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  1. I have also heard that you have to be good-looking to be an official.
  2. The privilege of posting on this message board. I did have a political post removed several months ago. I understand why, but other political posts should be removed as well.
  3. You're welcome, and thank you.
  4. Muckboy561, you and I can always get along. I have appreciated the point-of-view that you provide on this message board, and I have always respected the the sugarcane area. I was privileged to be able to view a game at Glades Central once many years ago, and I was impressed not only with the passion of the fan base, but the class and dignity as well. I remember having a long conversation with Jimmy Spencer's father, who played for several teams in the NFL as a DB.
  5. DarterBlue2, I agree with your point-of view here. That message board poster can leave me alone, and I will leave him alone. I enjoy posting on this message board, and I hope that I am still able to be afforded that privilege. However, I am not going to treated with disrespect, and threatened.
  6. Peezy, I was 100% justified in what I said. This message board poster insults and degrades other message board posters all the time, and I have never see him threatened with being removed from this message board as you are doing with me now. I don't have to make an effort to ignore this message board poster, as I have done nothing wrong. If you, Josh, or whoever else is now a moderator decides that I am not invited to post on this message board anymore, then I will have to accept that. I have read several times that politics are no longer to be discussed on this message board, and this messag
  7. DarterBlue2, I wish your brother-in-law a speedy recovery, and I will say a prayer for him.
  8. Yes, I made sure to include the word "man." I am sure that your wife is smarter than both of us, and I would like to think that my late wife was pretty brilliant as well. After all, she had great taste in men! lol
  9. Thank you Badbird. Hopefully, the adults on this message board can continue to come together, and have a productive dialogue.
  10. You know something? Please do me a favor, and don't respond to me or speak to me on this message board again. I am not interested in going back and forth with a 21 year old thinks he knows-it-all, smart a-- like you. You don't have anything to say that I consider constructive, and I would just like to speak with the people whose opinions and points-of-view that I care about. Good riddance.
  11. I made an innocent comment about an area of law that I was interested in.
  12. Yes, I believe that I owe Perspective an apology.
  13. Yes, sorry about that, what I meant was "Jambun82 is the second smartest man alive after Peezy28." Thank you for helping me correct that. If there were more people like you, this world would be a much better place!
  14. I think that I will pass Perspective. lol
  15. I thought that politics were banned from being talked about on this message board?
  16. I always have found Constitutional Law interesting. I wish that I would have studied that more in college.
  17. Thank you Perspective, but since you ended with "For the People" it makes me wonder if your work for THAT! law firm? lol
  18. That statement might be correct Badbird. Of course, first it would have to be established that "Jambun82" is a "ref" which may or may not be true. Since we know that the "ref' wears a white hat. not a black hat with white piping, it stands to reason that this reportedly insanely good-looking man owns a white hat, which he may or may not. So your statement might not be true at all because "Jambun82" may not be a "ref" at all.
  19. Perspective, since you are evidently a lawyer, what would be the legal ramifications of a statement such as "Jambun82 is the smartest man alive?"
  20. Yes, that is not something that should be discussed without any solid evidence. There is no need to be sued for libel.
  21. Thank you Perspective, I think that I vaguely remember this now. Josh did the right thing removing the thread in my opinion.
  22. I think (and not 100% sure) that when everything went down with the St. Thomas Aquinas thing a few weeks back Old School may have been removed as a moderator and either suspended, banned or chose to leave the site on his own volition (spelling). Josh or Hunter would have to confirm this. What exactly is the STA situation that happened a few weeks back? Thank you.
  23. Badbird, as I am familiar with both coaches and their respective coaching styles on the sideline during games, I would assume that Coach Coe and Coach Darlington are friendly or at least acquaintances with each other. Would I be correct?
  24. Plant won it in 1931. Imagine seeing someone with a shirt on that says Plant High - 1931 Big 10 Champs! I had heard a rumor that the 1931 Plant Big 10 Champions even got to go visit President Herbert Hoover in the White House!
  25. I was thinking the same thing. Imagine having the play a state championship game on in that stadium and on that field with all of that hideous Garnet and Gold. It least we don't have to hear that horrific war chant.
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