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  1. East Lake - Mason Cole, Tyler Higbee, Artavis Scott
  2. Try this link: http://www.iahsaa.org/football/2018-rpi-complete-regular-season/
  3. If you want to see spreadsheets of how this worked last season in Iowa, look here: http://www.iahsaa.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/ Their formula is a bit different: RPI = (.375 × WP) + (.375 × OWP) + (.25 × OOWP)
  4. Most of these errors (possibly all of them) were not the FHSAA's fault. So, can't blame them for doing the right thing.
  5. I'd say this depends upon the school's offseason football program. At some schools, a football player is better served running track and missing some of the offseason football program. At other schools, a football player is better served fully participating in the offseason football program. I've seen it both ways.
  6. Undefeated regular season if you can get past Braden River. Manatee may be tough as well. Great game last Friday against Plant.
  7. I'd be very surprised if Pinellas Park doesn't win 7A - District 10.
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