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  1. Edison and Pace are better than GC "right now". Yes. Comes playoff time definitely no.
  2. I remember Glades Central battle against Olympic Heights back in the day so intense
  3. The best 4A District is the District with University, Glades Central, and Clewiston. It's a toss up just like last season especially between University vs Glades Central. BTW is not the best District so predictable just like Cocoa District.
  4. 1.Dwyer 2.Oxbridge 3.Pahokee 4.Boca Raton 5.Atlantic 6.Glades Central 7.Palm Beach Lakes 8.Wellington 9.Park Vista 10.Olympic Heights
  5. I'm keeping it 100 this is the first time I heard of Columbia since last season before that I never knew Columbia.
  6. Well Dwyer is on Beast mode this season. Oxbridge is killing it right now.
  7. Dang you can't give the lady FULL credit smh
  8. I don't like BTW but I respect them overall. It's a forum I'm sorry I didn't get the memo "oh BTW lose we can't talk bad about them" but GC lose we sucks GC defense is terrible. BTW getting that work lol. Just trash talk, it's nothing serious just like you trash talk Columbia 😀
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