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  1. Points/standings results ?????

    I think they come out this Tuesday.
  2. Dr. Phillips 35 - Wekiva 7

    DP is okay. But I would not get too excited about the Wekiva win or the comeback against Apopka. Wekiva's defense is a shell of what it was the past three years. Their offense is about the same. Regarding Apopka, the defensive front is as tough as usual, the offense lacks big time play makers, at least not running the ball.
  3. Georgia get Florida again Marietta romping Edgewater

    EC, this year's Edgewater team is solid. The game was a bit closer than the scores. Marietta had a superior offensive line which gave their DI QB way too much time to throw. Marietta made three critical stops on downs deep in their own territory including stopping a five minute Edgewater drive to open the second half. Marietta was, overall, the better team (not sure about talent, but overall better). I look for Edgewater to get a return match with Lakeland in the semis. Last year it was close for a half then the wheels fell off Edgewater's wagon. We will see what this year brings.
  4. Coach forced to resigned after winning by too much..

    Arizona, right? Not sure what he was supposed to do. He had his second and third stringers in.
  5. State Final 4 Trivia Question

    Maybe the 2001 Deerfield Beach Bucs.
  6. Teams Waiting for a State Title Shot

    The answer is Chamberlin which made the title game (they lost) in the very early part of this century.
  7. Region 1, 8A 4

    That just about sums it up. They would need new wrinkles and amazing luck or some new guy to emerge to have any shot at making it to the third round let alone Daytona.
  8. Region 1, 8A 4

    There are six teams in this district: Apopka, Evans, Lake Brantley, Lake Mary, Ocoee and West Orange. Currently, Apopka and West Orange are 2-0, Lake Mary and Evans are 1-1, and Ocoee and Lake Brantley are 0-2. Having already beaten Lake Mary and Evans, West Orange is in the best position to win the district. A victory over Apopka in their contest should wrap it up unless either Ocoee or Lake Brantly upsets them. Of the two, Ocoee probably has the best chance due to the long standing rivalry between the two teams. Apopka is in the next best position with games remaining against: West Orange, Lake Mary and Evans. While I favor Apopka against all three, any of the three has a decent chance of pulling the upset. Lake Mary does because they have a quality quarterback and Apopka struggles most against the pass. West Orange, athletically matches up evenly against Apopka and this should be a down to the wire game. Evans is the dark horse. For the first time since Chip Gierke's brief stint there, they seem to be back to life. Of the three remaining district games Evans is the only team that has a chance to straight out out athlete Apopka. As things stand in the district, a playoff spot is Apopka's to lose. However, there is a real possibility that that could occur.
  9. ties for district?

    So, given(c) could there be a situation in which, three or more teams would still be deadlocked and if yes, would some kind of shoot out still occur?
  10. Region 1, 8A 4

    He did. Nyquan Murray was at Oak Ridge. Apopka led most of the game and Oak Ridge stormed back to win late in the 4th quarter. Murray had a couple spectacular plays in that game. Oak Ridge did a decent job in that game against the single wing. And Apopka was more talented that year than this year.
  11. Maxpreps Rankings Quiz Question

    I did not check, so you may be correct. But historically, they have not made deep runs. Last year they were unlucky losing by less than a touchdown in the second round to the eventual state champion Cardinal Gibbons.
  12. Maxpreps Rankings Quiz Question

    The bonus question's answer could also be Jones.
  13. Region 1, 8A 4

    If Apopka beats Jones, it would be due solely to coaching issues with Jones's staff. Without Jecoryan, who now lives in Georgia, Apopka has decent but not exceptional backs and they have had their fair share of injuries. The point being that while they will have more guys at the point of attack, at least some of the time, it does not mean they get a lot of first downs. In the DP game, Apopka was having its way till just before half time. Come the second half DP made adjustments, and Apopka's offensive production in the second half was very limited.
  14. Columbiafan top 50 FL rankings post week 6

    I agree. They are better than that.
  15. Region 1, 8A 4

    Apopka may win all three games, but my money is they lose at least one of the three. You are both right and wrong about Apopka's defense. The defensive front is very strong. The secondary has some good athletes, but it is susceptible to both the deep ball and to screens which can get five six yards per play. So, if I am right and Apopka loses one of these games, they probably go 7-2 or 6-3, as they will likely lose to Jones this week, while the Wekiva game is a toss up. 7-2 or 6-3, including at least one district loss will probably not be enough to win the district (especially if the loss is to WO), and may not be enough to get a wild card spot.
  16. Florida vs OOS

    Perhaps the deal was too good to turn down? You are right, though, Leesburg is getting manhandled by its own district competition (Jones and Bishop Moore), no need to take a step up in competition and get running clocked in the first quarter.
  17. Columbiafan top 50 FL rankings post week 6

    The teams I listed, with an exception or two, belong in the top 50. However, I believe that at this stage, Columbia fan has them ranked too high. Time will be the ultimate test as we see how the season and playoffs play out.
  18. Columbiafan top 50 FL rankings post week 6

    Overall, good list. I think the following are too high: Deerfield Beach, Cocoa, Gulliver Prep, Miami Northwestern, Cardinal Gibbons, Vero Beach, Columbus, Trinity Christian and Raines.
  19. Wekiva at Edgewater

    Yes, DarterBlue actually went to this game and not APK vs Brantley. The hope was it would be more competitive. Well, despite sporting Wekiva a 14-0 lead and then a 21-7 lead (the first two Wekiva touchdowns were off Edgewater turnovers, a stripped catch and unforced fumble), Edgewater scored the final 45 points of the game to win comfortably. This Edgewater team compares favorably in terms of talent with the 2002-20004 teams which all made the title game. Next week against Marietta up in Georgia, I think they have a very good chance but cannot afford to spot them 14 like they did against Wekiva. Wekiva played its best but just did not have the talent. Last year's or for that matter the 2017 team, would have given this Edgewater team a good game. This year's team while decent, does not have the stellar defense that those other two team had.
  20. Wekiva at Edgewater

    I agree with the bold underscored parts of your comments above.
  21. Wekiva at Edgewater

    I agree he is not as good as their QB last year. But he is only a Junior. I believe he has more upside potential. It was interesting to see two former DP QBs dueling it out last night. Not usual to see that in one game. Regarding Tommi Hill, nice kid with lots of upside potential and comes from a caring family. To some degree he does not fit in with the tempo of the team. Regardless, he should do real well in the college game.
  22. Wekiva at Edgewater

    Of course he has not seen them. He's basing it on his overall opinion of Orlando area football. I have seen Edgewater three times: Bishop Moore, Jones and Wekiva. They have gotten better with each game. Last night they had every reason to fall apart being down 14-0 in the first three minutes of the game. The did not panic and scored the last 45 points to win handily.
  23. Wekiva at Edgewater

    I strongly believe they will. They may lose, but Marietta will know they have been in a game. This is a solid Edgewater team. At least as good as 2002-2004. The HBC is a young guy in his early 30s. What he may lack in experience, he makes up for in exuberance. The kids play hard for him.
  24. Wekiva at Edgewater

    Armwood lost in overtime. Trust me, Edgewater is better than Armwood. I am not saying Edgewater wins next week, but they won't get rolled. The BM Edgewater game should not be used as a measuring stick for Edgewater. They are a lot better now than they were a month ago.
  25. Wekiva at Edgewater

    I would be very surprised if Marietta running clocked Edgewater. Edgewater is at least 21 points better (probably more) than last year's team that made the semis against Lakeland. Marietta is good, maybe very good, but not as good as their ranking at the beginning of the season. If it were not for the fact that Lakeland stands in the way of Daytona Beach, I would be willing to say Edgewater is a lock to make the title game.