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  1. That's some royalty, right there. Hard to find four better than the above.
  2. By default, it is probably Carl Madison.
  3. Hey, ICE is cold, not cool! But you are probably right. Did BTW ever get a national championship, though? They certainly meet all the other criteria.
  4. I agree. I have never watched a football game there but have watched two soccer games and, though its small for a large school, was impressed with the facilities.
  5. They were not. Had a few good basketball teams, though, including a state title. I am also pretty sure they have been decent in several other sports (maybe golf or soccer).
  6. Yes, but the next time they did, they won the ship!
  7. Sorry to hear that. I saw Lincoln take Edgewater to the brink of defeat last year in the second round of the playoffs. They struck me as a well coached team. Recently Lincoln has lacked stability in its coaching staff. I don't know whether Gray's departure will impact the rest of the staff. Hope it does not.
  8. Bill Castle Billy Rolle George Smith
  9. Sad situation. Don't know what else to say. Saw him live for the only time in the Apopka game last year.
  10. I am probably wrong, but I believe you posted this one before: The Davis brothers from Southridge High?
  11. He did what he was happy doing. While his life was short, he impacted young lives for the better. RIP.
  12. Very hard to believe Dada has only one hall of famer.
  13. It was kinda funny, though!
  14. This guy does not look like a modern day, lineman. More like a Linebacker or Tight End or even a big Wide Receiver. My how the game has changed.
  15. I like the idea. A regular season shortened by a couple games on the front end, makes a lot of sense.
  16. WTF? You must be using some really good stuff down there! VB does not have the talent pool necessary to have consistently good success against the teams you have listed. They may beat one or two of them, occasionally, but if VB had that kind of schedule year in and year out the best it could be is a .500 team that probably would not make the playoffs often.
  17. Sad, but probably true. Perhaps there may be a way for some teams to get in specially arranged games, but I agree, it is hardly likely we will have official seasons for the reasons you outlined. I feel for the upcoming senior class who have worked for years to get to this point only to be denied.
  18. Aside from Oak Ridge and district schools, South Lake and Forest, which are very weak (or were last year), this is a solid schedule. Assuming they return all the impact kids and get a few key transfers or kids moving up from Freshman class with talent, I could see them going somewhere between 10-0 and 8-2 in the regular season (assuming we have one). Personally, I would love to see Edgewater resume its rivalry with Apopka. In the first decade of this century this was the game of the week in greater Orlando.
  19. I was very impressed with the freshman QB. He played like a junior in the state title game. He has a great future ahead of him if he remains healthy and focused.
  20. My deep, sincere condolences to his family and the entire Dillard community. 35 is very young to die. Age wise, he could have been a son as my oldest is his age. Very sad
  21. It means an enterprising coaching staff that goes about it in a discrete way, can get transfers in without much hassle or fear of fines or suspensions. Now if you do it the Manatee way (see other post), then that would be problematic. Edgewater shares boundaries with: Jones (to the southwest), Evans (to the northwest), Wekiva (north, northwest), Winter Park (to the east) and Boone (to the southeast). All of these schools have talent in their zones. And none are that far from Edgewater. Getting transfers in from any of them would not be much of a hassle. Of course, the same would apply to Edgewater kids seeking a new home.
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