UCF bowl game!!!
  10. I disagree. You don’t have such studs built from homegrown talent pool. CG most likely offered public vouchers scholarships to the kids while young/JV so they can grow together. Like I’ve said in another post as long as they do t use public funds they can recruit all day long but because public can’t do it because they are public taxpayer funded any private school shouldn’t be allowed if they receive any public voucher funding for any student. Last private should have their own playoff format.
  11. I have no issues with Private Schools recruiting as long they cannot use public voucher funds to do and as long as private schools had their own playoff format. That’s the issue I have. FHSAA says public schools cannot recruit mainly because public money is being used. Should be the same with private schools who use ANY funds from public vouchers.
  12. Great recruiting down there...Can beat the recruiting one bit, they beat AHP in recruiting last year I'm guessing. But with 1158 I guess they have to recruit the studs to play up in 5A just like a few other "private recruiting schools"....
  13. Our HC did the same thing, he punted with 3 mins approx to go in the game. But he had confidence the defense would stop the opponent and they did. But that hurt them in the end as time was running out and they were rushing on every single down. I agree some of these HCs do not think about it but we cannot blame them they have only seconds to make that decision.
  14. Okay the REF falling made that penalty up for me...LOL Anyway great recruiting up there in at TC...What is TCs schools population again from last year 580 students? I never seen a school with 580 students have such studs on a team like that!!! Again great job recruiting... EDIT: Make that 480 students!!!!
  15. That penalty on the cut back block was LEGAL and that flag should have never been thrown as the players were SQUARED up to each other. These REFS ruins these games these days...
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