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  1. i really give up trying to talk about columbia on that national board, for 3 reasons


    1: they cleary are haters and have no respect for anyones opinion

    2: they are rude and dont have respect for someone trying to talk

    3: anytime i try to make a message about columbia it gets ignored so they can talk on and on about college or nfl or these top 10 teams in the polls


    a while back i lost my login for that board and i honeslty thing that was best thing that could have happened, for now on im only on this board and the rivals one, im done with dallas jackson's national forum

    Jackson's forum is what it is. It has been a long time since Columbia has been relevant in Florida. So you don't get any respect. Win State, particularly if you beat St. Thomas, and next year you will generate interest. That is the way things are in life. If you are not properly advertised you get ignored. I do read posts on that board but have never joined. My knowledge of High School Football outside Florida is not good enough for me to make meaningful contributions. And, I don't relish the role of just being a "Florida homer."


    I read that board because some of the posters actually are quite knowledgeable and it gives me a feel for where Florida ranks in the grand scheme of things and what the perception of my beloved Blue Darters is at a given point in time.  

  2. The South Florida teams sometimes struggle vs .  the Wing T attack.   AHP may have effectively contained the Wing T better than Hallandale, but there is no doubt that it has baffled a few South Florida teams effectively. 


    With Bishop Moore, it's more than that. They line up in the Wing T, but are not a true Wing T team. They throw it around way too much for that. For an upper class Catholic team, this year's team is way more athletic than you would think. Certainly more so than the typical, say Bolles team. And, although primarily run first, they have a quarterback who while he does not have a cannon for an arm can throw the ball downfield with accuracy, as well as scramble for extra yards. In fact the more I think about it, the more they resemble, to me, a middle of the road (not great Aquinas team).


    Before the game, I had a nice talk with the father of Hallandale's center. I did so both to pick his brain a bit about what to expect from them, as well as share a little information as to what may be helpful for his son in the recruiting process. His take was that Hallandale would just out athlete Bishop Moore if it came to that. I tried to make him understand that while if this were a track and field event, I agree that Hallandale would win more medals, this was a football game and Bishop Moore actually had a team that was South Florida comparable. He smiled, asked about the defensive backfield and when I responded said they would be just too slow and his receivers would eat them up.


    At the half, I picked up the conversation not to say I told you so, but just to see what his perception of the game was now (BM led 28-20 at the half). He acknowledged BM was better than he though and basically said stopping their drive to open the second half was critical. They did not, and Hallandale had to come back from a three touchdown hole in the fourth. To its credit it nearly did. But the clock ran out on them. 


    The truth is that Bishop Moore has a special senior class; yes, like most of the top privates in Florida, it is partially recruited. Three or four of their mainstays came to the school after the ninth grade. But at the end of the day, private schools have that luxury. Combine three or four key players with a strong group of linemen, the sons/relatives of a few former high profile football players, and very good coaching, and you have Bishop Moore's 2015 team. Last year it came within a field goal of taking American Heritage Plantation to extra time at their house. This year it beat a very good Hallandale team led by a great high school quarterback in its own house. While I am not a fan of BM, I wish them the best in their quest for their first state title since 1970.


    They have a great chance if they don't let Friday's win go to their heads.

  3. Not like STA has a strong distrcit either, but I get your point. Branden River will be tough. Aquinas cannot get caught looking at Orlando or else they won't get to Orlando. 


    It is Braden River's first time this deep. For St. Thomas it is business as usual. St. Thomas has all the experience and tradition. BR is a good team that before the season started would not have imagined they would still be playing at this stage. St. Thomas has looked vulnerable at various times this season. But they are still St. Thomas and seem to be playing at their zenith right now. From talking with folks on the South West side of Central Florida, they think BR has a puncher's chance if they get the right breaks. My own feeling is that it will be difficult. I was very impressed with St. Thomas's victory over a revitalized Flanagan, who I believe if one of the best 8a teams this year. I thought the Flanagan defense would have held you. My heart says BR, my head St. Thomas. I am going to pick St. Thomas by 9, but would not be shocked if BR pulled off a huge upset

  4. YAWN!! Another blowout. Onto to a state semi and Branden River, should be a good one!

    Mater did not deserve to be in the third round and benefited from two weak districts being beside each other. ST. Thomas vs Braden River should be a much better game.

  5. So what's y'all input on the state title game next week.


    Booker T. Washington wins by 13, successfully defending its state title despite its less than stellar record on paper. Kind of similar to Apopka last year. 

  6. I forgot about last year's playoff game.  Bishop Moore beat an 8-5 Jesuit team twice last year, 25-17 regular season and 30-29 in OT in the playoffs.  Jesuit won the 2013 game 14-10.  So these two know each other with recent history showing it to be a close game.  What impresses me about Jesuit has been their defense, and what peezy28 said, a really good running game.

    Then both teams have very good running games. BM racked up about 500 rushing last night against a team with a very athletic defense. Bishop Moore's defense is very good, but not great. Good teams will score on them. To me, their defensive strength is in its front four who are quick off the line and are able to get into the backfield and harass the quarterback and  get to opposing running backs before they get into top gear. A good passing team with a mobile quarterback can exploit the secondary, which is good but is  also susceptible to the deep ball.


    My take on Bishop Moore given how they are currently playing is that they are capable of scoring 40 against all but the most elite defensive teams in the state. So this game has the makings of a very good one with the winner being the early favorite to take the State title.  

  7. 8A Final Four:


    Osceola vs West Orange - This is a rematch of the kickoff classic. In that game the teams were tied 21 a piece when the JV teams came in. West Orange is the more complete team, but Osceola keeps proving me wrong. Osceola has made state before while this is by far West Orange's deepest run. I am torn here. I am going to go out on a limb and pick West Orange by 10. But I would not be surprised if Osceola yet again proves me wrong.


    Columbus vs Flanagan - This is a rematch of last year's south semi-final. Athlete for athlete, I feel Flanagan is the better team. But Columbus is not far behind, seems to be playing its best football now, and I think has superior all around coaching. My heart says Flanagan, but my rational brain says Columbus finds a way to win yet again. I am going to go with Columbus by 3.

  8. Bishop Moore beat Hallandale; Jesuit steamrolled Dunbar.    These two split regular season games the last two years.  I'm going with Jesuit in a close game.


    I have not seen Jesuit either live or on film. But BM is the real deal. If Jesuit is to win they need to score at least 40 as I don't see any team holding BM to under that the way their offense is clicking. They ran the ball at will against a very good Hallandale team and must have racked up over 500 yards of offense in the game. In any event, I expect the winner of the Jesuit/Bishop Moore game to win the state title comfortably. 

  9. Tough call DarterBlue2..... I will say this , there will definitely be more Mainland and Central matchups in the future.  I can't say that about Hallandale and Bishop Moore.  This Hallandale team should be decent in the future, but I don't see them getting by American Heritage again anytime soon.  This Hallandale team (particularly the Offense) is special (relative to Hallandale football).  Bishop Moore and Hallandale should be electric!


    This was an electric offensive game. The most offense I have seen live since Apopka/Cypress Bay 2012. At the end, Bishop Moore won primarily because Hallandale got intercepted on its first drive after taking the kickoff to the BM 45. On BM's first play after the interception, one of their backs took the ball 93 yards for a touchdown. From that point on, Hallandale was playing from behind. To their credit, they never gave up and with less than two minutes in the game had a great chance when BM was flagged for a penalty which gave Hallandale great field position to make their on-side kick (from the BM 30). BM recovered at their 9 and rattled off a first down, cutting the remaining time to under a minute. They took a knee as Hallandale then used its final time out and after that took another knee to end the game. The final score: Bishop Moore 51, Hallandale 46. Neither team deserved to lose this one. 


    This was a great football game and is what high school football is all about. Bishop Moore was able to overcome about 150 yards of penalties which is very uncharacteristic as they are usually a very disciplined team. Hallandale's quarterback is special and should be a great addition to Utah. Hope he adjusts well to that environment which is very different from Florida. Still, credit must be given to Bishop Moore's defensive backs for picking him off twice and to the defensive front for tipping his passes on two other plays. Clearly, BM's coaching staff did its homework.


    Having overcome Hallandale, the 5a State title is, in my opinion, Bishop Moore's to lose. I always felt they had a great chance this year as they returned a lot from a team that gave American Heritage Plantation all they could handle last year. Hopefully they keep their heads on straight as they travel to Tampa to play a very good, but not as athletic, Jesuit team. 


    Trying to figure out this Florida HS AP Football Poll Regular season  formula.  They are essentially saying that Delray Atlantic is as dominant at the 8A level as Trininty Christian is at 3A Level - based on ranking and maximum 1st place votes of 13.  I thought W/L record had a role in the ranking but noticed 7A  #1 St.Thomas Aquinas is 8-1 record and 7A Braden River is #2 at 10-0 (a better record than STA)  .
    I know a lot of these rankings do not make much sense but just trying to figure out how they are created.
    The 8A AP Poll to me looks off .  Top 3 teams could all be done Friday.
    The 7A AP Poll looks a little more realistic. Top 3 look pretty accurate and all could be playing next week .
    Other odd rankings as well.  Just wondering if anyone knew the formula or why Delray Atlantic is so heavily ranked as #1 8A ?

    Sorry.  Could not copy and past the rankings without it looking jumbled.  Here is the link if you are interested:





    To me,  Trinity Christian (3A) and Trenton (1A)  are the only classes that I understand a #1 ranking ( and all 1st place votes) .   How Delray Atlantic falls into that category is beyond me.?





    I am no expert, but believe the poll is determined by surveying sports media personalities in the various regions of Florida. In the past not all regions have been represented as some individuals have either not been invited or have declined. For example, a representative from the Orlando Sentinel would participate in the poll. Or a Manny Navarro from the Miami Herald may be a participant. From year to year, the regions have not always been balanced in terms of representation due to a number of factors. 


    Depending on the participants, the polls can yield strange results. For example, in Orlando, there are usually no strong 5a teams. Therefore, the opinions of the Orlando Sentinel representative may not be very good, since there is less incentive to do much research in 5a (Bishop Moore may prove the exception this year). So the 5a pick of the Sentinel representative may not be very well informed. By the same token, in the case of Bishop Moore, it may tempt the Orlando pollster to reflect a homer bias for the benefit of his readership. 


    Occasionally, the AP polls are good. However, I think in general they are not as reliable as the rankings put out by individuals such as Pinkos or Laz which are one man operations and reflect methodologies that have been refined over a period of time. Like anything that tries to forecast the future, though, all such rankings/polls have their limitations. 







  11. Well I say this the strength of the BTW team is the oline and Dline belive it or not lol... I'll be at the game Friday night so hopefully it's a thriller like it was last year...


    That game is another option I did not think about. It could actually be more competitive than Mainland/Central. I need to include this one in my thought process too.

  12. MC been a pain in Mainland butts the past few years... What you guys think and how good Mainland schedule was this year?


    Mainland has a chance if the following happens: 1. Their quarterback, who is a very special athlete, gets enough time to make plays with both his arms and legs. 2. They can eliminate the unnecessary penalties (they average over a 100 yards per game). Unless Central's win against Carol City last week was a fluke (not the win, but the margin), I have to go with Central here (sorry Dan). But I expect it to be a good game, regardless. Moreso than any other Central Florida team, Mainland has a bit of that, "South Florida swagger." So I can say for sure that they will not be intimidated. Central by 7. 

  13. I am torn between this game and making the trip to Daytona to see Mainland/Central. A good friend of mine is a big time Bucs fan and I could get free beer, especially if they can finally win one against the Rockets. 


    The Hornet play pretty much in my backyard, around fifteen minutes from home in light traffic. So I am leaning towards the Hallandale game. 


    And, yes, Hallandale has to be the favorite. I have looked at their QB on film and he is a very impressive prospect. BM will have its hands full stopping him. We will see if Rashard Lewis, Ray's son can cover the Hallandale receivers.

  14. Interesting match-up between unlikely opponents. Who you all got? I am going to go out on a limb and pick Bishop Moore to pull a big upset in this one. Last year, four points separated them from a win over American Heritage in the state semifinal at AHP. This year they get Hallandale at home the day after Thanksgiving with multiple alumni home for the holidays. The have the majority of last year's contributors on the roster; most of whom are seniors. This is their best chance to win a state title since their unlikely success back in the 1970s, as next year they will be young. 


    Fans wanting to see this game need to get there by six to have a chance of getting a seat. BM will have overwhelming crowd support, and Hallandale will be coming in overconfident after the big win against American Heritage. Bishop Moore's one blemish was its loss to Lake Brantley. In that game, after a close first half, Brantley's triple option had its way with a tired Bishop Moore defense. That loss looks bad in light of Lake Brantley's exit from the playoffs last week when they laid a goose egg against Mandarin. To the casual observer, Brantley's departure against one of the more questionable unbeaten teams still standing makes Bishop Moore look weak as Hallandale has gone up against what appears to be much tougher competition. But I would like to suggest that there is much more to this than meets the eye. Lake Brantley was much depleted against Mandarin due to a combination of illness and injury (half the team came down with a severe case of the flu and the three year starting quarterback was on the sidelines with a leg injury). 


    In addition to the Lake Brantley game, I saw Bishop Moore twice this year: Against Edgewater, they dominated up front, beating a very decent Eagles team in the trenches. Against Dr. Phillips, in the spring game they more than held their own in the two quarters of varsity (it was a three team round robin) holding DP 14-14 and actually looking crisper despite DP visually looking the much better team. 


    In a relatively high scoring game, I am going to pick Bishop Moore: 38-33.

  15. Cocoa's has not played a real team for almost 2 months.  The last legitimate team that they played was @ St. Edward in Ohio.  Booker T. Washington has been playing better teams and I think they keep this one within a touchdown.  I will call it 35-28 with Cocoa advancing here.


    This is Cocoa's best chance since they won three consecutive state titles. However, while I would like the "Central Florida team" to win, I think the easy schedule plus the style of play each team brings to the game works against them. I think this will be very close, could go either way, but in the end, I am going to take BTW, by 3.  

  16. So overall it sounds likeost of us agree that there might be 5-10 teams around the state that on a good day might be able to catch IMG if they caught a few breaks or shall I say met IMG on neutral field 10 times could possibly catch them 1-3 Times?

    Like I said earlier, if a team is normally 7-14 pts better than their opponent it only takes a couple of mistakes at the HS level and they can get upset. Look at Hallandale vs. AHP for example.


    I would say 10-15 teams in the state would fall in that category. But Manatee is not one of them. No way, no how! Dr. Phillips was up 40-7 with six minutes to go. Dp. is a good team, but a quality Manatee would not get beat up by them that badly. I refer back to the Hoover beat down and the loss to Lincoln as further proof. 

  17. would columbia be able to hold their own with AHP?


    Probably. Mainland, Bishop Moore, and Apopka held their own with AHP last year. AHP won two of the three, but all of these games were very close and came down to a couple of plays (both good plays and errors, I might add). AHP is a quality team, but it is not unbeatable. The problem I have with HWY, is that he thinks Manatee would beat IMG. That would not happen; not this year. And it does not matter where the game was played. Braden River could possibly beat IMG. I give them a solid chance against St. Thomas and I would give St. Thomas a shot at IMG even though I don't think this St. Thomas team is on par with recent ones. 

  18. Said it, meant it!  Braden River or Manatee playing IMG in their own back yard would win.

    I sincerely believe you mean what you said, and I just as sincerely believe you are mistaken. It is one thing to wish and hope based on the way the world should be. IT is quite another to confront reality for what it is. Most humans have a great degree of difficulty accomplishing the latter.

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