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  1. Well it didn't look like the coaches at Riverside (Lee) wasted their talent when they played and beat Columbia last season.
  2. Jambun I am starting to think that was you I seen at a football game a few years ago. It was halftime at a game and I noticed a ref sharing a hot dog and a basket of fries with a rather large female band teacher.
  3. Like driving a moped...its fun to ride but don't let your friends find out
  4. No way this dude Jesse is real. He has to be a someone that is completely sane that has been trolling and messing with posters on this site for the past few years. I mean c'mon man
  5. Still working on that associates degree. 8 years man...8 years.
  6. Good Lord Jesse! You know why. Your brain can't be that fried from doing junior college homework.
  7. Your right its not complicated. You stated that athletes could transfer for any reason. Prior to 2017 they still had to move into the school zone and show evidence of that move. Or they could find a way to lie and fake an address. Either way it was a bit of work to make it happen. 2017 and after they did not have to move or lie. All they had to do was apply for school choice into that school. You stated before that it was the same thing in 2012 just written differently in 2017. That's not true and they are not the same thing. Just ask anyone that has had to move their family so their kid could go to a better school for academics and or athletics. Believe me there is way more transferring happening after the school choice bill in 2017 then before. School choice made it 100 times easier to transfer and switch from school to school. Just ask one of the coaches at Osceola when they felt s--t hit the fan in high school sports in Florida. Pretty sure the answer will be school choice and not the 2012 bill that took some control away from the FHSAA. However, I will agree the Bill in 2012 did make things easier and less costly for HS coaches and street agents to "recruit" but the school choice bill in 2017 made it impossible to govern.
  8. In 2012 Sen. Kelli Stargel out of Lakeland was one of the ones that started the push for school choice and HB 7029. I remember reading lot of back and forth from coaches and others on this forum leading up the the announcement of the school choice bill passing and coming into action in 2017. Being able to change schools without having to move or show proof of residence was a game changer in Florida high school sports. I haven't heard people talking about bill 1403 from 2012 changing the landscape of high school sports in Florida. Everyone was and still is talking about the school choice bill 7029 and how it has created the wild wild west in Florida.
  9. Bill 1403 meant you could transfer and not have to sit a year but still had to provide proof of residence for the zoned school. Meaning you still had to make a full and complete move. Bill 7029 meant that you did not have to move at all and could cross county lines and apply for school choice at any school in the state. The start of Bill 7029 is when the flood gates opened.
  10. Wrong one. Bill 1403 is not school choice. Bill 1403 is from 2012 and is stated as, "The bill aims to loosen the control that the Florida High School Athletic Association has in enforcing eligibility and transfer rules, which currently keep student-athletes out of competition for up to a year when they switch schools. Under the bill, those student-athletes would be eligible immediately with the blessing of their local school district." The school choice Bill 7029 is from 2016 and is stated as, "A new law seems poised to amplify that even more. HB 7029, signed by Gov. Rick Scott in 2016, will be effective for the 2017-18 school year. Under HB 7029, public schools are required to allow students to transfer in from anywhere else in the state, as long as they have the capacity to take them."
  11. The school choice bill came into effect in 2016.
  12. And you aint. Im starting to see why its taking you 8+ years to get your associates degree.
  13. Bro you run track at a juco....you aint got that type of money to gamble away!
  14. Dang Jesse it sounds like you know more about Blountstown than Madison. Oh wait I forgot, you went to school and played football at Blountstown.
  15. No one in their proposed division can compete with them on a consistent basis. Florida High is the only one that I seen that can even come close.
  16. I gotta respect Jesse. That dude will be getting his a** kicked and still find a way to throw in some jabs.
  17. Jesse, the next mayor of Blountstown. He can't be the mayor of Madison because he doesn't live there.
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