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  1. Just out of curiosity did play look particularly sloppy? I know most teams in the area have had very little outdoor practice this week and the game I attended and the highlights I have seen all showed it.
  2. PSJ 27 Bay 0 The Tigersharks were sloppy and don't have any depth but Bay is terrible
  3. The issue for 1A schools is although some can compete with and even dominate some 4A competition Marianna or the Walton schools they would be 60 point underdogs to BTW or Cocoa. 1A has the same handful of teams in the hunt every year and that doesn't look to change anytime soon.
  4. Great job Clewiston High administration. We can't have kids making music videos on their own time and expressing themselves. It is a great idea to take away one of the most positive activities(high school football) a young man can participate in. The 25 hours a week they were busy with football can now be on the streets. The incentive to keep your grades up and regular school attendance will not be there. maybe the next time they will wave real guns and throw gang signs. Maybe we don't see their name on a recruiting profile but on an arrest log or maybe an obituary. Young men need to be mentored, instructed, forgiven, and loved or we will lose them. Obviously Clewiston High cares zero when in comes to truly educating students.
  5. Looks like the tigers have some bite this year.
  6. Armwood in 85 and 86 was the most raucous high school crowd I have ever seen
  7. On the season I believe that Wakulla team was 13-0 with ten shutouts. The only teams to score on them were Blountstown and Jefferson Co( Jeffco one game in regular season and one in playoffs) Note on 2014 PSJ was State champs but only district runner up (Liberty Co)
  8. Apalach actually won state title around 1970 and had a few decent seasons when Pop Wagoner was still coaching
  9. I imagine it's a pretty short list after the first hint
  10. This list will be very lengthy when you count the schools that merged during integration.
  11. Happy birthday young man. It's been fun watching you mature on this board. A bit of advice I give to all young people is that each one of us is where we are due to the choices we have made so be very careful and weigh your options before you choose a path. Again happy birthday
  12. I understand all that and I realize all kids wont play when they are hurt but there are the hard headed ones that will. As a parent you have a sense of pride knowing that your 8th grader is tough enough to play with the big boys but when you sit down with your senior and he opens up about how many times he was really concussed and think back to all the times you remember him playing injured it makes you feel guilty like maybe you should have held him out. I don't blame the coaches I know most of them love our children like their own.
  13. The thing about it is they won't come out of the game when they are hurt and coaches don't really want them to. If you can't play hurt you will be replaced, that is how football is and the way the real world is. It really gets to me when you see them dragging their leg at the house unable to put weight on it all week and then see them being told " don't let me see you limp on my field" by their position coach. I'm getting pissed off here thinking about it.
  14. My son just wrapped up his high school football career. He has played varsity ball since the 8th grade at Franklin County where he was a two way starter here is a breakdown of his games including spring and kickoff classics. 8th grade Franklin Co. 11 games missed 3 with broken collar bone 9th grade Franklin Co 12 games missed 0 10th grade Port St Joe 15 games played first 2 games on JV for disciplinary reasons missed 1 game with knee injury 11th grade Port St Joe 12 games missed 2 with concussion 12th grade Port St Joe 14 games missed 0 So in 5 years he played in 56 out of 64 varsity games went to all practices except for 1 week his 10th grade year which is why he had to play 2 JV games. I have seen the pain and physical toll it has taken on him yet he still plans to play college ball. I often wonder if I made the right decisions regarding his playing but to see how much he and the other boys love this game i don't think I could have taken it away from him. I am not trying to brag on my son although I am a very proud father, I just wanted to give an example of what thousands of boys across the state are doing.
  15. I am sure most schools wanted it especially the ones that aren't very good. If we are going to do this I say we do away with the running clock and that way these schools can see just how much they didn't deserve a playoff spot.
  16. I personally feel this is a bad idea. First of all you water down the competition in an already imbalanced group. Secondly adding another playoff round for small schools that have a high percentage of players going both ways can lead to more injuries.
  17. Have they all played for championships in more than one class
  18. I want to sit beside Richard Burton during this quiz
  19. I know they are all old schools, I knew lots of them had won championships but wasn't sure about all. Most have played in multiple classes. I think most have probably had a coach with 100 plus wins.
  20. 1. Ask have at least one championship 2. All have been around over 30 years 3. 4.
  21. Up here if they want to win they need to stop playing 1a schools
  22. http://www.newsherald.com/sports/20180126/jordan-succeeds-palmer Good read
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