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  1. nope. AD/HBC seperate. Jamie had AD and HBC for 1 year. pays about 4500 bucks....
  2. Thats their bad....We will be there at the end of the year...
  3. Danny Green is one....Weightlifting 1988 and 1989 State Champs. Baker County
  4. nope. You would think the old AD would of kept her records up but, no sir
  5. 1947 64-0 BC 1958 20-6 BC 1959 0-0 Tie 1960 26-7 BC 1961 39-7 BC 1962 39-0 BC 1963 46-0 BC 1978 9-0 BC 1984 40-0 BC 1985 33-7 BC
  6. Charlton games I do....played Camden and a westminster team in ga few years ago. Dont know the score.
  7. you right...I was asking about weightlifting because that is your football team that is lifting vs our football guys. Just thought yall would be a little stronger than what yall are...
  8. They have 8 State Titles. They have more than NFC who is in the same class. They struggle playing larger schools because they have 250 kids in their entire school. Most often than not their really good kids go both ways...UC is a historically big time small school.
  9. also heard some falling outs on Columbia coaching staff....
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