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  1. I think STA wins. I think there just on another level.
  2. Anyone have any thoughts on St. Thomas v Buchholz?
  3. RT @PKYFootball: 7-7 vs Santa Fe is cancelled today. We will try to resched later

  4. RT @Kyler_Laing: Thankyou lord for allowing me to get up everyday and do what I love ❤️🙏🏽

  5. RT @DrewMolitoris: Wish more parents understood the long term ramifications of letting their kids QUIT anything b/c “they’re uncomfortable…

  6. 9 Fridays 'til kickoff! #FHSFB #RaiderPride #CodeRed

  7. RT @wise_insights4u: The measure of intelligence is the ability to change. - Albert Einstein

  8. RT @peteypeterson01: Great camp today at Georgia southern 📍Me and Unc strong bloodline @apgsu3 Thanks @CoachJWood2 I will be back 👍🏾#Ajsoar…

  9. RT @jdhorton99: Lazy coaches are much more detrimental to a program than lazy players https://t.co/N1SC0aTI2s

  10. @SFHS_Raiders #CodeRed https://t.co/HCeKFStYps

  11. @CoachDingus 💯

  12. RT @plies: Somebody Just Asked Me My Opinion On "Offers" 4 High School Athlete's..(Just My Opinion) #EverybodyLovesAWinner https://t.co/AEC…

  13. RT @JonGordon11: Everyone wants to DO what the great ones do but very few are willing to do what they DID to become great.

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