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  1. Yup and he mentioned it more than once years ago on the flavarsity board. What a D.A.
  2. Maybe I am more qualified than you think. I might even be an official like you.
  3. Jambun you are more than welcome for me calling you a TURD....Whenever you need another "compliment" just let me know. I got a bunch for people like you.
  4. I hope your not like you are on this board when you officiate high school or youth sports.
  5. No way they ever thought the kicker would make it. Horrible call to kick a FG there because 1) you would only be up by 5, 2) No way in hell that kid was making that. Should have just punted the ball out of the endzone or out of bounds inside the 20.
  6. That part right there is what drives coaches crazy on the sidelines. I will add that most officials seem to not have egos and are in it for the kids. I guess the same can be said for coaches as well.
  7. Seems like more than a few kids left Osceola and went to Poinciana. Including a few DB's that AllOsceolaCountyFB is claiming to be the best in the county. Looks like to me Osceola Trains them and Poinciana plays'em.
  8. Palmetto had a great team that year. The defense was awesome. But lost to Kissimmee Osceola in the semis at the Mecca. Palmetto would have won the state title for sure if their QB never got hurt late in the season.
  9. I really hope Jambun doesn't act the same way as an official like he does on this message board. Maybe this is just some self-amusing shtick that he is into.
  10. Yup thats it. Its been 10 plus years since i was there and its still the same chants and atmosphere. Thats tradition!
  11. Got to go to the panhandle for a good Friday night football atmosphere. Niceville might be the best. Their student section is unbelievable. Check it out on YouTube.
  12. What was the score last year when the two teams met in the playoffs?
  13. I miss the Laz Index. He always did a great job.
  14. That 2016 Carol City defense was NASTY!!!! Seen them at a FCA camp that summer. Dudes flying around everywhere!
  15. Ohhhhh...now you have the time to look at a game.
  16. Sad for the kids and coaches who thought by scheduling hard would help their chances at a high seed in the playoffs. I guess the FHSAA wins again with their top secret formula for the rankings.
  17. They seriously can't get anything right. The FHSAA could F up a wet dream.
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