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    • Most of what would be sent is nearly impossible to prosecute. I mean, if a fan direct messages a kid and says "hey, you should come play for Venice. We really need you!", who/what do you expect to be done? It's a fan sending a simple message. Same thing if it's a 16 year-old boy who plays on the team sending the message. Those kinds of messages may or may not be persuasive. But, I don't see how you could justify some sort of penalty. Especially given the fact that some rival schools may use a little photoshop and make up images of such messages. Ultimately, I think it is highly debatable as to whether the above is even wrong morally. As I've said, the picture many have in their minds of "recruiting" often doesn't match reality. Fans may picture a creepy old man hiding in some bushes who pops out and offers a kid a stack of cash if he transfers. That's not reality, at least not in the 2020s.
    • The biggest factor for Tarpon Springs was the folding of the Clearwater Academy football program. The head coach for CAI was picked up as OC at TS. His QB, who started at TS, followed him back there as did some other good players. This influx made the program much more attractive. And, there really aren't a lot of great alternatives in the immediate area for football. There's no program with such a great resume and such great resources that they can win recruiting battles for players.  Many of the CAI players shopped around at a wider range of programs. But, most of the CAI kids needed housing and/or a program near CAI. I believe it's possible some/all of the CAI transfers may still attend and receive housing at CAI. They'd be allowed to play at TS even while not attending the school since CAI doesn't offer football anymore.
    • Well, I think the result SHOULD influence rankings. BUT, in states where the NFL is king (California being a prime example), people think the KOC is akin to an NFL exhibition. It's a ridiculous assumption in many cases. But, many seem determined not to change their minds. 
    • Tbh I’m with you. As an avid Dillard high alum, former player & fan. So many years I wished that we had the transfer portal & the championships that came with it of a Miami central , Miami northwestern , Sta. To see Dillard high when a state title in football in my lifetime would be one of the proudest moments in my life.    but at the same time I’m also old school where if you wanted to be the BEST you beat the best. I come from an era “90’s” where there were no super teams (To my Knowledge). There was pride and tradition to play for your HOME school & bring success to said school. now everyone wants microwave success aka super teams. No loyalty to the school what so ever everyone just load up at 1 school and make winning the championship as easy as possible. 
    • KOC, first game to start the season, or scrimmage….Both teams will leave it all in the field. Both teams will be 0-0 after this game but don’t think for a second it won’t influence the national polls!!!!
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