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  1. 10 hours ago, Jambun82 said:

    Muckboy561, you and I can always get along. I have appreciated the point-of-view that you provide on this message board, and I have always respected the the sugarcane area. I was privileged to be able to view a game at Glades Central once many years ago, and I was impressed not only with the passion of the fan base, but the class and dignity as well. I remember having a long conversation with Jimmy Spencer's father, who played for several teams in the NFL as a DB.  

    That what up!!! I'll appreciate it bro!!! Thank you!!

  2. 14 minutes ago, ExplorerHomer2 said:

    I fell you, Dillard. Columbus was in a position to defend their title this year, but it wasn't meant to be. The Tri-Country title is nice, but it is no state title. I know the boys are proud that they got to do the best with what they had. Coaches are happy too.

    Overall, I'm still glad it was played to give the young men a few games and some film for recruiters. Fans like me were happy that we got something. Let's just hope that we are the first and the LAST Tri-county winners ever.

    Point taken.

  3. 2 hours ago, THIS_IS_DILLARD said:

    I would really like everyone’s opinion on this. As We All Know Covid Struck the entire nation & it effected everything including football. 

    with that said everybody wasn’t able to opt in compete for a FHSAA title, & some were Givin the option to opt in or opt out “MIAMI DADE”, but for the counties that wasn’t given that option “BROWARD, WEST PALM” we were forced to settle for a Shortened regular season & A (TRI COUNTY) playoffs & Championship. 

    even in that tho u had a a lot of solid matchups and a lot of hard work & dedication put in. So for the teams that went all the way and won that championship and held that trophy at the end in my opinion that should not only be RESPECTED but also counted as a “REAL CHAMPIONSHIP” & not because Dillard won but that’s how I feel in general, what are y’all thoughts ?? @DarterBlue2 @Proseteye

    No its not the same. Its not going to be added in the record books. Even if GC would of won I'll still say GC has 6 State Championships. Its just a messed up season I'll appreciate the FHSAA trying to make something out of nothing. Just getting ready for the next season when the Virus goes away  and we can compete for a State Championship.

  4. 9 hours ago, THIS_IS_DILLARD said:

    Aye I’m turned right now man it’s CHAMPAGNE night lol haha. But aye I guess I’m smoking that good good stuff cuz I remember this post & u said I had it backwards & I was SMOKIN SMOKIN iG thought Dillard would beat the raiders by 2tds...instead we WON BY 3 TDS (27 points to be exact) 

    we also became the first team to SWEEP the muck in BLOWOUT fashion of 25 points or more in over 2 decades. 

    and last but not least u said that GLADES CENTRAL was going to WIN the TRI COUNTY title, instead it was THEM BOYS off 27th & 11 & in DOMINATING fashion to. Lol just thought that u should know LOL cuz if it was the other way round I’ll be hearing it to. PAWS UP...DILLARD is here MAN WE HERE!!!!!! 


  5. On 12/15/2020 at 9:05 AM, fishspinners said:

    Man they got you. Glades Central hasn't sniffed the top 100 nationally in years.

    Dillard doesn't know what he talking about he still high after his big "historic" win lol. Congrats again yall kick our a$$ respect to you on that but I think you're looking at Florida ranking not National ranking......  Lol

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