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  1. Hi Patrick,

    Big game for Apopka this week.  BOL there, I am hoping Apopka can perhaps surge into the playoffs somehow....

    I might be wrong but  with already solid Defenses, I think DFB and Miramar's Offense are picking up a bit.  As a whole they probably at minimum on par with any 8A team in Region 3 or 4.   Columbus is really not that good this year talent wise but because they are so well coached and usually peak late in the playoffs they would probably be the slight favorite right now in 8A Regions 3-4.

    As far rankings, I would probably go:

    Miami Senior

    South Dade
    Delray Atlanic

    Of Note:
    Seminole Ridge
    Park Vista
    Palm Beach Central

    North Miami
    North Miami Beach
    Coral Gables
    Palm Beach Gardens
    South Plantation
    Belen Jesuit

    1. DarterBlue2


      Thanks for the BOL wishes. Under the district champ/runner up regime, this game would be a win or done for Apopka. Under the new points system, Apopka has a decent chance of still making it as a very low seed even if it loses to Wekiva on Friday. That said, if Apopka does not win, even if it makes the playoffs, it would be on an extremely down note. 

      Looking at your South Florida 8A rankings, I have no problem with the top 4, although I may order them a little differently, perhaps putting Columbus/Miami Senior above Miramar. I would also consider putting South Ridge in that top group. However, I am farther away from the action than you, so I will defer to your judgment. 

      In terms of ranking the North Regions of 8A, I would put the top teams something like this (teams within the two tiers are in no particular order):

      First Tier:

      • Vero Beach
      • Winter Park
      • Wekiva
      • Lake Mary
      • Osceola

      Second Tier:

      • Sarasota Riverview
      • Apopka
      • Sanford Seminole
      • Dr.  Phillips
      • Boone         

      I am 99% sure that the North representative in the State Championship game will be one of the 10 teams listed above. I would rank Boone as the weakest and least likely of the lot to make it. While I would rank Osceola and Vero Beach as probably the most likely. If it were based on pure talent, I would include Wekiva as a third likely team. However, until I see them make a deep run, I am a little skeptical of their chances.

      Apopka has the talent to make a deep run if it plays its best football. However, there are undercurrents that may make it very unlikely they will do so. In any case, Apopka will need to beat Wekiva Friday to ensure a post season spot. At this stage, I think the champion comes from 8A South. 

    2. BrowardHandicapper


      I like your rankings.  Osceola to me reminds me a lot of Columbus.  They both had "off" years 2016, were beasts in 2014 and 2015, appear to be taking care of business in 8A in 2017 with what may be young teams that will be even stronger next year.   I think Osceola's "new" offense seems to be working for them and Columbus may have the best coaching staff in 8A South.  I think I have a mental block that the 2015 versions of these teams were probably 2+ TDs better then  teams and they still could not win states. 



      I admit , I do have a defensive bias in football and I feel DFB and Miramar may have arguably the best defenses in 8A South.  I do feel they are both creeping up offensively as well but would not be shocked if they got out-coached by Columbus.  The inconsistency by Southridge scares me a bit.  Although when at their best can probably beat anybody in 8A, I could also see them losing slipping up in a 4 game path to states.  I am not impressed with their coaching.  I would imagine DFB would be hungry to face them again in November.

      Still would not count Delray Atlantic out.  Their problem has been at the QB position.  They have 2 average at best undersized QBs that have very talented receivers but not getting the most out of them.  


      Looking closer at my tiers I will adjust my second tier.  I feel like you made me use better judgement with this:P

      South Dade
      Delray Atlantic



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