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    HOLY COMPLICATION BATMAN! LOL Hey I like that their trying but you have just added: Mandatory filming of JV games. I still think a well tested power rating like a LAZ or PINKOs would work better. Seems the RPI is to stop all of us basic math coaches to be able to figure out the process/results to be able to complain about the problems!
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    That 6-quarter rule is going to be an administrative nightmare for somebody. Does one play in a quarter constitute playing in that quarter? Who's going to keep track of how many plays and in which quarters a kid played? I can't wait until the end of the year when some team comes forward claiming a kid played in more than 6 quarters in a week and that this should result in a forfeit for the kid's team, which then results in a loss for that team, which then changes the Category a team is in, which then affects another teams Power Ranking Average, which then determines who makes the playoffs (or, if the new rules are in place, affects a team's RPI, which then determines who gets into the playoffs and/or who gets to host and who has to travel). I can see it now. "Uh, Mr. HUDL, there's a process server at the door with a subpoena who needs digital copies of all your varsity and JV game film on Random High School to determine if Johnny Jones played in more than 6 quarters in any week this past season." Administrative nightmares aside, what's a reasonable recovery period? In most counties, don't they play JV games on Thursdays and Varsity games on Fridays? Playing in two games on back-to-back nights is going to be hard on kids. Yeah, I understand that kids who play 4 quarters of a JV game one night aren't likely to get much playing time the next night in the varsity game. And kids who are expected to play 4 quarters of a varsity game probably won't be asked to play much in the JV game the night before. But, still... coaches looking to gain an edge or win a game have been known to do things that aren't necessarily in every kids' best interests. By the way, how are OT's handled? Are they considered an extra quarter?
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    So you have to schedule a team, that's going to schedule good teams, and the teams that they scheduled will have to schedule good teams, and those teams will have to schedule good teams, and then those teams will have to schedule good teams, also ............... So how do you know who to play???
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    The Greatest FL HS Playoff Team Ever?

    Plant is 49-18 in the FHSAA playoffs.
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    They also destroyed STA ( I think it was 04 or 05) So we now know it isn't Lakeland, STA or Madison County
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    There goes my second guess
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    Great catch, Darter. Yes, St Thomas hung 59 on Lakeland in the 2008 title game, Lakeland's worst ever playoff defeat. And their second worst.... in 2010, Plant came to Lakeland and beat them 48-6 in a state semi. Back in the 90's, Sarasota Riverview beat Lakeland 55-21. Lakeland, on average, has allowed 17 points per game in the playoffs over the years.
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    Rab wouldn't last 5 minutes here before being banned lol


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