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  1. I will probably go Friday (dec 13th) game.
  2. Hey sorry i missed the party. Me and Jambun just talking and don't assume because we talk about "society" and "respectful/disrespectful generation" we/or atleast i(cant speak for the Jambun) I am making a political statement, CHS. relax, it a forum, we discuss, have are agreements, flesh out our disagreement, agree to disagree. That is what adults are suppose to do, right Jambun? I agree adult should be the example, and i agree this may not have been done as well as it should have been, as a societal whole. I guess i am "We are where we are" kinda thing. i make no excuse for the coach or his actions, i do know that most coaches are dealing, with maybe the same issues as years past, but more prevalent is the deviant behavior.
  3. If you mean different in that they do some of the same stupid things we did and have a bulletproof mentality, can be a smart ass and some just disrespectful - sure how and adolescent acts has not changed. What HAS changed is how society has coddled it, made excuses for it, how we are allowed to deal with it. Because its not dealt with or frowned upon, we deal with situations of underdeveloped thinking and skills(particularly (social) of adolescences which do not know how to handle situations or cant find authority anywhere of note and the acting out, the behavior perpetuates, it feeds the snowball and where many "back in the day" would veer away from "unacceptable behavior" if they were "on the fence of mischief and disrespect," they will continue it because of the lack of consequences; it is even celebrated. Its not that it never existed, it that there is more of it, more common.
  4. I'm not sure it was a LEAP LAZ, it was a necessity to fix their untested/under tested first brain child. If it is a leap, it was a leap from the DUMPSTER FIRE it originally created for the original playoff system. Yes this is better, but i could see where spread of win/loss could factor in as well (you could cap spread).
  5. I understand the reason for the rules and a personal foul would suffice; multiple infractions could entail stronger penalty. But what i would like to take issue with the "How do we expect 16-17 year old kids to act, if leaders act that way." True, adults should show control, but some people are of the perception that today's kids, today's generation is operating under the same social rules that were generally accepted and taught just 10-20 years ago. Situations can turn into absolute chaos, total mob mentality in seconds.......have you ever tried to restain, tamp down, stop chaos??????? You have two choices: either let it continue to escalate and erupt or you can do something to try and "break that frenzy." Again, I am not saying the coach example here is specifically relevant to my comments, but until you can deal with that on a daily basis, then I would reserve judgement. More than likely these coaches have had to "respond" in this manner to regain control of a situation in their daily dealings......you don't have to agree, you just may want to consider a different perspective.
  6. I know Pine Forest back in 90's-00's was putting up some 90 point games ..... SEVERAL!
  7. HOLY COMPLICATION BATMAN! LOL Hey I like that their trying but you have just added: Mandatory filming of JV games. I still think a well tested power rating like a LAZ or PINKOs would work better. Seems the RPI is to stop all of us basic math coaches to be able to figure out the process/results to be able to complain about the problems!
  8. Sorry cannot get over the Miami MOURNING school is on this list of the worst teams .....name change maybe??????
  9. SOOOOOO, I can make the FHSAA State Sanctioned Playoffs and 0-10, BBBUUUUUUUUT I can't play in a Bowl Games......I can go 4-6 and not play in a bowl game.
  10. Columbia High Fan, there are some good points to the system and you are correct in some things. Like all regular season games have postseason implication more, but to argue every point to be "better than it was." of switching host field not to be "fair."....makes it seem that you seem unwavering to discuss changes to the system and why many would to go back to ideas like "taking turns" because those things seem "reasonable." A constant reference to "you would have gotten the same result (or worse) under the old system" is a red herring; it doesn't address the problem. POINT OF FACT: there is no logical reason a team who has won ZERO games should have a claim to the playoffs, when there are other teams who have won. THAT in and of itself proves that the system can be manipulated and SCHEDULING OVER MORE COMPETITIVE TEAMS or BETTER COMPETITION is a FLAW in the system. Now it is my opinion that we do go to a points system to get better competition and all games relevant, But THIS AINT IT! You will need to add more factors like point given up, points earned (again you can cap the points at certain point total OR (spread could be a possibility). NOW YES IF you are going to go to points system then you have to get rid of our "lets don't hurt the kids feelings by running up the score" or the "You have to play X number of teams in our school district" mentality and its overseers. SO falling on THIS point system sword, WITHOUT ADDRESS THE OTHER ISSUES leads to the results we are getting and do nothing but hurt Kids who have a limited window to try and accomplish their football goals. My CONTINUAL frustration, is that why do we have to re-invent the wheel? There are several states who already have system; systems tested, tried and erred.
  11. I would rather that than where we are now. I don't even know if we are considered Co-District Champions? Do we get a trophy? How are you putting it in the books? Are we worthy of either? All I see that the FHSAA states is that (paraphrasing) "District Champion gets automatic bid to playoffs. Of there is a tie between 2 teams, look at head-to-head competition. If it is a 3 way tie, we go back to total points." ........I mean we know who gets the seeding, buuuuuuuuuut is there a district winner.............OR(more probable explanation) we are saving money by not only not having to pay for 3 $50 Trophies for the 3 deserving teams, We now don't have to buy ANY state trophy.........PERFECT! LOL
  12. Ah yes, EGGZACKLEE! in efforts to better it, "Let's Do it for the kids" we lost sight of the "application" of the process. Rely on the adults to do right, or figure it out, or play fair............let's just try it out.......then try it out on the adults, NOT the kids, the infraction on the kids could have been a lot less 'impactful" if it had been played out, mock trials, worst case scenarios. This would have been warranted before application. Open the conversation to more than what they did. And before somebody says, "it was voted on by Coaches and ADs," you know some coaches were not invested in the conversation or whether ADs understood, cared, or were invested themselves. Now i'm not saying that is right on their part, I'm just saying it's real.
  13. Floridaatlantic, I'm beyond the frustration, I'm over it, my psychiatrist say so. Last year i was not just arguing my personal interest, it was the system itself. Of course it was in our own hands, that was not the major point i was making then, or now. If you are going to a point system, you do not get an accurate enough rating in the current system. Moreover, the ability to make the playoffs becomes more of a SCHEDULING COMPETITION, and some schools(school districts) have more autonomy in scheduling - that is Adults involved, an Administrative Issue, not kid production. Not allowing the kids to decide it on the field of competition, THAT is more the travesty.
  14. UUUUUUHHHHHH OldSchool, HWY..........you two don't work in the Florida Public School System do you? This is EXACTLY the procedure in Florida Public Schools.......excuse me, there are teachers that don't subscribe to it, but this is the "Marching Orders" from the "Brass." Should explain a lot about where we are.... .......if you look at it that way..........this playoff system makes PERFECT SENSE......I retract my objections!
  15. But glad to see a few more of yall concerned/upset with the system. Where were you last year?!?!?!?! POWER RATING would be better. You cap points/impact of point spread (meaning keep from team running up a score to better their rating) You have sooooo many competing issues (district/county school district/Regions scheduling) get rid of ALL of that then we will see whether THIS system would even work, but thinking those things would not have an impact and, if you thought it would that it was too little impact, OR worse, you knew it would have some major implications........and we are going to do it anyway. But let's not forget the intention of this system was to: 1) get the best teams in the playoffs, meaning stronger districts would have more 2) eliminate weak 1st round games.....that is still debatable. If you honor district winner, fine, but in order to eliminate bubble arguments you could, as an alternative, offer 16 teams (that would send 5-8 teams home...cant really make that claim the you deserve to be in). But still think you will need to power rate. You are already seeing conflict with scheduling teams under this system. The beneficiaries are teams that have autonomy to schedule freely.......so this is a SCHEDULING BATTLE......NOT competition by kids to produce the best Team. Just my thoughts.
  16. I stand by everything I have said to you for the last 2 weeks and to the FHSAA for the last 2 months. Qustions/Concerns? Hats off to Andy Johnson of Boone HS - WELL PLAYED MY FRIEND! Perfect scheduling, perfect seeding, perfect result. Coach Johnson is a good friend and excellent ball Coach and played this season perfectly to the numbers. Hats off! You deserve it. Dawg, Thoughts? Dan of Daytona, question about my doubts of District 1? District 3 won by over the average of one of the primary goals of the point system - less blowouts, test study was 31......Wekiva and Apopka when by well over average of that. The Idea of stronger districts, also a reason for the playoff change, Totally NOT following that intention here. OH but wait there is a district runner up in between those 2 teams, wait a team that BEAT one of those teams and lost to the District champ by 7 points with the ball driving to tie. YES West Orange 6-4 with 3/4 Cat 1 games is better than an entire District decided on the only Cat 1 game played was the contest between the 2 of them. West Orange, yes, yes, any of you that know me know I don't whine, I'll take my lickin'......but when you start screwing kids opportunities I tend to speak up, because, well, we are the adults. West Orange won on Thurs to a good Lyman team, who could have given 1 or 2 a run tonight. West Orange put up 70 and held the Greyhounds to 32....... oh but Olympia, yeah, shoulda, but don't let that score fool you 8 of their players were gone for tonight's game, removed since we have played them, one being a Power 5 RB. YOUR NUMBERS TELL YOU ANY OF THAT? And you got the best 8? Get out of the way and let the kids play. * this season.
  17. Thank you Coach, I have and will continue to do.
  18. Dan I appreciate that and you said it with class. I can absolutely respect that. But again if you are counting win/loss exclusively that would be the conclusion. No disrespect taken, but with no disrespect, without that inadvertent whistle...FPC would have 1 loss to SC and the only Cat 1 game EITHER had played. Answer me this, IF FPC or SC, would have played DP, Apopka, Wekiva, Jones....would they have won? Does that change your mind at all. Do losses/close losses to Cat 1 teams matter to you? We will see in the next few weeks how Dist 1 matches up with the rest. Won't have to speculate. I simply said Dan West Orange is Top 8 you can take out whichever one you want, but saying a team is deserving just because their 8-2 doesn't weigh the whole pig!
  19. I like Apopka, for only 1 reason - I give the Old Ball Coach the edge. But if anyone can beat Apopka, and it has been done this year, I would put money on Coach Starke, great ball coach and get the most out of his team.
  20. I would Play 9. You could play 9, give errbody week 10 OPEN, so FHSAA can git it all sckrait..... if they don't need it, then let school take their open when they want it. Our Week 11 now would be Round 1, Round 2 is now still Round 2, same time, same place. I don't think its a dilution of playoffs. Baseball, Basketball, swimming, BOWLING, swimming all have post season meets with Majority if not all in it. I wold put all but like i said, Lyman would be 16th at 5-5, 17th was 2-8.....there is a delineation there and REALLY, 2-8 arguing to get in....?????? If anything I would say it takes the "committee" out of the decision making and leaves in the hands of the kids and that alone is worth putting 16 in...NOT district winner and runner up, Winner deserve to be IN, runner up may, Let Laz or Pinkos measure ALL facets of the season and determine seed. I am even ok leaving district winner in top seeds, but you will see some blasted out of the water, but I'm OK with leaving it, they are IN. Different griping being IN or OUT or about what seed you are ......that is not what is happening. Yes that is what I'm saying, too close/easy to manipulate and FAVORS to GOOD to AVERAGE team NOT generally your BEST. Example, some teams, i will use West Orange as an example (it think many, Apopka DP, Booker T) cannot find games other than each other. West Orange had some of the team that are IN THE PLAYOFFS flat out say "No we don't want to play yall." That Good - Average team(s) can say that and then has the pick of whomever they want to play - lower class Cat 1s will play them in hopes to pick them off, Average same Class will play them because they think they can match up So YES West Orange 6-4 is stronger than Spruce Creek's record, I believe Boone's record, Seminole Lake Mary, is a little tougher for me to call .....but wait......hold on........I'm gonna say it.......West 6-4 is Stronger than Flagler Palm Coast's...... OH MY KRUNK, NOYOUDIDN'T!?!?!?!?!?! I know, i did, i did, 1 things for sure.......We would have known for sure Tonight would not we have.
  21. Right on the 2-8's or how a about 4 teams SELF-REPORTING the day after last district match up and every team that played them now factor in a CAT 4 win........YIPPIE! If you win your district fine, there is some thing to be said about winning your season, no problem here. Now you want to strengthen districts or increase district size or wipe out a classification and put more teams together, that is fine, but you win District you deserve a shot a playoffs - at any level, Yeah even MAC Conference Champions deserve a BCS shot, YEAH I said it right here. floridahsfootball.com! the problem comes in those with the 2nd and 3rd place teams, Literally 1 or 2 plays may separate a lot of those district titles. put 1, 2 and 3 in if they are top 16. The state Champion each year is not always the most talented, it may be hardest workers, fewest injuries, whatever, that LASTED, ENDURED they are the best TEAM that year and deserve to be called CHAMPIONS!
  22. Because when your goal is to get in the playoffs and be the best in the State, the T-shirt and the Trophy does not always motivate that group to perform one last time. I would rather see those teams (if within the top 16 in the region) play in the 1st round. Example, West Orange and Lyman.....If those two teams were playing their Respective opponent tonight, West Orange would be advancing to 2nd round and Lyman possibly, don't let the spread of the game fool you, Lyman is a good team. They should get a shot, even if it is the #1 seed. We do this in every other sport in every single division of play except BCS (who is coming around slowly). When we start caring about the sport, its integrity, the athlete and the game, MORE THAN the system, the logistics and the finances then we may experience great things about ourselves, about people, growth of kids and achievement. You can have the bowl games if you like, I've played in a couple, just seen it go bad some times, more times that i would like to see and THAT is definitely not how you want to end a season or career.
  23. Hey congratulations to West Orange victorious over a good 5-5 Lyman team. Hats off to Coach Thomas and Gomez; doing good things with the Greyhounds. Not a huge fan of bowl games, but I think the WO Seniors deserved it. btw, the 70 points was by the end of the 3rd quarter just so Dawg doesn't think there was any late piling on. One thing is for sure, last night, the two teams that were on the field, and for all who saw, at 10:30 pm there was no question who the better team was last night and there would be no question who would advance if it were a playoff scenario. The Warriors are definitely one of the top 8 teams in the region, if not the hottest team in Region 1 right now..... I know it, YOU know it, EVERYBODY who played us knows it, Heck, Region 1 and the East side of Region 2 knows it......FHSAA and the POINT SYSTEM just don't know it. The real problem, is when made aware of this and many other issues concerning other schools and our system and watching it play out before our eyes, the powers that be decided to ride out a bad scenario............sad really............because the only ones that lose are 18 year old young men who won't receive that shot again - EVER. Maybe we should just let the kids play it out on the field instead of trying to figure out how to weigh, or how much weight or, what class is who, and who played who and every Prognosticator telling kids who have a very short window to play a game they LOVE, that this 7-3 is better than this 6-4, this 5-5 is better than that 8-2.........PUT THE BALL DOWN AND LET THE KIDS PLAY! Let them sort it out. Let them COMPETE and FAIL, Let them BATTLE and PERSEVERE, Let them STRUGGLE with insurmountable odds and ENDURE. Let them EXHAUST THEMSELVES with every thing that they are, ALL for 3 hours of their week, for 3 months a year, for 3 year of their life and let the CHIPS FALL WHERE THEY MAY. MAYBE, just maybe, we should line up everybody who has a shot (16 teams in a Region - Lyman would have been 16th in Region 1 at 5-5). and LET THEM PLAY especially, when there is little to no effect on the powers that be THAT is what I have always understood the FHSAA to be, THAT is what I played under in my scholastic career, THAT is what I signed up for to coach, THAT is what we pride ourselves on in the State of Florida - COMPETITION! SO LET THEM COMPETE! WILL ALWAYS BE, KRUNK
  24. He needs to develop some TOUCH on the ball, he throws his bubble as strong as his fade. Many balls hit the target, most of his WR cant hold on to it. Yes his upside is HUGE and his presence on the field is astounding. Tough to bring down in the pocket. My concerns would be that if they do decide to "let him loose" (which they may have to to stand a chance against Vero) will he be able to and has Vero prepared for that?
  25. It seems as though this is a family reunion, Columbia High, dawg just rattlin' his chainz...... You see me?!?!?!?! I will play nice Big Cat.
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